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Does God Really Exist?

Free Informative Essays Sometimes it is hard to understand the difference between the “imagination” and “reality” but at the same time the perception of these terms is different for the vast majority of people. In fact, what is real for some people is imitation for others. Considering the passage:

Look around the world: Contemplate the whole and every part of it: You will find it to be nothing but one great machine, subdivided into an infinite number of lesser machines, which again admit of subdivisions to a degree beyond what human senses and faculties can trace and explain…

Indeed, for some people the life is ordinary in terms of the conventional things that people can see in their lives and for others, life is completely different as they are ready to open their eyes and their minds and see something extraordinary and at the same time challenging to pursue. The world is changing and so are the people who are striving to find the truth about the life as well as the other things that are difficult to be explained.

From the lines of the passage, the people are the machines that operate under the control of other more advanced machines. In other words, this is the matter of choice people have in life. On the one hand, it could be stated that we are living the in the world that is full of mysteries or the things that are hard to explain. On the other hand, from the position of the ancient knowledge, the things that happen to people can be explained from the position of the divine power that stands above all (Davies, 1992).

    1. Explain the argument seen in the passage. Here you can either formalize the argument or you can write it out in paragraph form.

In order to understand the passage it would be challenging to give some examples about what is the truth and what is not about life as people have different perceptions of it. For example, in case people talk about art, one can say everything, what is written in the book of art but at the same time one cannot imagine what is the scent of a Holy place in the Church.

If to talk about love, people can describe whatever they have seen or read in the books about love but that would be completely different from the perceptions of other people who are in love, which is real. The illustration of this would be in the fact of getting up with the person that loves and is beloved by another one (Goldstein, 2010).

The same takes place when people talk about war. Those who have been there talk completely different compared to those who only read about it in books. At the same time, some people can say proudly about losing something but they do not know what it means in reality compared to the people who have indeed lost a close person and could not do anything to help.

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In other words, there is a huge difference in truth and reality from the position of experience and deep understanding of life. Hence, all the perceptions are true and imaginative from the perceptions of different people but that does not mean that both sides of life do not exist in the souls and hearts of different people (Martin, 2006).

This is the explanation of the passage about the existence of God. Some people say “I cannot believe in God for the reason that I cannot see Him”. However, based on the laws of physics, people cannot see the wind but they can feel it, which as well does not mean that is does not exist in the real life (Pascal, 2001).

In other words, the human machine could be explained as a tool, an instrument that was created by the more powerful machine for a specific reason, which is yet to be defined by each person in the world. In all, what is beyond human senses and faculties is within the divine life and spiritual nature of people. Besides, the proof of every opinion could also be found if to look around the world and simply see the things as they are the part of life.

    1. Offer up and defend your best criticism of the argument. (Note that you can defend the argument from criticism as well.)

Not all the people believe in God or the Energy that is the beginning of everything alive on the planet. At the same time, it is not possible to deny that fact, which is called the laws of nature that exist whether you know them or not, for example, “The Law of Reason and Consequence”. It is also hard to deny that in case people commit a crime, they will be punished for it and put to jail (Goldstein, 2010).

At the same time, there are different other examples and they comprise the vast majority that state that there are many other things that could not be traced by the government or police in case of committing the crime. However, in case people live on the negative side of life, they get the maximum of what they think about and that is what could not be controlled by the police and the government in particular (Pascal, 2001).

Instead, this is the time to think about the power that exists above the standard perceptions of people. It is important to get back to the passage in terms of the understanding about the machines, which are subordinate to the other machines in all the possible meanings that people cannot be certain about in terms of the human sense.

In parallel, these machines are the people that are more powerful and those people who are subordinate to them as they have less power. There are different perceptions of that and hence, the other opinion about the divine nature is that there is the sort of knowledge that is revealed for some people and is not revealed for others. This could be explained from the position of readiness of the people to accept the truth and live with it.

In other words, these divine things that are not accountable to the human nature represent the thought of people, their minds, wisdom, intelligence, etc. The overall idea is that the world is like the factory of the human machines of different qualities. Also, there are specific set of rules that are created to help the machines become more powerful in their nature, which in the perceptions of people can mean that people have to grow personally and professionally in order to obtain such knowledge so as to live happily with the laws of nature (Martin, 2006).

However, such a state of affairs is possible only if people agree to work hard on themselves in order to achieve something divine in nature. In parallel, the humans are those machines that operate in order to help the other machines prosper. Meanwhile, the most of prosperity is given to those machines that have more power over themselves and consequently other machines (Goldstein, 2010).

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The above contemplations address the following questions to be referred to when thinking about whether the divine nature is alive in the meaning of the laws of nature or the power of God. In other words, the argument is that whether people should be thankful for their existence as a whole along with the aspects of humanity, mind and conscious as well as intelligence of the human race (Davies, 1992).

    1. Make a defense to any counter arguments to your argument.

Throughout the lifetime there were people who had different opinions and that was an advantage for the reason that only due to such a variance people have achieved progress or degradation in life. In other words, it is always the matter of choice about what to believe in, the reality of imagination as well as are these perceptions true enough to be trusted.

In order to support this kind of view, there is a parable about people who lived in the world of three dimensions and at the same time, on the other planet there were people who lived in the world of two dimensions. The story tells that those who lived in the work of three dimensions tried hard to help those who lived in the world of two dimensions but that only was dependent on the desire of people to see the world differently. In other words, when the people from the world of two dimensions found the explanations of the world of three dimensions they did not believe it (Barron, 2011).

The story ends with a revealing that one person from the world of two dimensions suddenly realized there is one more dimension and they can also live in the world of three dimensions. In parallel, the most challenging fact is that in there were also the people who lived in the world of four dimensions and they also tried to help the people from the world of three dimensions to see another dimension but the people from the world of three dimensions could not understand it for the reason that they did not believe in the other world.


Thus, the moral of the contemplation about God is addressed towards the facts that exist in both perceptions of people, which are closely related and fully dependent on the fact of faith. In other words, there are millions of examples in the world that some things happen with those people who believe in God as well as such things do not happen with those people who do not believe in God or any divine nature or the Energy of life as a whole.

Such a perception could perfectly fit in the passage about the human machines, some of them operate in one way and some of them are different and operate in the order way. So, the challenge continues towards what to believe first. At the same time, it is important to remember about the facts that are impossible to deny such as the difference in the perceptions of people who talk about love, war, wind, crime, etc. Hence, the decisions are to be taken by people and also it is even more important not to forget about the laws of nature, life or God that exist whether people know or believe in them or not. The choice is always what makes a difference between the people and machines.

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