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A Few Part-time Jobs with High Payments for College Students

List of High-paying Part-time Jobs for College Students

Mostly all students prefer waiting until they have a degree that will allow them some time later to get a job in order to pay off their college debts. However, it is better to begin this search earlier.

Brie Reynolds, FlexJobs Director of Online Content, admits that if you are a busy college student in search of high-paying part time jobs, then you should try to look for positions that require qualified professionals and have a flexible schedule. What is more, they ought to be from a trustworthy source.

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Reynolds also states that work-from-home jobs are notorious for lots of scams. Thus, it is highly recommended for college students to be aware of such challenges as well as be very attentive when doing your search.

Here you will be able to get to know about several part-time jobs that all students need, which have been taken from FlexJobs:

  • Fundraiser for non-profit charities

    Having such a part-time job will give you an opportunity to earn $30 per hour. This position involves supporting noncommercial organizations and their activities regarding fundraising. Apart from that, you will need to have experience in work related to public-facing.

  • Social media assistant

    Such worker gets nearly $21 an hour. Social media assistants usually should work part-time since they manage different social media channels. Moreover, they often assist companies concerning content marketing.

  • Online researcher

    This worker earns nearly $37 for an hour. Duties of online researchers entail supporting business professionals by studying questions so that they can be delivered to clients, providing them with qualitative answers, personable explanations. Perfect research skills, the ability of finding quality content is of a great importance. In addition, being an expert in certain areas and having basic knowledge of business is significant.

  • Content editor

    The amount of money content editors get per hour is $40. Actually, they are supposed to work with a style guide. A content editor should be good at ensuring correct grammar and spelling. What is more, they need to be able to quickly edit high volumes of content from time to time.

  • Night auditor

    Pay is up to $29 per hour. This worker works at various hotels, has overnight shifts, does lots of paperwork, assists with guest relations, and supports operations that regard bookkeeping. In fact, if you want to get such type of a job, you need to have amazing math and computing skills, as well as general knowledge of accounting.

  • Writer

    Writers usually earn $55 an hour. Such worker can be an employee or freelancer. He/she must write and edit in an excellent way. To add, writers ought to be able to work according to deadlines. Frankly speaking, it depends on the writing job, whether a writer will have to create particular, focused content in a few subject areas.

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