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Helpful Tips on how to Become a perfect Writer

We all have a couple of prejudices about certain kinds of professions. Most salesmen are extroverts, for instance. Schoolteachers own a great leadership. Writers are modest.

Sure, these prejudices are only stereotypes, and every individual has its unique set of features. Every life is a story regardless of the way we choose. We can also train ourselves to do something exactly bizarre and unnatural to us. For instance, I am an introvert (as like many writers), but I can easily speak in public.

Nevertheless, most of us have one thing in common – we all want to reach a sense of “well-being.” Yeah, this notion is quite blurred, but here how scientists explain it. People with better well-being are more positive and less prone to negative influences. They are also able to adapt their environment due to their needs, successfully establish new connections with people, and they have a stronger sense of accomplishment.

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Sounds great, right? So, what would your reaction be, if I stated that with this sense of well-being you’re going to become a better writer and improve your good writing skills? Why? Because happier people work better! It’s natural. This formula works everywhere.

Resent research from The Scientific American gives some hints for improving our well-being:

  1. Exuberance: Exuberant people are eager, fun and friendly. Their energy level is something we should be envious of.
  2. Persistence: Persistent people can easily stick to the work and effectively finish it without stepping back.
  3. Industriousness: Diligent and effective work. These guys do what it takes.
  4. Compassion: Compassionate people can feel how other person feels. They are mindful and grateful, positive and have more self-acceptance.
  5. Will to intellectually improve: people who are willing to intellectually improve enjoy the thinking process. They are always ready to take a risk relying on their experience.

So, what you have to do if you’re not enthusiastic enough, your persistence leaves much to be desired, industriousness it’s not yours, you believe that compassion is for girls and you have no will to intellectually improve? My suggestion will be choosing the one of this list and work hard on it. Just pick what seems to be easier or motivating for you. Scientists proved that everybody can succeed in changing his or her own personality. But bad news is that it is a quite challenging task and it requires lots of time and nerves.

I might sound a bit paradoxical, but as a writing coach, for example, I would, first of all, work on your personality and mental well-being and then go to say a sentence structure. So, go ahead and work on your personality, increase your persistence, and go to the top!

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