It is time for us to make history




Significant job losses, coupled with a lack of effort by our Representative to bring new jobs to our communities, have all but devastated the working class for the past 22 years. He has taken large sums of money from big oil, pharmaceutical, health care, and communications related industries and that acceptance is reflected in his votes. Enough is enough. The interests of the people in Illinois’ 15th Congressional District have been sold out to fill the coffers of the incumbent and the corporations he serves. It is time for Carl Spoerer to represent the working class in Congress. Carl will step up to defend our values and needs.


Seniors need their retirements and health care protected. Social Security and affordable health care can never be in question. Clean air and clean water must be protected today and for all future generations. Veterans must always have immediate access to fully staffed, top-notch VA facilities. Unions must be protected as they are the backbone of the working class and paramount to a successful economy.


All people should have the opportunity of a great-paying job, health care, a decent retirement, and time to enjoy their families. Children in every community across the District should be provided with the highest quality education possible. Trade schools, vocational training and colleges must be universally affordable, if not free like New York State.  The mining communities need to have funds to train workers for the jobs of the future. Family farmers need foreign trade deals and subsidies that assist them, instead of deals that further the economic interests of large non-family corporate farms.


Carl Spoerer is the person who will fight for your values and needs this is evidenced by his motivation letter writing.


Join the team to elect Carl so we have a better Representative in Washington D.C.