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The Morning News Online Magazine and 60 Minutes TV

Free essayVarious types of media have different advantages, weaknesses, strengths, and disadvantages. The most effective communication strategies use a combination of different types of media (Agarwal, 2010). The factors to consider while choosing the right communication media are: the audience, the budget, and the best communication channel to use. Online magazine is a magazine available online published through computer networks. These magazines are at times referred to as electronic ones. A magazine can be differentiated from an online newspaper or a blog through editorial features. Magazines have featured articles that differ from one another; each article bears a particular subject. Even though, articles have different subjects they stick to the theme of the magazine. A broadcast, on the other hand, is a type of media that transmits information through an encoder system.

The Morning News is a magazine that posts articles featuring talents, humor, and the society on the web. It was founded in 1999. It publishes its work every other week (The Morning News, 2014). In addition to its features, every day incorporates the morning and evening headlines having some connections to the most intriguing news, articles, and uniqueness around the web. 60 Minutes television show started back in 1968. It is the best TV show ever. It has completed 46 seasons on the CBS Television Network. It offers the hard-hitting investigative news, interviews, profiles of individuals in the news, and feature segments.

The two types of media are similar in that they both provide the news of current issues in the society. For instance, the two types of media give some information about health and any current information regarding various types of treatment. Just like in 60 Minutes, The Morning News provides the information on latest products in the society. The two mediums are similar in that, they advertise products that earn some income for the media. The online magazine mainly does its advertisement through ads. Both media use a visual sense such that one can read materials posted by the magazine on the Internet and at the same time a person will use a visual sense to watch a program in television. Same as The Morning News magazine, 60 Minutes researches on the materials the program is going to present to the audience. In the online magazine, authors have to spend a lot of time gathering data that it is analyzing and finally publishing it on the website. Likewise, anchors in 60 Minutes television have to do investigation and interviews with individuals before broadcasting the news.

The two ones have the same layout in such a manner that every article is separate from the other. In both cases, a new media provides an analysis of various profiles of famous people. The Morning News magazine provides the analysis of famous artists and authors by examining their works. It gives the detailed information of every artist and illustrates the meaning and importance of the piece of art to the society. 60 Minutes TV show provides a profile analysis of individuals who have been involved in the matters related to national security, the government or a person included in current issues affecting the community (CBS News, 2014).

By comparing the colors used by the types of media, it is clear that 60 Minutes has used only one type of color while The Morning News magazine uses multiple colors for different posts. 60 Minutes uses maroon for headlines, content and all other features. The Morning News magazine does not have a customized color but uses almost every color known in the world blue, green, yellow, pink, violet, cream white, grey, and many others.

The other difference in the two types of media is that 60 Minutes program broadcasts its information through frequency airwaves. On the other hand, The Morning News magazine news and articles are printed on the website. 60 Minutes program is more focused on investigation and reports of prominent people and current issues affecting the government. They may include such as the report on the FBI on confidential electronic surveillance, investigation of people dealing with drug trafficking, and some issues on national security. The television also airs matters that concern the welfare of the community such as cancer awareness. The Morning News magazine is more focused on the issues of culture, humor, and art. The presentation in the magazine is more of an essay while presentation in the broadcast is an analysis of a national issue. Unlike 60 Minutes TV show, the morning news magazine is a general magazine with a comprehensive theme. It is comparatively easy to read and non-technical. It has extensive articles as well as short sections of articles.

Compared with the aggregate time 60 Minutes focus on various issues, the show broadcasts more on a crime that is approximately19 %. Meanwhile the magazine’s crime news is only about 5 %. The Morning News magazine spends much less time on some matters of the government 8 % against in 60 minutes broadcast (The Morning News, 2014). By comparing the amount of time spent on foreign affairs, The Morning News magazine spends around 13 percent of its time on foreign affairs while the broadcast uses 26 percent. The online magazine spends much more time on celebrities 14 percent while the broadcast uses only 2 percent of its time on celebrities. The magazine spends twice as much time on lifestyle news as that of 60 Minutes show (CBS News, 2014).

The CBS 60 Minutes show emerges as a special case it is more inclined to touch on issues or points that included real occasions of the day (The Morning News, 2014). While the magazine does not pinpoint issues happening in a day since it is only published once a week but rather its news is concerned more about culture and new art designs. New in the online magazine is only available in the morning and evening while 60 Minutes TV broadcasts news from time to time as they come. At the middle of other programs in the 2003 – 2004 year season, the TV broadcasted twelve outside sections out of fifty, around twenty-two percent. That rate is about what the show midpoints in a customary season. It has been indicated by 60 Minutes’ staff computations. It remains presumably the most genuine and unique news program on TV (CBS News, 2014).

The aim of coming up with 60 Minutes by CBS News was to it was to satisfy the Federal Communications Commission prerequisites for public broadcasting. Though the directors of the system would have preferred the show to make a profit, its importance was to raise the rating of the TV station. The program was aired at 10 pm on Tuesdays, but it did not help in raising the rating of the TV station. The program was not noticed until late 1975, when the directors moved the program to somewhere around 7 and 8 pm on Sunday. By 1978, it had been among the main ten appraised programs reporting in real time. It has been a huge achievement and moneymaker for the CBS since then (CBS News, 2014).

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60 Minutes news presentation is suited to flexibility. The program takes time to report the major breaking news in some times of crisis. They return once again to a softer mix more ordinary times. Later times have seen a sequence of crises. On the other hand, the online magazine is not flexible as it has to stick to the overall theme of the magazine. The magazine talks about various trends in the society and changing of culture. It rarely gives any information on governments issues or political issues.

Nevertheless, even in the middle of significant occasions, 60 Minutes TV offers an extraordinarily diverse and gentler news motivation than the morning news magazine. The two types of media, as it is, are barely substitutes for one another. Moreover, it is not only a matter of methodology, where the 60 Minutes news’ program performs live interviews. However, also, the way the program can engage its audience. Online magazine is a collection of different writing from different editors who get their information from secondary sources. Therefore, it is not able to attract the interest of the audience as in 60 Minutes TV show (CBS News, 2014).

The morning news magazines use online ads for advertisement (The Morning News, 2014). The audience will only get to know more about what is being advertised by clicking on an ad. If a person decides to click on the ad, the magazine can earn some money in that advert. However, if nobody bothers to know more about the ad then the magazine does not earn anything from this. If the person views the ad and decides to buy an item then both the advertising company and online magazine earns money from it. However, 60 Minutes does not have to use ads but the rather and interested company pays a lump sum amount of money to the TV station. Then their products are advertised throughout the program. Unlike in the online magazine, 60 Minutes TV show earns money from the advertisement regardless of whether customers want the product.

Both types of media are crucial since they serve different purposes. I would choose different media to use for a different purpose, but I would rely more on the TV broadcast. The Morning News magazine provides a good synthesized type of information that is well-researched upon. Therefore, it would provide the more detailed information compared to 60 Minutes TV where the anchors do not use much time doing a research. However, they mostly rely on one investigation. Similarly to The Morning News magazine, 60 Minutes does its research before giving any information to the audience. However, the morning news magazine is more detailed the than 60 Minutes show. I would prefer it to the TV show in case I need the detailed information.

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In case I want to advertise a product, I would choose the TV show due to its high influence and the interest it creates on its audience. It is more interesting to watch the show than to sit and read an online magazine. Therefore, many people will have a chance to see the advert as compared to The Morning News magazine. Also, I would prefer 60 Minutes show when it comes to learning about current affairs because it provides a wide range of the news they give updates so frequently.

Communication strategies are paramount to any organization; to ensure that there is effective communication one should use a combination of different types of media. The Morning News is a magazine of articles that have features of talents, humor, and the society on the Internet. It provides some analysis of prominent artists and authors by exploratory their works. The magazine gives the thorough information of every artist and illustrates the meaning and importance of the piece of art to the society. 60 Minutes TV show offers hard-hitting investigative news, interviews, profiles of individuals in the news, and feature segments. The main difference between an online magazine and a broadcast is that the broadcast applies to different senses. One can listen and as well watch a program aired in televisions while in The Morning News magazine one can only use the visual sense to read the content. Same as The Morning News, 60 Minutes TV show does the research before giving any information to the audience. However, online magazine is more detailed than the broadcast. On the other hand, the broadcast is more interesting, and it attracts the attention of the audience.

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