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HR department management and duties

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The job positions as well as the responsibilities and working functions are different for every organization. In fact, the aspects of work of each human resource management roles could be different depending on the size of the company, its position on the market, business segment, number of employees as well as subsidiaries of the company in other parts of the city, state or district, country, etc. (Kleiman, 2011).

The same procedure is help for the companies that operate globally however the administration of such operations is different in terms of complexity of the human resources and their operations within the segment of the market place. Hence, the characteristics of people that are required for such positions are also different, including the skills, functions, qualities, responsibilities, and overall activities within the company despite the fact if it operates on the local or global levels. Hence, there is a set of business processes that are to be devided between the above mentioned human resource positions (Moss, 2009).

The major areas of concern are the need to recruit and hire people; the importance of training aimed at both personal growth and professional development, including the areas of personal coaching and consulting of professional needs; leadership skills and teamwork; the ability to manage the organization and its business processes; the needs of communication, employee relations and the application of such in the working process;the skills of managing the performance of the organization, wage and benefits as the instruments to improve the policy of the company towards its employees, etc. (Personal Development, 2012).

Human Resources Job Positions and Functions: Manager, Generalist, and Director

In case there is a need to understand the difference of these job positions, it is important to address the question of responsibilities of the manager, generalist or director towards the application of human resouces in the company. In all, every position addresses specific business processes that are important for the company operations as it uses the skills and qualities of the human resource personnel in terms of their activities in the company thus managing the balance in every human resource role and propessionalism of people on the workplace (Moss, 2009).

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Human Resources Functions

The responsibilities of the Human Resources Manager is to guide people along with manage their operations in terms of the variety of goods and services that the company offers to the market and its customers. At the same time, the position addresses the usage of the human resources programs that help to manage the company operations withing the particular functions such as (Kleiman, 2011):

  • recruiting and employment;
  • company planning by departments;
  • management of the adequate performance and its improvement;
  • growth of the potential of the company;
  • operations with the employees in terms of the daily operations;
  • evaluation of the personnel by different aspects of the working process;
  • creation of the specialized education and training programs;
  • personal growth and professional development policies;
  • teamwork management;
  • employee acceleration;
  • communication processes of the employees in the company;
  • networking and community operations;
  • controlling of the benefits and compensation plans;
  • occupational health and safety matters;
  • charity;
  • customer servicing and differentiation of product management
  • counseling psychology issues
  • etc.

Human Resources Objectives

There are different objectives for all the human resource job positions, however, there are the major objectives that are pertain to the Human Resources Management such as (Jackson and Mathis, 2008):

  • retaining the operations of the company in terms of the safety and health issues
  • managing both personal and professional growth and development of the personnel
  • motivating the employees towards the high quality of work
  • constant perfecting of the business processes
  • managing the overall performance of the company

Human Resources Manager

The Human Resources Manager is to manage people by using one’s leadersip power as well as practical experience and personal skills. At the same time, the Human Resources Manager should be responsible for the business processes within the company; one should do everything possible and impossible in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the business.

Therefore, one is to meet the objectives of the company by means of addressing the employee-oriented approach. Such a position of the Human Resources Manager could be managed due to the ability to control the performance of the employees, the quality of their work, time management, productivity issues, goal setting for the projects, recruitment of the highly qualified personnel, and its constant development in order to meet the labor force and operational effectiveness of the company (Gueutal and Stone, 2005).

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The idea is to be responsible for the business processes and try to achieve the best results for the company, while following its policies and implementation strategies. In addition, the Human Resources Manager should have a particular priority to report one’s work to the Human Resources Generalist of the company by means to control the business processes and manage all the operations accordingly (Bono and Heller, 2007).

Human Resources Generalist

The position of the Human Resources Generalist is to organize the daily operationsare held within the HR department. The core idea of this position is to manage the administrative operations of the human resource personnel in terms of the completion of all the business processes managed by the Human Resource Manager (Bonner, 2009).

The purpose is to address the HR procedures and policies along with the various programs that are aimed at the fulfillment of the responsibilities of the HR department. Such an approach adheres to the vast majority of HR functions, including the operations of the HR development, Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), teamwork management, education and training specifics, and finally the wage management (Kleiman, 2011).

Therefore, the position of the Human Resources Generalist creates the opportunity to reveal the leadership powers through the daily practice of management and organization of the business processes along with the control of the company performance. The idea is to maintain the objectives of the company and at the same time create the culture within the company so as to help the employees operate with each other while working on the daily operations and reporting to the Human Resources Director of the company (Jackson and Mathis, 2008).

Human Resources Director

The Human Resources Director monitors the overall performance of the Human Resources business processes and overall operations of the company, including the wide range of goods and / or services, policies, and human resource programs that are important in order to meet the objectives of the company as a whole (Gueutal and Stone, 2005).

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At the same time, the responsibilities of the Human Resources Director hugely depend on the company and its administration needs, including the facilities, safety and security, maintenance and overall planning of the performance of the company on the target market. In all, the role of the Human Resources Director is to organize the workload of both Human Resources Manager and Human Resources Generalist in all the spheres of expertice by means to maintain the business processes and overall power of the company on the market (Bono and Heller, 2007).

As well, the Human Resources Director should be responsible for all the operations within the company to the CEO, including the organization of the management proceses on all the levels of team organization, including the executives and all the subordinate positions by means to address the most challenging aspects of the business processes as they guarantee the growth and development of the company in both local and global perspectives (Bonner, 2009).


The human resources management traits are surely important to address all the functions of management as they should be engaged into the business as effectively as possible in order to achieve success for the company. Such functions are almost the same for human resource management position in every company or organization (Personal Development, 2012).

In all, the business processes that are to be managed are planning, organizing, leading and controlling and all of them refer to a standard management process in most companies. Therefore, the human resources management traits adhere to the means of leadership, integrity, and knowledge of the industry as well as the need in the proper organization of the working process (Kleiman, 2011).

Thus, such an approach leads to the perfect match between the human resources management and the employees of the company. The idea is to learn how to delegate the responsibilities from the top management position to the very bottom ones as well as to manage people efficiently and effectively in the best means of these words (Moss, 2009).

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At the same time, every manager should have an optimistic attitude to the things as only such an approach helps to easily manage the working process and overall business operations of the company. With this, a true manager has a set of skills to help others do business better and at the same time satisfy both employees and customers on various levels of interactions.

In parallel, such a business strategy helps to increase sales and boost productivity of the company, which results in a higher turnover and rates of the business. Besides, in case something negative happens, a true manager always stays calm in every situation as one has the aptitude to handle the stress easily while being responsible for the outcomes (Bonner, 2009).

Simultaneously, a manager should have a clear understanding of a business field one works in by means to manage it effectively on the market. In this case, one is always capable of supporting the employees with everything they need with the purpose to help them to do the job right. Thus, being calm helps managing oneself effectively and at the same time increases the productivity of the company operations as well as to keep a better workplace along with the orientation for the potential growth in any business sphere. Indeed, such an alternative is possible only if both the employers and employees deeply value their top managers and trust them in full.

Thefore, the ideal manager will surely work to improve one’s abilities and professional characteristics in order to have an advantage of dealing with special cases, where set of particular skills and experience is required to do the business. Thus, all of the aforesaid makes perfect collaboration from the position of human resource management traits and functions towards the overall business processes and operations (Personal Development, 2012).

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