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Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Without a doubt, autism spectrum disorder has become a rather widespread disease in recent years. There are 3 million individuals who suffer from this malady only in the United States of America. Certainly, the whole picture may be softened to some extent due to the altered data and unrevealing cases of autism. However, it does not improve the dramatic situation in general. People from all over the world continue experiencing the consequences of such disorder, and their mental being is not likely to ameliorate due to the improper policy of regulation in this sphere. While the treatment and different strategies that can be applied to the patient are still planned to be implemented in the nearest future, the immediate actions are to be taken as soon as possible.

Research Question

Analyzing the prescribed conceptions, the vital question encompasses the aspect of the medical intervention. The currently existing programs may be rather efficient at the present stage. However, as most of the cases vary in scale from time to time, the well-developed strategies are to be discovered. Specifically, this issue provokes a great debate as it covers the essential spheres of moral items, code of ethics, and the doctors’ competency. As such tendencies appear to be pretentious in the contemporary context, much attention is paid to the problem of reconciling and finding the effective steps that will suit the bitter opponents. That is why an accurate investigation remains one of the most important items in this aspect. Thus, this article deals with the number of significant conceptions that should be taken into consideration during the examination of this problem.

Significance to Knowledge

The understanding of such a controversial neurodevelopmental disorder requires the usage of proper information and relevant data in this sphere. It is necessary to underline the distinguishing characteristics of this disease, depict its causes, consider the potential effects, and provide a precise evaluation of the received results. As this issue occupies one of the main positions in the aspect of scientific research, the selected conceptions will become a valuable source for the following deductive actions. All in all, the significance of this item cannot be minimized or underestimated.

Previous Research

The selected materials required the precise specialization on the problem of mental activity functioning. As this item is related to the problems of nursing, medical treatment, careful interpretation of received observations, and proper analysis of a patient being, these sources are the powerful instruments that will help to accomplish the research. Each of these prescribed sites can have an external influence on the amelioration of the whole situation as they promote the collective activity, cooperation, and a high level of feedback, notwithstanding the fact that there is the number of particular features that their patients need.

The first resource may be described as an institutional affiliation that provides a great consultation (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 2016). It offers the valuable assistance for the diverse group of people. In other words, any member of its community could find the required support in any geographic location which is considered as a perfect opportunity to have a direct contact with the staff. This center also provides the list of governmental services that can be used as the significant measures. Thus, it is worth paying attention.

The following site bases on a strong system of partnership and volunteer methods. Every user can donate some funds to the special program “Autism Speaks” which is believed to have had a pretentious effect in the recent years. Moreover, the staff of such institution uses a peculiar approach – an assistive technology; this powerful tool is claimed to begin the new era of treatment among the majority of patients (Autism Speaks, 2016). As a result, the organization applies the updated devices and modern approaches to ensure the effectiveness of the sustainable development.

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The next supportive resource is Autism Community, which unites the wide circle of people with different mental deviations (Autism Community, 2010). It is not a secret that most of people prefer being in a group as it allow them feeling safe to some extent. However, sometimes it is complicated for people with the autism disorder to cooperate and communicate with others. That is why this community center represents the link of the peers that would be grateful to share their personal experience with the same participants.

The last but not the least site provides the assistance in the sphere of a high-quality medical treatment using behavioral and communication approaches, the number of dietary methods, medication, and so-called “alternative medicine of the XXI century.” Constantly increasing the effectiveness of its policies, the center is to assure the full support for its patients in the nearest future (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015).

Summarizing all of the outlined findings, these sources remain rather valuable in the context of reconciling this problem, as each of the organizations discussed may probably become one of the most leading centers which will fight against autism in the world.

Interlocking Findings and Unanswered Questions

However, some of the conceptions were left without a proper evaluation in this context. As the question of sponsorship and partnership stays rather significant in the modern community, most of the following centers require a permanent support not only on the governmental level but also from the ordinary participants. In this aspect, this issue continues becoming controversial, as most of the centers are to compete with other institutions for a right to provide support for suffering people. It is a paradox of our initiative. Having established the system of donation, the communities are looking forward to receiving special grants or monetary appreciation to survive.

Preliminary Work on the Topic

Returning to the point of accumulated findings, it should be mentioned that the author has widened the understanding of autism as a spectrum disorder, adding to the interpretation of term some vital notions and peculiarities.

Moreover, the difference of revealing between the younger and older generation was also highlighted. In this aspect, the leading goal was to clarify the nature of this disease and envisage the number of reasons which lead to the worsening of such situation. According to the presented conclusions, environmental and genetic reasons were considered as the major factors that have an apparent influence on the patient’s well-being. Comprehending the fact that such people are not able to deal with the life-challenging realities, it was a thesis that most of them require care, support, and additional treatment that should be regulated not only on the local level but also on the governmental. As the community consists of the number of different individuals and personalities, the people with autism are also an integral part of people’s society. That is why they deserve receiving a well-designed medical care and another package of governmental assistance.

The Remaining Question and Inter-Locking Logic

It is needless to point that the researcher understands the necessity and urgency of such problem. However, there is a question of realization and implementation of the common strategies into a quotidian life. According to the recent statistics, a person with autism spectrum disorder may become a risky element of society as he or she cannot get acquainted with a right social attitude or conduction. Remarkably, that these people require the special period of accommodation to the updated conditions. This span of time needs elucidating, as the shell of adaptation may consume additional efforts and policies. Such tendency stays rather noticeable in the contemporary society, as most of the governmental institutions cannot assure enough support. Moreover, their rehabilitation procedures appear to be ineffective. That is why this study engenders a question and a clear classification of the strategies that are directed to provide specific support to such categories of people.

Reprise of Research Questions in the Context

Understanding the importance of the presented knowledge, it is essential to establish a pretentious thesis that will cover the leading terms of this issue. It is only one way to ameliorate the existed medical strategies in the fight with autism – to create a well-developed plan aimed at the overcoming this malady and minimization of its consequences. By the way, two vital problems appear in this context. First, it is a governmental contribution to the cumulative process. Second, it is the diminishing effectiveness of the medical intervention due to the inappropriate and inefficient pecuniary aid. To be more precise, this issue is to portray the realistic conceptions that can be applied during the process of a patient’ course of cure.


During the conduction of this research, some analytical methods and descriptive approaches were considered as the most powerful instrumental tools in this study.

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This structure lets a researcher construct a strong system of interdependent conceptions. An accurate analysis of the received knowledge is considered as the most specific and suitable method of interpretation. By the way, as it was mentioned earlier, the usage of theoretical matching also lies in the ground of this study, as it helps to depict the major picture. To underline, the apparatus of the methodology was aimed to outline the prominent distinctions of this pathology and realize the necessity of further investigation.

Data Needs

Without a doubt, only chosen type of information might be used in this context. It reveals the real value and significance of the question to the whole research. As the presented materials completely refer to the needed element of examination, the further investigation should be based on using these sources as the exemplary factors of material. What is more, owing to a permanent change that occurs in the sphere of medical regulation and deals with the proper methods of care, the issue requires the usage of outdated materials which are to depict a realistic situation, statistics, experiments, and results.

Analytical Techniques

As the diverse range of approaches was applied and reconsidered as an integral part of this study, the investigation was to focus on the special programs. The classification of such strategies required a critical analysis of the presented material, as it was essential to highlight its distinctive features. That is why the critical approach has become a valuable method during the conduction of this research. Remarkably, that such technique was considered as a positive tendency that has noticeably augmented the effectiveness of examination. The received data were worth evaluating from such point of interpretation.

Plan for Interpreting Results

Having got the important knowledge in the sphere of medical treatment, the following results should be accurately elucidated and generalized by the majority of people. First, it is expected to increase the level of awareness and notification among the population. It would be a positive step in the process of engaging as many participants as possible in this issue. Second, it is recommended to establish the source which will ensure enough support for struggling people on the local level, encompassing the minor community at the beginning stage of its activity. Third, it is to draw the attention of the governmental institutions and authorities to this item. Using their assistance, the following measures may become much efficacious.

Expected Results

Due to the promotion for the governmental side, the researcher expects to obtain amelioration of the dramatic statistics in the nearest future. As it is rather important to ensure the actual participation of both levels of the community, as the collective actions will be more effective in this context. By improving the informational side of the community, the whole generation must be helped to realize that people with autism disorder are common to us. They can also become an integral part of our society and adjust to the modern requirements if we assure the determined support at the earliest stage of development of their malady. If the immediate actions were taken at once, they are certain to bring positive results.


As the question of sponsorship may appear to be one of the most controversial problems during this research, the following measures can be implemented in this aspect. As it was stated earlier, the system of donation is an indispensable part of this investigation. Specifically, only cumulative measures of the whole community may change such situation. In other words, our project needs the active participation of most of the members. It should be mentioned that due to this program, the chances of engendering the efficient process augment noticeably. To summarize, it is worth clarifying that such actions will be significant if each of us realizes the importance of this program to the people with autism spectrum disorder and tries to ensure the most relevant support.


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