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People learn throughout the lifetime by means of evaluating the information, understanding the mistakes and making the right decisions so all of our findings since when people were born till their end days reflect the ability to think critically about different situations in life and respond accordingly in the most effective way.

Such a perception has a direct approach to the sphere of international business in my understanding. It all has a close relation to the innovations and leadership on the global market. For examples, businesses like Southwest Airlines, Microsoft, General Electric, Federal Express, and Toyota have taken the correct steps to being leaders in the sphere of International Business. One common thread amongst these businesses is that they have beaten the odds and stayed in the innovator on the international market (Hill, 2009).

This speaks directly towards the reflections of mine about the course of international business. At first, my expectations were about the complete business matters but in the meaning of real working businesses worldwide. As a result, my expectations were more than met for the reason that the course not only addresses the key trends and stems of the international business but they allowed me to understand the business matters as if it was my actual business start-up.

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Therefore, my recommendation for every student is to go deeper in all the aspects of the international business course and make it a particular priority among other subjects in the university. The idea is not only to adhere to the aims and objectives of the course but to understand the depths of the business world as well as learn how to think critically in terms of the international business perceptions. In case any particular business goes global, it should strongly address the important strategic perceptions, including the cultural differences (Geertz, 1973).

In particular, the special attention was addressed towards the sphere of business thinking while manipulating with the business derivatives such as assessment methods, international perspectives of any business sphere as well as the nature of international business from the position of global demand (Hill, 2009).

What I absolutely adore about the course is that it helps to really understand the insights about the business practice in different countries. At the same time, it allows to enhance the personal engagement through the numerous academic researches during the course. What it means to me is that there are no limits in the reflections towards the scope of the international business (Personal Development, 2012).

For example, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump and many other powerful minds of the world. They all dedicated their entire time to the means of investigating with the personal and professional development. As a result, they gained a great amount of skills and knowledge, as well as the professional experience that helped them to make their international business a particular trend throughout the industries (Hill, 2009).

During the course, I had many personal insights in terms of my ability to analyse the data and perform a well-designed research on a particular topic, especially in the field of the global economy. After the course, I feel more confident when expressing my opinion about the facts of the global economy, political reflections, business matters, etc. In fact, I continue learning the international business aspects in relation to the other subjects of my education (Personal Development, 2012).

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At the same time, I strongly possess the time and information about the management roles and its application to the international business spheres. Due to the program, I can understand the reasons of why the organizations I research behave in an appropriate way. The course helped me to understand the organizational processes as well as the operational implications in the international extent.

After the course I do have an explicit understanding about the business processes such as cost, capital and budgeting, finances, human resources, marketing mix, productions and operations management, logistics, supply chain management, business strategy, etc. The most important is that all the knowledge and understanding is addressed towards the international business perspectives (Hill, 2009).

In fact, the sphere of international marketing is what makes it so interesting for me to go deeper in terms of the further research on advertising, online marketing, digital technologies and social media forces. The most favourite topics are the international logistics, project management, and import – export relations.

It does matter that all the information that was covered in the course adheres not only to the conventional aspects of business but also to the fundamentals of the business strategy, different kinds of management practices, global dimensions, and corporate responsibility. In fact, I have learned to synthesize and critique the academic data as well as reveal the personal reflections of the particular area of interest (Personal Development, 2012).

In all, many businesses have tried the poor strategy of international thinking that just because of their name or because they are an American company that is enough to maintain their place in the market. If this mind set does not change then the real world scenarios like lay-offs, cutbacks and closings will occur.

This brings up the questions of how to stay ahead in the market through the proper business strategy and thus build the business “at the speed of though” as Bill Gates used to say. The sphere of International business means helping the people around the world with every intension that the human mind can think of (Gates and Hemingway, 2000).

To conclude, I greatly appreciate the ability to study the international business course and I strongly believe that in my future working practice, it would definitely have a solid position. In fact, the course did give me all the knowledge, which is required for starting up my own business and I am going to try it on my own in the nearest time.

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