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The American Energy Policy

Free essayThe American energy policy was developed under the leadership of the President Bush with the sole objective of “helping the private sector, State and local governments, promote dependable, affordable, and environmentally sound production and distribution of energy for the future.” The major elements in the objectives were protection of the current environment and promotion of strategies that would increase the conservation of current sources of energy for the future. These developments were made after the identification of the trend that the American energy intake industries were growing at more rapid sources than the energy output industries. It means that the government had identified that the energy demand had surpassed the energy production capability, and if the trend remained the same, the future energy sources would be replenished. Therefore, the government identified a solution that would help in shaping the security of future sources of energy. The energy policy is just a sketch to act as guideline to follow for major energy intake industries while using energy.

As much as the American government and leadership wanted to secure the future sources of energy without harming the current energy use structure, it would be the work of major industry players in the scope of energy consumption to help to develop the energy policy willingly. Construction and transportation are the major sector that consumes a large amount of energy on a year basis, and the trend at some point seems to grow each year.

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How the U.S energy policy is working currently

Energy demand has risen over the past years inline with population growth and emerging technologies that consume huge amount of energy (Heckeroth, 2008). To be on the safe side, energy providing companies are spending millions of dollars towards researches to secure the source of energy. As worldwide governments restrictions on usage of non-renewable energy increases, there is expectation that the next ‘oil’ will be either solar or wind power (Energy Policy Development Group, 2001). Therefore, the energy policy in America is currently geared towards the solution of replacing non-renewable energy with the more efficient energies of either solar or wind. Through the energy policy, the government is keen in production and use of clean energy, especially to serve areas that have no return on investment such as household luxury needs, for example heating water. The current state of energy policy in America targets appliance the standards, building codes Financial Incentives for Energy Efficiency to ensure that there is a reduction in the amount of energy used in areas with no return on investment. Despite different states have different objectives and approaches for the energy policy, there is common understanding and support by the Federal government in the scope of encouraging use and innovations towards green energy (Beerepoot, 2007).

How the construction industry can benefit from helping with the policy

The construction industry can play a great role in making the objectives of the American energy policy come true. Currently, the construction industry in U.S has changed the theme of affordable housing to luxurious and state of the art building. Buildings in America are inspired by the theme of luxury, which, therefore, gives the construction industry a role to consider how much energy is worth sacrificing in the name of construction. Another key aspect for the construction industry is the consideration of strategizing and implementing construction of building that is conversant with reduction of energy consumption. This can be implemented in the various stages of construction such as choice of construction material, extraction and manufacture of construction material and planning of structures. The construction industry also has its function to help the consumer to establish methods that are up to date with modern energy saving practices such as building certification schemes.

The willingness and activities to contribute in energy policy have enormous benefits for the construction industry. To understand the benefits that the construction industry can get from adhering to the energy policy, there is need to understand the direction of the energy policy. It means that the construction industry would go green in it activities, and thus conserve the environment leading to global climate sustainability. Therefore, the question changes to how the construction industry would benefit from going green. This means the industry would have to rely on green energy, renewable energy. Efficiency is the key factor for the construction industry. The efficiency relates to the construction industry having the capacity to strategize and implement the demands of the energy policy for a better understanding the policy (Energy Policy Development Group, 2001).

The energy policy states or requires the construction industry to adhere to standards that can use green energy as an alternative. To understand this requirement, there is need to reflect on what would happen if there was sudden change in the climate. The construction industry would be affected largely by sudden or moderate change of climate. The effect would be in the scope of loss of resources for production, sudden change of construction policies, which is costly and causes destruction of existing facilities for production. Under such circumstances, the construction industry would be forced to re-establish itself again, which would mean incurring huge loses. For the construction industry it is worth considering the benefits of slowing down the climate change..

Sustainability is another key word that the construction industry can benefit from adherence of the American energy policy. Sustainability as a benefit means that the construction industry would have a secure source of energy for its activities.. UN Global Impact identifies the sustainability as having access to efficient renewable energy. Below is a summarized table of the benefit of the construction sector adhering to the energy policy as identified by UN Global Impact.

Construction industry benefit for implementing energy policy

Reduce consumption of raw materials by sourcing recycled, repurposed and renewable resources. · Brand enhancement

· Risk management

· Energy efficiency

Increase the use of renewable energy and alternative fuels. · Brand enhancement

· Risk management

· Renewable energy

Increase the energy efficiency of processes and facilities. · Cost reduction

· Brand enhancement

· Risk management

· Energy efficiency

Construct and renovate buildings so they are energy efficient and produce their own electricity. · Revenue Growth

· Brand enhancement

· Risk management

· Energy efficiency

· Renewable energy

Facilitate product recycling and identify opportunities to beneficially reuse waste. · Cost reduction

· Risk management

· Energy efficiency

Promote energy-efficient building codes and regulatory incentives for more energy-efficient building projects. · Revenue growth

· Brand enhancement

· Risk management

Source: United Nation Global Impact

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The US energy policy is currently concentrating on activities that lead to conception of green energy. The focus is largely targeted on luxurious activities with the aim of reducing energy consumption in those areas so as to secure the future energy. The construction industry perhaps has the largest number of luxurious activities and it would hugely benefit from adhering with the energy policy demands. The benefits are in the scope of revenue growth, risk management, brand enhancement and renewable energy.

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