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Investment Challenge for Clean Energy in China

Free Essays of Economics The area of clean energy is one of the most important aspects of investment for the reason that the vast majority of people think of the multiple ways of generating profit through the variety of business processes. One of the major concerns is to find the fields where the investment can make the maximum profit with minimum engagement.

Therefore, the research will address the aspects of the clean energy resources as well as the aspects of the clean energy investment in China. The information will be gathered based on the analysis of the existing literature review in terms of the clean energy and investment solutions as well as the independent survey that will be managed online and will outline the benefits of investing in the clean energy from the top people, who are already engaged in such a business opportunity. Thus, the dissertation will address both the primary and secondary data by means to address the aspects of the clean energy investment particularly in China.

Due to such a global trend for the clean energy resources, there is a growing objective towards the investment in all kinds of clean energy resources all over the world. Such a tendency is possible with regards to the governmental regulations and a great number of policies in both developing and developed countries (Report G-20 2012).

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The idea is to take the advantage of having the clean energy resources and also being able to consume, as well as to sell at the high prices. However, it is still exceedingly important to manage the clean energy resources without the harm to the natural environment while consuming a great number of energy resources that hugely harm the nature as a whole (Report G-20 2012).

The methodology that was used for the research combined both quantitative and qualitative analysis as well as the sampling techniques. In other words, the quantitative research analysis was paid at the examination of the literature review and the qualitative research analysis was used for the analysis of the primary data. The sampling techniques were used in the online survey with the means to statistically analyze the obtained data towards the research aims and objectives.

The literature review will address the aspects of rational along with the approach to the details, not only the general focus. As for the methodology, the purpose of this part of dissertation would be to address the key details of how the research could be managed properly through the use of more effective practice of collecting the data and analyzing it (Wang 2013).

In other words, the rational for such a research is aimed at delivering the best value to the public while managing the clean energy resources with the minimum harm to the natural environment. In parallel, it is important to address the goals on the business matters that are aiming to get the maximum benefit out of selling the clean energy resources at the highest prices (Report G-20 2012).

The dissertation will cover all the aspects that have been addressed in the world towards the consumption of the clean energy in addition to the deeper outlook from the position of recommendations. A special attention is going to be paid to the purpose and contribution for the reason that it needs not only to have a general impact but a concrete idea of what value the research can bring as a whole (Wang 2013).

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In addition, since there is a need to emphasize the duration of the whole research process, the dissertation will cover the timescale for all the aspects that are important in the research objectives. The overall idea of the dissertation is to correct all the mistakes that were made during the proposal, as well as to cover all the comments that were given to correct the overall vision and objectives for the research (Consumer Reports, 2012).

At the same time, the research outcomes will contribute to the already conducted researches on the Clean Energy Investment in China through the position of value that the dissertation could bring to other people who are interested in the further growth and development of China as a whole, including the fundamentals of the Clean Energy Investment specifics (Schario 2013).

Besides, there will be significant recommendations towards the way of managing the clean energy resources without harming the natural environment. Such details would be available through the primary research, i.e. the survey that will address a great number of aspects that the clean energy trends face today (Report G-20 2012).

Personal Implications

Based on the rationale for the dissertation as well as the background information, it is intended to understand the real value of the clean energy for the planet. As well, it is important to find out how regular people can take advantage of the clean energy resources in the daily life.

One of the very important factors that have been a significant impact is the fact of pollution and the overall instability of the atmosphere. The motherland no longer belongs to oneself but people who inhabit it. However, this has not been for always and will never be the same again. After the resources of the planet are exhausted entirely, the great Earth will demand back what was originally in its nature (Muller 2003).

This is the place where the humanity will think about the harm that was addressed towards the planet. However, it could be late when the cataclysms will be irreversible. Hence, this is the major reason why there is a personal need in the investigation of such topic. The purpose is to understand all the aspects that are connected to the clean energy resources. In addition, it is expected to spread such awareness to the public usage.

As a result, it is planned to achieve the goal of clear vision in regards to the clean energy investment as well as the nature of reasons why so many people around the globe invest billions of dollars in such resources. After the completion of the dissertation, it is expected to have an explicit vision about the values of the clean energy resources as well as the means of global trend of the clean energy investment (Schario 2013).

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