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Business Analysis of the Hybrid Cars in UK Market

Free Business Essays Hybrid Cars in UK Market

In the world of today it is very important to understand the significance of the effective transportation not only from the position of convenience but for the sake of effectiveness of the transport sector. Besides, the improvements in such an area will have positive consequences on both the economic and social perspectives for growth and development.

However, there are different implications that have a negative impact on the environment, including the global greenhouse gas emissions as well as air pollution. In other words, such a situation in the world strongly emphasizes the importance of the worldwide shift to the economy without the carbon but with more greenness for people. Besides, such a position will have the influence on the consumption of energy along with its generation.

In fact, the previously mentioned transport sector has a close relation to the ¼ of energy in the world as well as the worldwide emission of CO2 and the burning of the fossil fuels. Hence, it is important to think about the particular technological solutions that would help to improve the current situation in the world. In other words, such a strategy could be used for the keen progression in terms of the urban development, improved transportation, effective anti-pollution programs through the use of the contemporary energy technologies .

Consequently, there is an opportunity to address any kind of technological progress in order to find the ways of improving the transportation and the effectiveness of using the fuel. Finally, the digital technologies has offered a solution to face the aforesaid challenges with the help of the Hybrid (electric) vehicles in addition to the other different technologies.

This report is going to address the overview of the hybrid electric vehicle or HEV technology for the sake of the further development in the foreign markets. In other words, the HEV approach to the automobiles addresses both the electric engine, including the modified battery and a combustion engine, which is filled with the fuel container for the driving force.

Hence, such an engine turns out to be a hybrid of the electric and a conventional vehicle. Such a great product could indeed serve as a substitute for the existing engine technologies while addressing the marketing entry in the developing countries. Such a technology uses the means of electrification by means of the plug-in hybrids and completely electric vehicles.

In fact, the HEV technology does not need any alterations in the infrastructure such as the fuel stations.. This is the major reasons why the HEV technologies are in demand on the world market. Instead, there is no need to use the fuel that much for the reason that it could be substituted with the pure diesel or the other bio-fuel technologies. Indeed, such kind of vehicle has existed in the marketplace in the meantime of 1997. The hybrid vehicles are not used for about 5 years now. Such a technology also has a positive effect on the global economy as well as the developing countries.

Therefore, not all the people could afford to buy the cars with the HEV technology for the reason of a huge price difference as the hybrid cars are more expensive compared to the ones people got used to. Today, HEV is entering the new markets with the opportunity to offer people a more advantageous vehicle in the industry.

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At the same time, it is significant to know that there are other alternative means of technologies that allow to cut the air pollution and keep the greenhouse at least in the conditions of today. These are clean diesel vehicles, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles, as well as the liquid biofuel blend vehicles. All of them are completely safe for the nature as they do not have any emissions to be thrown in the air.

The paper addresses the research in terms of the perspective of the United Kingdom towards the promotion of the HEV technology on the developing markets. In addition to the HEV, there are the Hybrid Electric Vehicles that are also created in order to improve the transportation sector and at the same time, limit the use of the fuel on the pure nature. In all, with the help of such hybrid technologies, it would be possible to eliminate the possible emissions, including the most harmful sulfur oxides, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. The approach to protect the nature is hidden in the consumption of the fuel, which results in no emission of CO2 to the air.
There is one more advantage towards the usage of hybrid cars in terms of traffic. The infrastructure of every city is different and every time there is traffic, the conventional cars release all the harmful emission, which is opposite with the hybrid cars, – no emissions despite the traffic, no threat at all.

Thus, it is possible to differentiate the advantages of the HEV technologies as follows:


In comparison to the standard vehicles, the HEV technology allows to reduce the amount of daily emissions that pollute the air during the traffic jam. In addition, the HEV technology adheres to the decrease of both non- CO2 and CO2 emissions;


The HEV technologies incredibly reduce the level of fuel usage with respect to the standard cars. In addition, there are calculations that say about the economy of fuel and if to use the CNG and cleaner diesel vehicles it is possible to save up to six thousand liters of fuel.

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Life-Cycle Expenses

In the short run, the difference in price of HEV cars is huge; however, in the long run, it turns out that it is a lot cheaper to use the HEV technologies based on the figures on mileage and driving conditions of hybrid cars. The evaluation of the scientist revealed that the overall expenses in the hybrid cars’s life-cycle, their expenditure, fuel and upkeep are significantly less than they are in the standard vehicles in addition to the taxes and prices on fuel.

Strategic Technologies

All kinds of hybrid cars such as plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), occupied electric vehicles (EVs), and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) use the same technology platform, including the electro-chargeable batteries and electronic power engineering. Thus, the HEV technology promises much better performance towards saving the green grass and cutting the emissions of the transport sector.

In such a way, the global economy strives for the worldwide climate changes through the hybrid economy all over the world. Such an approach helps to improve the overall position of pollution as well as the greenhouse emissions. Therefore, such advantages of the hybrid cars could be used to cover the energy transportation problems that are connected with the massive supply of energy. In all, the following graph illustrates the power sources and their working capacity in the hybrid cars.

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