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Energy Saving and Conservation in the Company

Decathlon is a reputable organization that gives professional advice on sports and culture. The company also promotes the development and economic sustainability and advocates the use of fewer vehicles and reducing energy consumption in its production process. However, a lot of energy goes to waste due to the use of old machines, overuse of vehicles, and other production processes against what they advocate. The mission of this study is to gather an annotation bibliography that can help in energy saving and conservation in the company.

“Achieving Sustainable Development and Promoting Development Cooperation.” United Nation. N.p., 2017. Web. 23 Mar. 2017.

They addressed the importance of planting trees which is a fundamental source of energy. Trees are a source of energy that is renewable and cheap. They recommend planting of trees in large numbers to act as a source of energy and also to act as a carbon sink which reduces the amount of carbon in the environment thus, mitigating global warming and its devastating impact. The use of energy-saving cooking gadgets was also recommended to lower the amount of wood used and reduce the quantity of carbon released into the atmosphere. It also urged people to cooperate in enhancing sustainability.

My study will recommend the company to plant trees within its environment and encourage the local community to do the same. Planting trees will help in lowering global warming, and there will be the wood fuel that will be for use in the future leading to sustainability.

Hecht, Alan, and Joseph Fiksel. “Solving the Problems, We Face: The United States Environmental Protection Agency, Sustainability, And the Challenges of The Twenty-First Century – Proquest.” N.p., 2017. Web. 23 Mar. 2017.

The authors recommended that there be rules and policies to curb the misuse of energy. That would help in executing energy conservation policies to all especially those who would not be willing to conserve it through their volition. Carrot and stick were also suggested as a way of enticing and hindering the energy conservation and misuse respectively. It was also seen as a way of creating an energy conservation culture in all people.

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Some companies have not been willing to reduce energy consumption and to pollute the environment. My study will suggest that there be strict policies that guide on the use of personal cars, construction of building, with appropriate lighting, and close monitoring of those who do not comply to be charged by a court of law. It will enhance low energy consumption and sustainability.

Samimi, Amir, and Soroush Zarinabadi. “Reduction of greenhouse gasses emission and effect on the environment.” Journal of American Science 8.8 (2012): 1011-1015.

Their study focuses on engine combustion efficiency. It highlights that old engines have very low combustion efficiency that leads to a lot of energy wastage and releases off toxic gasses in the environment. They show that current engines are more efficient than the old ones and they should be used. They insist that industry engines that are old models should be done away with and embrace electronic ones or those that are combustion efficient and maximizes the amount of energy production. Maximum power generation reduces the amount of fuel used in production and also reduces the rate of environmental pollution.

My study will suggest that the old engines and vehicles that are used by Decathlon should be changed progressively. They should be replaced by the ones that are more efficient and that reduce toxic gas release into the atmosphere.

Vollaro, Roberto De Lieto, et al. “Bus for urban public transport: Energy performance optimization.” Energy Procedia 45 (2014): 731-738.

The authors showed that a lot of energy goes to waste when people use personal cars. It makes a lot of energy to be used per individual for an unnecessary reason. It causes the country lose a lot of money on purchasing fuel that is not necessarily needed. They also showed that the more vehicles are used, the more toxic emissions are released into the environment.

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My study will recommend the use of public vehicles that can transport many people at a go. Besides, it will reduce the amount of money that is employed by the company to fuel its vehicles and hence, reducing the amount of energy used which also have an economic impact. The reduction in fuel consumption will also lower the rate of environmental pollution. All these will culminate in the sustainability of energy.

Von Borgstede, Chris, Maria Andersson, and Filip Johnsson. “Public attitudes to climate change and carbon mitigation—Implications for energy-associated behaviors.” Energy Policy 57 (2013): 182-193.

The authors’ study showed that there had been an ever emphasis on the methods of energy preservation and conservation methods. They, therefore, shifted the attention from methodologies that can be used in energy preservation to the role played by a human being in energy conservation. They explicated that energy conservation knowledge is not enough without human willingness and effort towards that end. They recommended that there should be a feeling of urgency and a conscious effort by all stakeholders in minimizing the amount of energy used at any time.

My study will suggest a vigorous campaign that will sensitize the need to conserve energy as much as possible. The campaign will change people attitude towards proper usage of energy and thus, lead to sustainability.

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