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How to Lead People if You Work in Healthcare Services

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Leadership in Health Care Organizations

The paper is about the position of leadership in health care organizations that are addressed through the experience and self-engagement in terms of the nursing practice and leadership approaches. The aspects that are going to be covered are the importance of leadership in terms of becoming a true professional nurse. It also addresses personal background as well as the means of management, planning, assessment, support, and guidance in terms of the leadership roles (“Health workforce”, n.d.).

Talking about leadership in health care organizations, it is vital to learn about what it really means to be a nurse as well as how to deliver the best help to as many people as it is possible. The task is complicated, but when having support and understanding, people will be able to overcome their problems. The reason is that nursing deals with the serving aspects and helps to put people in a better position, tackle their health problems and challenges in life that stop them on the road to a happy living. At the same time, it is important to know contemporary events that take place in the political sphere that have a direct relation with the nursing practice that is applied through the leadersip powers of health care organizations. In other words, nurse leaders should be aware of new trends and actions that happen in the polical framework so that they could respond accordingly and work based on the health care sector and the industry as a whole (“Health care industry”, 2011).

Leadership is an important value a person should have in order to be proactive and know what should be done under unforeseen circumstances. When we talk about leadership in the sector of health services we think of different leadership aspects related to people and their health condition (“The concepts of leadership”, n.d.). The points to cover in terms of health services leadership are very wide and special for every sector working with people. There are different models for clinical leadership with particular rules that are strict for everyone, especially when there is a need for a surgery. The social health care sector is a bit different in nature, but it also has its individual leadership behavior that is respected in the public sector (“The concepts of leadership”, n.d.).

Management is another aspect to deal with when talking about relevant points of leadership within which strategic management plays an important role for the health care organizations. Strategic management is important in the structure of any organization and is relevant when dealing with people in the health sector. Succession planning is one of the aspects of coaching that are used nowadays in many spheres of life including the health sector. One can never become a leader if he/she do not have someone who could mentor him/her on the personal way to success.

In today’s world, people face many diseases among which the most hard to tackle are public health challenges such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. In case the leader is in the position to think of how to help other people, one should have strong understanding of how to do make the right choice (“Health workforce”, n.d.). Health services sector is always in need of various systems to take care about the patients and ones of the most widely used are the integrated care pathways that tend to find a better way to help other people become healthier. The most important aspect here is that this part of leadership was not underestimated as many others (“Health care industry”, 2011). Every institution has its own policy and code of ethics. The same is in case of the health sector which follows a list of rules and techniques that are used to manage operations in the workplace. Every single step performed by a doctor should be made in compliance with the code of ethics. Every organization should constantly improve the level of services and its performance. Organizational learning is very important, especially when helping people improve their health. Consequently, such tradition is widespread nowadays among many medical institutions aimed at improving performance (“Health workforce”, n.d.).

All in all, the formal and informal power as well as the leadership role in the practice of nursing has a great impact on the overall awareness of nurses along with their actions to respond to the current actions in the health care sector (“Health care industry”, 2011). Besides, in case nurse leaders have the most contemporary information about the political framework, they could reveal a better position towards the professionalism of being a nurse and a leader as a whole. Such position both explains the application of the leadership power as well as projects the positive expectations towards the nursing practice. Moreover, technological background is very unique and for this reason it should be perfect in order to avoid mistakes that could lead to tragic situations. Modern technology is what helps professionals cure people and perform diagnostics on a higher level than it used to be in the past.

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Thus, on the one hand every health institution should have modern equipment to do the job better and one the other hand doctors should always go through the technical training to revise the work of such technologies and improve diagnostic abilities. Community programs aimed at improving health help enhance the level of servicing the public sector. Such approach could help save more lives as it is better and easier to prevent a disease rather then to cure it ones it is on a tough level of assistance and requires thorough attention (“Health care industry”, 2011).

Personal leadership is very important when a doctor has to make a decision about the treatment for every particular patient. Such type of leadership is appropriate for a principal of the hospital who is in charge of all operations and maintenance of technical appliances that should be in perfect condition. What is more, to perform a complete check of the patient’s health, the organization should take a firm leadership role to set all members of the hospital in the right way. When doing so, the overall efficiency of the hospital will remain on the high level of professionalism and result in more clients to protect.

Thus, leadership in health services is a professional aspect which is very important since doctors are the ones to help people be healthy. Therefore, they should mind their job and do everything possible to take the best care of patients as well as keep a favorable atmosphere not only in the hospital but at their own place of work (“Health care industry”, 2011). In other words, this is all about coaching and mentoring in the workplace, especially if one is in the health services sector and the aim is to help other people. For the managers, it shows how to become the most valuable for the team of doctors, and how to share experience and knowledge gained through the years of practice in the health sector (“The concepts of leadership”, n.d.).

To conclude, leadership in health services is very important for the humanity and should be the core aspect of perfection for many institutions in the world. If we keep the same effort, this would be accepted in a positive way. Health services are very appreciated among many people. Therefore, the better the service is, the more patients are safe and sound as they know if something bad happens, they could always rely on health institutions that will offer the best servicing practice (“The concepts of leadership”, n.d.).

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