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Economic Conditions

Free essay Due to the tough economic conditions, many companies decide to take some measures in order to protect themselves from financial losses. The resent research among 37 companies shows that the amount of the outsiders hired for a job is just slightly bigger than the amount of internal employees, who are promoted in order to fill the opened vacancies. However, there was noticed a positive tendency, comparing to the previous year, when almost 51% of hiring were the internal employees, but this year it reached to only 42%. The new plans of employers for the forthcoming future are to hire almost 18% of the outsiders. This expansion is connected with wide spread of using the Internet such as an employee resource. LinkedIn, for example, becomes more and more popular as it suits perfect for both an employer and an employee. Checking employee’s profile or application is the best way to find an appropriate person. Moreover, the person can try to apply for a job in a definite company. Via LinkedIn the applicant can find a worker from a certain firm and then try to find some connection with a company through this worker, eventually hoping to be hired. Another sources of finding a job are the career sites, where a person trying to find an appropriate position can apply. Furthermore, the company could inform about some openings via the career sites, Twitter and others. In general, there exist many different ways to apply for a job or to hire an outsider.

I think that the idea of finding a vacancy or a worker through the web sites is very useful. It does not require a lot of time for pointless meetings, but, on the contrary, it gives an opportunity to find out all of the necessary information about the candidate via the Internet, and decide whether there is a need to meet a person for discussing some details. To my mind, the only requirement is that both, an employer and an employee should get acquainted with the information provided, and make sure that they have a deal with an appropriate candidate.

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