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Discussion Project Management

Free Business Essays The application of management in all meanings is the act of gathering people in order to manage the required tasks and reach the desired goals on the road to mission, vision and objectives of any company. “Managing people in a business and organizational setting could be positive only if the manager tends to use all the available resources both efficiently and effectively in the frames of managing people, organizing and planning the process, organizational structure, staff performance management and leadership skills”. Such an approach helps to direct peopleб as well as control the external and internal operations within any business environment (Project Management, 2010).

In the particular task, there is a team of three people who work different number of hours per week, and, at the same time, have the full time commitment of about fourty hours a week. In the following month, it is important to understand how to allocate the working load, and, at the same time, manage the team effectively while bearing in mind that the commitment of all the three persons is different.

For example, the first team member is committed for about 40, 45, 60, and 30 hours during the week. The second team member is commited for about 40, 40, 20 and 20 hours during the week. The third team member is committed for about 60, 40, 60 and 20 hours per week.

The idea of the project management is to distribute the work load efficiently with regards to the fact that all the three team members have about the same competences and professional qualifications.

Thus, taking the advantage of the team members and their skills, it is important to find the alternative valuable for the company in order to manage the resources by the level of the team workers, as well as escape from the over committing of the team resources.

In order to understand the project better, it is necessary to illustrate the aforesaid details of the team members in the table and graph for the easier analysis of the combined results. Please, see below the table 1 and graph 1 for more details:

Project Management Solutions

For every project it is important for a manager to organize the working process as effectively and efficiently as it is possible. In fact, people can perform better in case they are employed equally during the week compared to the same workload that is scattered in the way that the work load is not distributed properly (Wilkinson, 2012).

In other words, the graphical representation shows that all the workers have a different work load during the week, and the first thing to do is to take the work from one team member with more tasks to do and give it to the another one with less tasks to do in the same project deadline.

For example, the total number of working hours among the three team members is 475 hours with the different capacity of the workload such as 140, 125, 140 and 70 hours per week. Therefore, if to devide the workload hours among the team members it would be about 118, 75 hours a week for every team member, which also means that each employee will work for about 158, 34 hours during the month.

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In such a way, the workload would be distributed more professionally and would provide the workers with the equal time to manage the project where all the team members have about the same skills and experience. Thus, the quality of the work performed by each member, as well as each individual worker will be much higher, which is more than important for the project delivery (Edmond, 2001).

Conclusions and Recomendations

The need to communicate during the project plan performance is of vital importance for every manager. He needs to think of the responsibilities for each team member, set the activities, time scale, as well as parameters of work. Delegating tasks and actions according to the priorities is also very important if people wish to follow the process accordingly. “Monitoring measures the performance and allows getting the feedback about the goal” (Edmond, 2001).

Constant requirements for performance verification are checked with the help of working performance standards. This defines the opportunity to evaluate the employee performance and the overall performance standards, including positive and negative implications (Wilkinson, 2012).

The executive practice is essential for the managers and directors who have the responsibilities, as well as the power to manage people and make decisions to achieve the primary objectives of the company. The size of the managing personnel could vary from one person to a group of people up to a thousand and even more employees considering the multinational companies (Project Management, 2010).

In large organization the management is formulated with the help of chief executive officers, business analysts and financiers, who define the quality of management, skills and qualifications of people, and this addresses the potential worth of the organizational assets (Kotler and Keller, 2007).

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