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Improving the Management and Work Environment in the Gulf Bank in Kuwait

Free Management EssaysManagement and Work Environment in the Gulf Bank in Kuwait

Crystal software is a program that is used for calculations on slabs in the case of two dimensions, polymers for one dimension and crystals for three dimensions. This is a software that has the ability to reduce the costs that are incurred by a bank, as well as maximizing the profits. In this project, a carnival has been organized to help special needs people. However, this is not the only aim of the project. It has been designed for three years with the aim of the bank obtaining information that regards this software. The project has been carefully laid out in previous work.

The use of a corporate social responsibility event is as beneficial to the Gulf Bank of Kuwait as it can be. This is because it is an activity that is in the limelight and is open for the public to observe. Therefore, this would force the carrying out of activities in the right manner. There are various ways in which this qualifies to be a project. First, it is an activity that is only due to take place at one period during their existence. This means that it is a non-routine exercise. Therefore, it is not an activity that will be repeatedly carried out. For the activities that take place every day, they would not be referred to as projects. This is because they have been incorporated into the daily routine of the relevant company (Elkoush 20-34). The other fact is that the organizers of the event only engage in a one-time effort. This is another characteristic of a project that does not fit other daily routine activities. For three years, the relevant people have been organizing this one week carnival. After the carnival, there can be no other activities that can be carried out to that effect. For this reason, it can be concluded that only a one-time effort was required for the achievement of this activity. This qualifies it to be a project, as per the definitions provided on a project. The other characteristic of the project that marches the definition is the provision and creation of new products and services (Kerzner 16-27). First, the Gulf Bank of Kuwait has never organized such a carnival in the past. Therefore, this is a completely new idea for the company. This qualifies it to be called a project. Secondly, there is the agenda of collecting information on the crystal software programs. This is new software that the company intends to start using. In this carnival people from all walks shall attend. The fact that it is meant for the disabled does not mean that they are the only ones that will show up. Instead, there will be numerous other people that come to witness the good deeds of the Gulf Bank of Kuwait.

The existence of a defined life span is a characteristic that should be found in all projects. This ensures that they have a beginning, as well as a definite ends. The failure to incorporate this feature causes it to cease from being a project. This project has been allocated one week: from 24th February to 3rd March. This means that the carnival ends within this particular period. For this reason, everyone who is involved will know what to do, as well as when to do it. The project is also complex in its nature. This is because it does not have only one objective. There are various objectives that have been laid out on the project. First, the company seeks to market itself to potential clients. This is through the creation of awareness for such parties. Secondly, the company wants to portray a good image of itself to the public. This is another reason as to why it has been organized. Thirdly, the carnival has been organized to assess the needs of the crystal software program in the bank. Also, the bank would like to have an idea of the reaction of the people towards this technology. The usage of the same technology in other banks is also of the essence because it will help the bank to establish if the methods that it has been using are obsolete. Therefore, it is clear that this is a carnival is bound to achieve many objectives. This is the reason as to why it had to take such a long time in comparison to the time taken by the actual event. This proves the complexity of the project beyond any reasonable doubt (Meredith&Mantel 52-67).

The other characteristic that can be derived from the definition of a project is constrains in time. With an ultimatum of three years, it might still be hard to come up with a carnival that may be successful in achieving the objectives mentioned. First, there would be the advertising team. This is the team that uses media to inform the public on the carnival. This is the point where they also explain the aims of the carnival. Secondly, this also applies in the one-week frame that has been provided for the carnival. All the activities and objectives set have to be achieved in one week. This is because the bank cannot use much time in one activity, yet they would be having other numerous errands to run. Therefore, the employees would be on a time frame, in which they would be under considerate pressure. Apart from constraints of time, there are also the financial constraints in the budget. This is an activity that is not expected to have a return on investment. This is because all the profit made was meant to be donated to charity homes. Therefore, there would be the need to pay the employees who plan for this carnival for three years. This is an extremely long time that would require dedicated employees. Such employees would demand compensation for the work done. At the day of the carnival, there would be numerous employees needed to carry out research on the use of the crystal software. There would also be employees that would be the sole organizers of the whole event. This, along with all the facilities that would be required would cost the bank quite some cash. Apart from cash, many other resources would be necessary to ensure success. This is an ideal proof that this activity fits the definition of a project (Nelsen 45-54).

Apart from the proof of the suitability of this activity to be mentioned as a project, there is a great need to go into the details of the whole project from the beginning to the end. At first, there is the defining phase. This is the phase in which someone comes up with an idea, and it has more avenues than all the others. This is because everybody has the ability, freedom and will to think in a different way. In the bank, this was collective. A prolonged discussion that came after the suggestion from one of the employees decided that the project was viable. Mostly, the statement of a problem is the one that initiates this idea. In this case, the Bank stated that there was a problem with their lack of popularity and publicity among the people. The bank also stated that there was a major problem with the application of the Crystal software because they were not sure whether this was the right technology to use, as well as if this was the right time to use it. Therefore, there was a need to come up with ways in which this can be taken care of, which is the point when everyone started coming up with ideas. The idea of a carnival carried the day.

The next step is the planning step. This can be divided into two. First, the top executives of the company have to plan on the criteria of choosing the people who are willing to plan for the carnival. Therefore, they met for a few weeks and came up with the names of the people that shall be vital in the making of these plans. This is where the second part of planning comes into place. The selected people have to plan for the carnival for three years. This included the calculation of funds that were to be used, the method of inviting people, the activities that shall be carried out, the equipment that shall be used during the carnival and many more. Therefore, the planning team was divided into many parts. In such a way, every division of the planners had their simple task that they had to undertake. Altogether, the tasks that they played would be collectively vital to the carnival, as well as the objectives that are set. As it is evident, this is the longest phase of this particular project. Even though the project will take a short time, it has to be carefully planned if any results are going to be seen and observed.

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The third phase is the executing phase. This is the phase in which the actual project takes place. In this phase, the people met in the carnival in large numbers. As the disabled people were encouraged and helped, there were other employees that were trying to obtain information from the attenders regarding the crystal software programs. Collection of data was done extensively for the whole week. The cash that had been set aside for the sake of helping the disabled people was provided to them. They were also given moral support in order to encourage them to tap their talents. This was regardless of their situation. However, the activities always had a point of reference. The employees kept advertising the company even in the midst of other activities. This way, most of the people became aware of the existence of the bank, as well as its willingness to give back to the society.

The last phase is the delivering phase. After the whole activity, the bank had to go back to the drawing board and study their reports. For example, the bank learnt that most of the other banks had adopted the technology. Therefore, they learnt that they had to adopt this technology since the customers who attended claimed that it was much faster. Signing of new deals with new partners also fell into this category. This is where the bank identified common interests with other banks and sought the need to come together and form stronger parties in these areas. This is the phase when the bank determines whether the project was a success or a failure. However, due to the longtime of planning, this turned out to be a complete success (Oliehoek 75-94).

The explanations in the essay above show the introduction of a new system into the Gulf Bank of Kuwait in an extremely creative way. The reason is that they invite the disabled people of the society to join them as they conduct their research. The fact that all the profits made are taken to charity paints an ideal image for a company that wants to market itself. It also provides an avenue for collection of ideas. As it has been seen, this project fits perfectly into the definition of a project. However, the essay was not mainly meant to prove this. Instead, it was meant to assess the goals, as well as the possibility of success of the crystal software and the organized carnival.

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