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Free Informative Essays Having been into existence for over a century, Saint John nursing home is a well known facility to the residents. The facility has been of help to the community in their medical needs and consultation. Saint John nursing home offers employment to many people most of whom are resident in that community. There are both nurses and other administrators who have for long worked permanently in the nursing home. Despite the importance of the facility to the residents, some visionaries have come up with an idea of transforming the nursing home into a social home. This move will face rebellion from the residents and nurses who have been working in the nursing home for years.

The idea of transforming Saint John nursing home into a social home will face opposition from the community. This is because the residents will view this as a move to degrade the facility which has served the entire community for over a century. The residents fear that transforming the facility into a social home will make it lose its status of a medical model. For this reason, the residents will be in the front line in opposing the idea proposed by the visionaries. The visionaries have to work harder to convince the community on the reason for changing the facility which has been in service for them for a long time.

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The nurses will also resist the changing of the Saint John nursing home into a social home. The underpaid assistance nurses will also show reluctance in support of the idea brought forward by the visionaries to transform the nursing home into a social one. The managers are also said to be reluctant in the move to transform Saint John nursing home into a social home (Berg, 2006). The long lasting ties between the residents and the staff show the devotion they have in maintaining the standards of the Saint John nursing home. It would therefore be hard for the visionaries to change the nursing home into a social home as they are proposing.

In conclusion, it is a hard task to break ties that have been firmly established in a group of people. The peoples’ practices remain intact and an outsider cannot easily break the ties and change the peoples’ mind. It would be difficult to change the mindset of people and redirect their mind from things they have been used to for a long time.

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