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How do Team Leaders Make Their Decisions?

Free Business Essays It is essential that those entrusted with leading group activities look at their colleagues as committed and valued partners. This is especially beneficial when it comes to evaluating and deciding what is best for everyone especially in cases where restructuring is required. One method I can use in leading efforts to make a list of courses which attract both internal and external customers is the consultative method.

Through this method, as the team leader I can ask for input of all the staff members on which courses they think are most marketable, and which ones can be improved. Here, we can hold discussions but ultimately I would hold the power to veto any decisions where I would feel that some managers are favoring their sections or are forcing the company to maintain obsolete courses.

Another method I would use is the facilitative one, where I would work with my team to arrive at a shared decision. In this case, I would not wield any power to veto unfavorable decisions. Therefore, I can only use this method of decision making after assessing the team members and being satisfied that they were all going to follow my point of view. Finally, I can use delegative decision making process and give my team members a leeway to make their decisions unhindered, but while I play the role of an overseer. Through such a process, I can make it known to my team members that within one week, the decision should be ready, and the number of courses should have been restructured by that time.

In addition, I would from the start make them appreciate the fact that I am not the decision maker, and the decision has come from higher Echelons of the organization. This can make them appreciate the facts that under no circumstances will the company retain unpopular courses. In addition, I can console the team members whose courses might be affected that, with some extra training or readjustments, they could fit into the new more popular courses so as not to make them feel unwanted. By so doing, we can restructure the course availability list within the allocated time.

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