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Critical Thinking

Free essay While reading the book allocated to us about critical thinking, I have learnt many things on this subject. However, there is one area that I can confirm I utilize in the critical decisions that I have to make in my stay on earth, and it is found in the eleventh chapter of this text. It is the part on narrowing down on the critical details of an issue from others that are of less solution value. The part touching on the center of what I think is an important aspect of getting a solution. It touches mostly on the efficiency of whatever means will be utilized in the resolution of a problem. I believe that the waste of resources should be avoided, and any chance to save them and not interfere with the desired solution is very close to my aspirations. Problems and challenges will always be there with us, and they should not be used as a mean through which the misuse of resources is undertaken.

There have been instances where my assumption on a particular situation has not been correct. For example, once I thought as a young person that the moon would move with me wherever I went. I was so convinced about this matter until I came to discover the truth through the lessons I took in science. For many years, I had written off arguments by older people that this heavenly body was actually in the same spot. It was after that lesson in science that I became convinced of this fact concerning it. My assumption had been wrong all this time. The explanation by the teacher was very simple and straight forward. It was also based on logic that the other people had not been explaining to me earlier. My incorrect assumption had been brought about by insufficient knowledge on the solar system which is important in this issue; I had been too young then (Ruggiero, 2012).

A fallacy is a concept, idea or line of thought that is misleading to the person who follows it. It is in most situations not intended by the individual pushing for it, so we can conclude that most are the errors in the line of thought (Paul & Elder, 2006). There are a number of them, but the broadest categorization is the formal and non-formal fallacies. There are many ways through which one is able to note that the argument present to us is not true, it is rather an error One such is analyzing the generalizations that are encountered in the cause of looking for problems to solutions.

In order for a generalized idea or argument to qualify as an example of a fallacy, then there has to be examples about it that are not sufficient or which have not been represented before. Generalizations, that are faulty, are an indicator of the false idea in the logical sense. Misuse of some of the words that make an argument much clearer, for example, most and some are also critical in the identification of these fallacies. The other way is by comparing the argument through the use of another argument that we may be more familiar. This is referred as analogy or utilizing metaphors. In the course of comparing what has been presented in an argument, we are able to realize the amount truth present is in it by comparing it to what we know better and is unlikely to be disputed because of how common it is (Paul and Elder, 2006). We are able to illuminate more about the argument present through the use of these tools of comparison.

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To look at practical examples of fallacies in the advertisement of cars, let examine the following advertisements. In the first example advertising, a Skoda Fabia hatchback the viewer is shown two Indian ladies kneeling by the side of the vehicle as it makes its way on the red carpet. What is shown is similar to the experience that a king or any other royalty receives when he makes an entry to his palace. There are guards standing in a line besides the car and two elephant that salute the car as it passes them. This is an error in the idea since it misleads the customer to believe he or she will be treated like a king when they buy the car which is not true.

There is also the advertisement on the Toyota Yaris that is shown to be on top of a music turn table. This is a fallacy meant to entice the buyers into believing that the Yaris is so economical such that your can ‘spin’ so many times without refueling. The words spin it can be seen at the top. This is a fallacy because unlike a record, the car would require some amount of fueling after sometime (Paul and Elder, 2006). Finally, an advertisement that was done by fiat for its van showed a driver overwhelmed by the number of children around him as he drives. He is in fact surrounded by everywhere in the vehicle including above him. This is an error as this is not possible in the real car. The advertisement uses the fallacy to convince customers of how spacious the van is.

The tips that are used for evaluating arguments can be of great importance in the place of work. It is possible to identify the substance in an idea using the following techniques. If the individual who brings up the idea is uncertain about it, or is still evaluating it in his or her mind then it have a good chance of being a fallacy and could be misleading. Ideas that have a lot of overgeneralization and too much simplification cannot retain their accuracy. Finally those who avoid the main issues in their arguments, in most cases, end up presenting fallacies as they cannot bring out the substances in their arguments (Ruggiero, 2012). Fallacies are not good for the work place; they not only lead to loss of time but also that of resources which is important. Individuals involved in the pushing of such ides also loss their trust with the other employees or workers.

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