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The Pursuit of my American Dream

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The American dream is a popular idea that represents freedom and equal opportunities. This belief has become the driving force of many Americans’ lives as most of us have a faith in the popular cliché: “In America, you can be whoever you want.” The American Dream allows U.S. citizens to achieve prosperity or a higher social status through wisdom and hard work, regardless of their race, religion, or family background. The American Dream can be something physical, like a nice mansion or gorgeous car. However, the American Dream is not attainable for everyone due to the inequality based on class and race. This gives rise to an entirely new idea – a class system. The American society is divided into five major categories: the upper class, upper middle class, lower middle class, working class and lower class. Personal income and educational attainments are two major factors that determine one’s class. In fact, class differences can lead to different lives, ranging from homelessness to Ivy League education. Reasonably, people from different classes have different interests, goals, values, and cultures. As a result, class conflicts arise. The class opposition and antagonism between distinct social classes never stops throughout the history of human beings. Class conflicts are deep-rooted problems in a typical society. A class conflict is typified as the rich versus the poor, or the workers versus the owners.

I come from the upper class. My parents are white collar workers who enjoy a comfortable personal income. The first part of my American Dream is to be an entrepreneur. I am interested in applying my business skills to the real-life business world. Another part of my American Dream is to use my talents to help people in need since I believe helping others is the source of happiness. Specifically, I want to start up a non-profit corporation to help the minorities which include the orphans, disables and immigrants. I want to bring happiness to their lives and, most importantly, to encourage diversity and tolerance. I was inspired by the saying of Margaret Mead. She said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Therefore, my goal is to resolve class conflicts so that people from different backgrounds can live in harmony without hating each other.

Being a part of the upper class assists me in the pursuit of my American Dream. Primarily, it stresses the importance of an education and provides me with financial security. Moreover, my status gives me opportunities to build connections with other people from the upper class who are endowed with a great power.

One of the lessons that I have drawn from my upper class status is the importance of an education, specifically a college education. They say that education is significantly linked to whether a person will succeed in life. My parents will treat it as a failure if I do not get a bachelor degree. They want me to be a member of the upper class when I grow up, and a college degree is one of the symbols of the upper class. My parents have been telling me over and over again about the power of knowledge. They used to say that no human being is able to survive without education. Parents bought me tons of books when I was a child as they believed “a book holds the house of gold”. Also, my parents want me to study in a prestigious school where they presume, students are encouraged to become successful.

Educational opportunities can assist me in the pursuit of my American dream. I have learnt the basic math and English skills in schools. Furthermore, I got a chance to learn and develop social skills at different stages of studying. To a large extent, social skills can help me once I get into the “real” world as I know how to interact with other members of the society. Nowadays, socializing is crucial in the business world. Building social skills will help me in creating business relationships. Moreover, as a founder of a nonprofit business, I will need to make important decisions to run the business sustainably. Without certain business and entrepreneur skills, such as the skills of investing and managing money, I will not be able to make wise business decisions. By studying business in college, I can attain those skills, whichwill facilitate managing a business in the future.

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Another benefit that I have got from my upper class status is the financial security. It means that money is not a big issue for me as my parents have a certain amount of wealth. Nowadays, people need money for their living, namely clothes, food and a shelter. Undoubtedly, money can solve many problems. Thus, my family is less likely to suffer economic hardships. It can also provide me with something additional opportunities. For instance, my parents can afford sending me to private schools which they believe have a more comfortable environment for me to get an education. With the surplus cash, I can do many things that others may not be able to do. For example, sometimes I use the extra money to travel to places around the world, which has considerably broadened my mind. When I am experiencing new things, learning a different way of life by travelling, I realize that many people need help. In such a way, travelling has inspired my American dream. Without financial support from my family, I would not be able to come to America to get an education and experience a new way of life. In the future, I hope my family will support me financially in my non-profit business after recognizing my commitment to help others.

The last thing that I have received from my status is the upper class connections. I have been building connections with the upper class people. For example, I had a chance to make a lot of friends with people from the upper class by attending private schools. I have known some of them for years. Besides, my parents have been introducing me to rich and powerful people in different occasions. Getting fit in the upper class social circles can assist me in pursuing my American dream. Firstly, these connections tend to pay off considerably in today’s business world. I mighthave more business opportunities thanks to connections with some business leaders. For the business as a whole, connections imply an ability to withstand sudden changes. Secondly, I believe the more people I know, the more people I can influence. The upper class people are influential in society. They have power and ability to encourage public to help the people in need and promote the ideas of diversity and tolerance.

In the past decades, the problem of class conflicts or class struggles is getting worse. The society is full of hatred and hostility. The poor hate the rich as they think the latter make money of the sweat of the lower class people. The rich hate the poor because they feel superior to them. I want to change this situation; I want to show the lower class people that we, the upper class, do care about them. My American dream is not about having more; it is about being more. I do recognize the difficulty of achieving the American Dream, but I believe it is possible as long as a person strives hard enough for it.

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