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Recruitment is one of the most significant parts of any company’s performance. The segment of education has a high level of responsibility regarding the process of bringing up the younger generation. It means that it is important to consider the creation of appropriate rules and standards penetrating the performance of the educational institutions, aimed to educate highly qualified professionals who can benefit an economic segment. Education is a starting point of any career, which means that employees of the educational segment are responsible for making the learning process flexible and effective to help the younger generation build up the country’s sustainability and welfare. As long as the role of the educational institution is extremely high, it is necessary to optimize the selection process and penetrate it with an appropriate essence of discipline regulating the effectiveness of the educational process. First, it may seem that the process is complicated. However, the following discussion will help to understand the nature of improvements required for the balance between recruitment, discipline and overall level of education within the selected educational institution.

Selection Process

The selection process is one of the most significant parts of the recruitment plan, which requires additional consideration to make employment beneficial for an employer and an employee. An educational institution is responsible for creating a flexible selection process, helping to adjust to the professional skills, experience, sphere of competence, and other career elements of an individual. If the company is willing to decrease the turnover rate, it is necessary to consider the recruitment’s core. In order to optimize the process of selection, it is important to remember that the selection methods have a significant effect on both the company and its candidates. It is possible to create several steps of the selection process, which will help to analyze a candidate from different points of view. First, it is important to conduct an appropriate interview, which will be an introduction to both the university and a candidate. It is a common procedure, including basic questions regarding experience, job knowledge, skills and personal goals of an applicant willing to obtain the selected job. However, it is necessary not to abandon applicants after the first step. It is important to get an applicant through the whole system of the selection process, in order to understand his/her importance. The second step includes two tests on the evaluation of personal character traits and job knowledge assessment. These selection methods will help to understand whether a candidate obtains enough knowledge to share it with students and collaborate with them, and it still sets further directions in the process of integrating an individual in the existing team of professors. It is important to mention that both tests should be mandatory methods of the selection process, as long as they make a candidate aware that an employer is interested in a candidate’s personality (Osterholm, Horn, & Johnson, 2006). It increases an applicant’s interest in further integration in the team of the educational institution. It is the starting point of employee retention when an individual is willing to stay within the company and contribute to the development of its sustainability and welfare. The final stage of the selection process is another interview. However, it is necessary to conduct an interview in an informal way. For example, an employer can invite an applicant to have dinner or play golf. The informal aspect of the interview will help to conduct an effective interview in a relaxing atmosphere. This final step will reflect the opinion of an employer regarding the position of the selected job and the chances of an applicant to become a part of the team. In addition, it is an appropriate way of sharing more information on the principles of the educational institution’s performance. As a result, an applicant will see that an employer values both discipline and informal communication, which help to increase personal relations, aimed to create effective teambuilding.

Pros and Cons of an Effective Recruitment System

An effective recruitment system is the core of the company’s performance, as long as it starts taking care of the connection between employees and the company from the moment individual desires to apply for the selected job. Recruitment involves the diversity of factors, which have a significant effect on the outcomes of the hiring process. For example, it is necessary to optimize interviews and the diversity of tests an applicant passes, in order to become a part of the team (‘Faculty Recruitment and Selection’, 2013). For example, it is possible to penetrate the process with informal conversations, which will help to create a comforting environment for a candidate. It is an essential step in helping to assess an individual’s personal character traits in an informal way due to the relaxing atmosphere. The informal meeting might be helpful in making a prognosis of whether an applicant will be able to fit the team.

The following statements reflect the advantages of an effective recruitment system. An effective recruitment system includes the diversity of elements, which help to balance the company’s intention to extend its borders of performance and increase the quality of services it produces (Allen, 2005). In the case of an educational institution, it is important not to allow a high turnover rate to take place within the routine performance. Students tend to adjust to every new professor. High turnover rates will have a negative influence on the quality of education. Recruitment should be effective enough to promote further integration of an individual into the educational institution with its traditions and concepts of the learning process. It is possible to encourage employees to stay with a beneficial recruitment process, which will help to retain them and promote their further integration in the educational institution’s development. The selection process is the core of the recruitment, which allows obtaining an appropriate team of highly qualified professionals willing to work for the university. The following section reflects the essence of the selection process with the steps aimed to make an educational institution appealing for the performance of any candidate.

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In the aspect of disadvantages, it is possible to mention that an employer should not turn to stress management, in order to conduct interviews. It will have a destructive force on the development of the applicant’s identity to the educational institution (Balter & Duncombe, 2008). In addition, it will create fear, destroying a candidate’s desire to join the university team. Recruitment should not be a challenge or psychological torture. It should be a combination of both formal and informal assessment of an individual’s personal characteristic traits, skills, knowledge, and job aspirations.

The Connection between Discipline and the Recruitment Process

Discipline is an outlining element of the educational institution’s performance. It is a point, which helps to discipline both professors and students in the same essence. In fact, it can become a serious issue, preventing employees to continue their performance aimed to enhance the sustainability and welfare of the university. It is important to create a lever between discipline and the company’s desire to develop. It means that discipline should not limit employees’ rights for a comforting working environment. Everyone should follow his/her obligations and standards of performance, which formulate a mandatory element of effective performance. Discipline can cross the line of the comforting zone when an employer puts additional obligations on employees, which do not align with their standard responsibilities in the workplace. In another case, employees should receive enough compensation for the work they do. The recruitment process should be a pure reflection of the further performance of a candidate willing to obtain the selected job position.


Recruitment is one of the elements necessary to retain employees and decrease the turnover rate. An educational institution should meet the needs of its students and employees. Recruitment will help to attract new employees, which will feel a great desire to work in a comforting and welcoming atmosphere with a team of professionals. As a result, the university will obtain a team of professionals, willing to have long-term employment in order to develop themselves and serve for the sake of the increase in the sustainability and welfare of the university. The selection process should become a reflection of further collaboration between an employer and an employee. It will set the tone of relations and will help to build a comprehensive system of recruitment, aimed to promote further development of the university. The paper reflected the essence of recruitment with its pros and cons along with its relation to discipline. Finally, it became obvious that there is a need to conduct appropriate interviews and tests, which will help to evaluate the candidate’s skills and knowledge in a comforting atmosphere. It means that considering every aspect in the recruitment process, in combination with discipline, will help the university to accommodate every applicant and decide whether he/she fits in the current team of employees. In general, it is the university’s obligation to integrate every employee in the system of the university’s performance according to his/her needs.

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