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How to Enjoy Beer

No matter what you’ve heard about drinking beer before or what attitude you have to this most popular all over the world beverage, the information provided in the article is going to dispel all the beer-drinking myths and teach you the way to enjoy its taste properly.

Let’s start with your flavor preferences. Are you a bitter or sweet-flavor lover? Do you prefer fruity, coffee or creamy undertones? Well, famous beer- making companies, as well as local microbreweries, provide customers with the best craft beers, samples of which will satisfy the tastes of the pickiest gourmands. For example, Heineken or Corona is a perfect match for people who like lagers with light weak sweet taste and medium bitterness; Guinness and Beamish belong to stouts with a heavy dark wheat taste and very drinkable HopHead is a strong on flavor English bitter.

To be a better beer drinker, it is also essential to distinguish drinking containers and choose the appropriate glass for a certain type of beer. The taste of a beer can be drastically affected by the material, in which it is stored or served. For example, a pilsner glass is served with frothy beers like Blonde ale, Pilsner and Bock, and helps the beer to retain the foam; a mug helps Irish dry stout, English bitter and Oatmeal stout stay cold for a longer period of time; a flute glass served with Lambic or Flanders red ale enhances the beer’s carbonation and a snifter beer glass is a must-serve for Belgium ale lovers as its shape helps to capture the beer’s aroma longer.

And what about the temperature you hold your beer in? Did you know that beer should be stored in a dark place with the temperature around 45-50 °F. Proper serving temperature of beer allows you to really taste it, while cold temperature of beer leads to less carbonation, less aroma and, consequently, less enjoyable taste. In fact, most beer experts recommend storing beer in a room temperature place and putting it into refrigerator only for a period of 10 minutes before the usage.

We are gradually coming to the right consumption of beer, in particular, its correct pouring, which should begin with holding a glass at a 45-degree angle and be smoothly leveled out at the point the glass is half full. Such procedure will minimize the formation of foam and will provide you with a perfect amount of beer in your glass.

Keep in mind that in order to save a genuine taste of a beer, you should drink it from a clean glass as well as consume it with a meal that will complement your beverage. For example, Baja Fried-Fish Tacos are good with American Pale Lager; chicken and salads are good with Classic Pilsner and Blonde ale, roasted and smoked food with Porter and spicy food tastes perfect with Dark Lager, Dunkel and Schwarzbier.

As you may see, the taste of your beer largely depends on the way you or your bartender treats it. Try the pieces of advice above in order to choose the best beer-flavor and maintain its taste with the help of proper consumption.

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