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Revolutions in Great Britain in 18-19th centuries

Free Informative Essays During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, several non-political revolutions took place in Great Britain. These revolutions were motivated by the need for change and necessity for improvement in living standards of the people. The major revolution that occurred in Great Britain around this period was the industrial revolution. All other non-political revolutions are believed to have been facilitated by the industrial revolution that occurred in this period. Industrial revolution gave rise to other revolutions the major one being the agricultural revolution. Change was experienced after the effects of these revolutions came to take shape in the lives of the people in Great Britain. These revolutions also spread to other parts of the world especially where Britain got colonies.

Among other revolutions that took place in Great Britain, Industrial revolution is believed to have made the greatest impact on the lives of people around this period. Industrial revolution saw the end of domestic mode of production where many factories were built. In the second half of the 18th century, many revolutions had been done that encouraged great change in production in factories. Some factors favored the success of the industrialization process in Great Britain unlike other regions where the process developed at a slow rate. One of the major contributors was the political stability in Britain around this period. There was also availability of natural resources that acted as a catalyst to the process (Wyatt, 2009).

Industrial revolution is mainly characterized by the emergence of factories and development of the transport system. The first factories to emerge were cotton manufacturing industries in the 18th century. Industrial revolution in factories brought great advancements to people. The mode of dressing changed where people could wear more refined clothes made in factories. The other major attribute to the industrial revolution was the improvement of transport. For example, John Kay is believed to have invented flying shuttle in the mid 18th century.

The other major revolution that took place in Great Britain was the agricultural revolution. According to Puddy (2005), agricultural revolution was facilitated by the already established industrial revolution. There was a gradual change in the farming systems in Britain which led to massive production of food and rearing of animals. The increased food production led to improved lifestyles among people. Agricultural revolution was accompanied by the invention of food processing methods like canning that helped preserve food for a longer time (Pawson, 2006).


Revolutions in Great Britain had a huge impact on the lives of people in both Britain and the outside world where effects of the revolutions spread. Through the industrial revolution, job opportunities were created that saw the improvement of lives of people in Britain. A large number of people secured jobs in the factories thereby earning a living. Improvement of agricultural methods also positively impacted on the lives of people. Increased food production led to improved living standards and improvement of health status of the people.

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