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Rock and Roll Music

Rock and roll characterizes the most common music style during the 50’s. However, as rock and roll music took the center stage, there was a need to develop it to the “new rock”. This emerged as song artists desired to distinguish the “new rock” from other music styles. Therefore, different rock and roll musicians that played a key role in the emergence of the old rock also played a key role in the development of the new rock. The change in the different aspects of rock songs aided in the movement of rock and roll to the new rock.

The Everly Brothers’ music represented the quietest side of the rock revolution; however, its impact was almost as revolutionary as the loud music. Such songs as “All I Have to Do Is Dream” marked the actual beginning of the end for pre-rock pop. Before these songs, pop traditionalists dismissed rock and rock, saying it was crude, vulgar, and noisy dance music for the tasteless teens. However, these songs signaled the development of a new, rock beat-based pop; rock and roll was meeting pop on its own terms and holding its own style (Campbell & Brody, 2008). During the early 60’s, the songwriters, such as McCartney and Lennon, Burt Bacharach, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, and others developed a body of melody-first songs, which were certainly rival, and surpassed the best songs of the earlier generations. The hard rockers may have represented the rock and roll’s cutting edge, but there were the groups like the Everly Brothers, which came to ensure that there was rock’s complete domination over popular music within a decade. The music of these artists ensured that there was something for almost everyone.

In the history of rock, Buddy Holly occupies a unique position; he acted as the musical bridge between 50’s rock and roll and the rock of the 60’s. In the music of Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Little Richard, rock and roll coalesced out of the various diverse styles; their achievement in rock focused on forming the new styles out of the existing sources, while Buddy Holly’s accomplishments focused on the opposite. Buddy Holly used the newly formed styles to open up rock and roll to the new forms, sounds, rhythms, and harmonies (Campbell & Brody, 2008). Holly’s achievement in the second generation of rock and roll is made more remarkable by the shortest time he used in the beginning of the second generation of rock and roll. Holly began the second generation of rock and roll less than two years after the styles commenced coming together. By the moment he began to record, he had assimilated the music of his heroes and used it as a springboard for rock-based innovations. In the early rock and roll, music was differentiated through race, where the rock and roll music became associated with the white stars, while rhythm and blues became associated with the blacks. However, this changed in the second generation of rock and roll, since blacks became involved in the rock and roll music. For example, Chuck Berry and Little Richard were blacks and were responsible for formulating the rock rhythm. Therefore, the second generation of rock and roll music enhanced togetherness, as it did not concentrate on identifying itself with a particular race.

The film, “A Hard Day’s Night”, is a good representation of the movement from the old rock and roll to the new generation of rock and roll. The film involved both white and black people, which is a symbol of representing the blacks and whites just like the new generation of rock and roll that does not differentiate blues and rock and roll on the basis of race (Leonard, 2011). The film is considered to be one of the best and most influential music films of all time. The film was produced during the new generation of rock and roll music. Besides, Chronicles: Volume One, also present a period, during which the old rock and roll was crossing the bridge to the new generation of rock and roll. The book focuses on the experiences of the modern popular music. This shows embracing the new generation of music that is defined by rhythm, rather than race. In such a case, the new generation of rock and roll can be enjoyed by almost everyone. In addition, this book shows transition of music, where it is not taken as a youth entertainment thing, but as lifelong music that can be enjoyed by artists and listeners (Dylan, 2004).

Some of the songs indicating the movement of rock and rock to the new rock include “Like a Rolling Stone”, “All I Have to Do Is Dream”, “Louie Louie”, and “Oh, Pretty Woman”. “Like a Rolling Stone” has the following features: primacy of words, rock enhancing the message, and mind expanding rock. The song is one of the most successful Dylan’s singles; it was produced in 1965. The lyrics of this song were provocative and challenged listeners to think, rather than feel. Through integrating thought provoking lyrics into this rock song, Dylan freed rock from its self-imposed limitations; this made rock capable of saying literally anything. “Louie Louie” song was produced by the Kingsmen in 1963. This song was characterized by standard rock rhythm, garbled vocals, blues-influenced guitar solo that was based on the pentatonic scale, and active bass line that had free rhythm at some point. This song was one of the first real rock songs based on the style and attitude. The song brought back the edge of the early rock and roll, as it updated its conception.

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“Oh, Pretty Woman” song was produced by Roy Orbison in 1964. The song was characterized by the following features: signature guitar riff in opening the song, rock rhythm and rock instrumentation that included electric guitar, drums, and electric bass, liberated bass line that entailed loping and not walking, Orbison’s haunting tenor and sprawling form that highlighted key events of the lyric (Campbell & Brody, 2008). On the other hand, “All I Have to Do Is Dream” song was produced by the Everly Brothers in 1958. This song was characterized by the up-to-date accompaniment that entailed electric bass, acoustic guitar, and subtle rock rhythm, sweet sounding vocal harmony, lyrics suited to rock rhythm and inspiration from pre-rock pop. This song was among the songs that marked the actual beginning of the conclusion for pre-rock pop. Prior to the songs like this, rock and roll was dismissed as being noisy and crude music for the tasteless teens.

Rock and roll music is an art and at the same time an entertainment. An art entails something that involves creativity; therefore, rock and roll is an art, as it involves creativity in generating the styles involved in the music, harmony, playing of instruments, and production of the songs. Without the use of creativity, no rock and roll song will be produced, because people have to be creative in order to come up with a rock and roll song that entails creative lyrics. Hence, rock and roll is an art. On the other hand, entertainment entails things that cause enjoyment or amusement. Rock and roll music is produced by the various artists with an objective of entertaining or causing enjoyment; this makes rock and roll an entertainment.

In conclusion, the movement of rock and roll music to the new rock marked a new generation of rock that could not be differentiated from other songs by race, but through rhythm. The songs such as “Like a Rolling Stone”, “All I Have to Do Is Dream”, “Louie Louie” and “Oh, Pretty Woman” helped in the development of new rock.

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