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Aviation Security Program

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Aviation Security General

The Overseas Territories Aviation Circulars are usually issued to airports and airstrips to give counsel about the security of an airport or an airfield (Elias, 2009). The Overseas Territories Aviation Circulars are also responsible to provide direction and data on benchmarks, practices, and systems essential to bolster Overseas Territory Aviation Requirements (Sweet, 2008).


The objectives of the security program include;

  1. To have documentation of the ways the requirements of the National Civil Aviation Security Program are reached.
  2. To give the definition of the responsibilities of various stakeholders at the airport in the case of security.
  3. To give the description of the management of the airport security.
  4. To describe the processes carried out at the airport about security of the airport operations
  5. To present the ways to handle security related contingencies and procedures that need to be undertaken in case of security risks (Elias, 2009).

Organization of Security

The Gotham Ports Authority Security Manager is the manager accountable for the security of the airport. The Gotham City airport manager, John Stewart, is daily charged with the responsibility of security issues at the airport.

The Gotham Ports Authority chief engineer, Edwin Tala, is in charge of the design and construction of the various buildings and facilities on the territory of the airport. The Gotham Ports Authority chief engineer is responsible for the security compliance policies of the buildings and should ensure all policies are implemented while constructing new ones and the modifying of the currently existing facilities.

The OTAR Part 178 empowers the Gotham Ports Authority to restrict unverified aircraft and unauthorized persons from accessing the airspace of Gotham City. The Gotham ports authority foreign security officer Rueben Kazan is in charge of establishing the airside areas and the restricted air spaces because of security concerns. The zones include the landside, the air side and the area restricted by the security agencies (Sweet, 2008).

The Gotham Airport manager, Sir Alfred Joe Pennyworth, approves the instructions on security procedures that are given to all the employees of the Gotham City Airport. The Gotham City Airport specifies all possible communication media that are to be used for security purposes. The communication of the aviation security policies is also achieved through various ways. All the security reports are recorded in both digital and manual formats by the security officers (Elias, 2009).

Airport Security Committee

The main responsibility of the airport security committee to ensure that there is effective communication between all the collaborators in aviation security. The airport security committee is also in charge of facilitating the implementation of security policies in the airport. Moreover, it is also in charge of reviewing the security policies so that the security is up to the required standards of the NCASP. The following people have functional responsibilities when it comes to the security of Gotham City Airport. They all are form the security committee.

  1. Gotham Ports Authority
  2. Gotham City Airport security service
  3. Gotham City Police Department
  4. Gotham Customs Service
  5. American Immigration Agency
  6. The Gotham air traffic control

The other stakeholders of the aviation security include the operators of the aircraft, the people handling the cargo, the postal and courier services, the cleaning organizations working in the airport and other airport tenants like coffee shops and gift shops (Elias, 2009). In addition, contractors and GA operators are also involved in the aviation security processes.

Airport Activities

Location: The airport is located on the outskirts of the northern side of Gotham City near the Wayne Manor. It is about fifteen miles from the Gotham coast.

Details: The Gotham City Airport postal address is 809123-041000, Gotham City. The telephone numbers are 07022838156, 07453215678 and 0712497575. The fax they use for security lines is +52698745698. The email of the airport is [email protected]

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Ownership: The Gotham City airport is owned by two partners and equal shareholders, who are Bruce Wayne and Gotham Ports Authority. Bruce Wayne acts as a nominal partner. The Gotham Ports Authority is the administrative owner of the airport; however they both are in control of airport policy

Manager: The Gotham City Airport Manager is known as Sir Alfred Joe Pennyworth who is assisted by Robin Williams and David Béchamel, two chief executive assistants to Sir Alfred Joe Pennyworth.

Services: The Gotham City Airport offers various services. The airport serves as a terminal for aircraft flying in and out of Gotham City. It also offers storage facilities for people who want to lock away some goods in specially prepared units. What is more, it can offer mechanical services for aircraft.

Administration: The airport administration represents very well organized structure of management. The head of the administrative unit at the airport is the airport manager who is assisted by two executive assistants. The administration is divided into various departments each headed by a departmental manager. There are finance, legal, safety and security, ICT, engineering, medical, airport services, human resource and customer care departments.

Air Traffic Services: The airport has a group of professionals who work to regulate the traffic of aircraft. Their duties are mainly to keep the plains from colliding when they are landing or taking off. The airport also thoroughly manages the schedule for the departures and landings of the plains to guarantee safe air traffic services.

Security Measures at the Airport

The OTAR Part 178 empowers the Gotham Ports Authority to restrict unverified aircraft and unauthorized persons from accessing the airspace of Gotham City. The airport is devided into zones to improve the security of the territory. The zones include the landside, the air side and the area restricted by the security agencies. Policy and the restrictions to access one of the zones ensures the general security of the area.

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One of the measures undertaken for the protection of the airside and the security restricted zones include fencing the areas. The fenced areas separate not very secure public zones from the landside zone. In addition, there are facilities that are used for granting access from the land side to the air side and vice versa. The same principles for access to the landside areas are applied to access to restricted areas or zones. The boundaries of these zones are usually under twenty-four-hour surveillance to stop the general public and all those who have no permission to enter these territories (Landside and Restricted zones).

Public Places

The landside zones can be protected in various ways. For example, one way includes regular reconnaissance around the general public territories of the terminal. Another way requires methods of the tickets assurance, things labels and other documents checking.

Access Movement and Control

The Gotham City Airport is in charge of managing the accesses to the various zones in the airport i.e. the landside, the airside and security restricted areas. The controllers of the access use specialized ID cards that contain information about the name, identification, and permission to access certain zones. What is more, security officials have to check the information at every access point with a real-time computer system before granting the permission to enter.

The access control is also implemented for the vehicles that come into the airport. Vehicles have to be screened for any potential security threats. The access control of the vehicles is also determined by the role or duty of the vehicle that is accessing a zone in the airport. The admission of the vehicles and people is controlled by specific access posts (mainly entrances) which are also under the twenty-four-hour surveillance of the Gotham City Police. The access posts are also there to determine exceptions of people with the permission to enter.

Security Control for Passengers and Baggage

Passengers are screened for explosive materials and drugs before they reach the gate for passport and visa check. After the passport and visa check, their plane ticket is verified. The baggage is additionally screened for explosives and prohibited substances. Screening is done using x-ray machines, sniffer dogs, physical searches and metal detectors.

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Security Control for Cargo, Mail and Small Packages

Cargo and parcels are screened for explosive materials and illegal substances. Screening is also done using x-ray machines, sniffer dogs, physical searches and metal detectors.

Security Control on VIPs and Diplomats

The diplomats are screened in special Interpol offices so that no international laws are broken. The parcels are not mixed with other parcels. A private screening is applied for special passengers.

Security Control for Firearms and Weapons

Firearms and weapons must be carried by only licensed holders. The weapons are securely locked in the airplane while traveling. Identification is mandatory for people carrying weapons and firearms.

Protection of Aircraft on the Ground

There is round the clock surveillance of aircraft. Before takeoff, a search is done to ensure the security of the plane before the boarding. These actions are mandatory.

Security Equipment

The travelers are screened using metal detectors. Dangerous identification machines utilized incorporate X-ray machines and explosives are recognized with the help of entrance machines (a.k.a. “puffer machines”). There is the use of filtering machines that are still viable hunting down items that are not permitted in the planes. This machine does not delineate the travelers in a condition of disrobing that can be considered humiliating. Machines that detect explosives can likewise be utilized for both continue and checked stuff. These identify unstable mixes emitted from explosives utilizing gas chromatography.

Contingency Plans

When faced with a threat, silent alarms are usually triggered by the identification of threat such as explosives, guns and drugs and the airport security and police are immediately notified. The SWAT team and bomb squad are also notified in the case of bomb threats.

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Responsible organizations: The police are immediately notified in case of any security threat and the military forces are called upon when a situation is an act of terrorism.

Security Training Program

All employees of the airport are trained on security contingencies and are made aware of all security policies. The program also covers response to security issues and handling security threats. The security policies are clearly outlined in circulars all around the airport.


There was an attack on the passengers and the general public at the airport on June 19th, 2009. The shooters stormed into the front entrance and started shooting just before they were gunned down by the police who came after the silent alarm was triggered. It is imperative that more security checks are applied even to the gates compound to the airport in order to prevent security breaches (Elias, 2009). In addition, more police officers on the airport sites will improve the preparedness of the security team in the airport.

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