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Feminism Matters

Free Psychology Essays The understanding of feminism addresses the variety of aspects, including the series of ideological trends towards political, economic, social rights that are equal for both men and women. In other words, the feminism matters adhere to the equal opportunities for both genders in all the relations, including education, employment, and family (Posner, 2011).

There is an example that can help to better understand the meaning of feminism such as relationships between men and women. In fact, the vast majority of problems of the contemporary family are based on the fact of feminism movements. In all, even in families women are tryting to behave in the same way as men do but fail to manage the responsibilities from the position of men in both business and society (Wright, 2000).

In order to better illustrate the means of feminism, it would be ideal to address the problem about the lack of communication in any relationship as this is the major reason why people have difficulties living together. For every family such a situation could be different but this causes troubles for the couples all over the world and makes bounds on the way to save the marriage and live a happy life (Greenberg, Bruess and Conklin, 2011).

The major problem about that is the belief of women that they are the same as men. In other words, they are trying to behave accordingly and hence the attempts to take advantage of the male role results in the fact that some men fail to manage their responsibilities and start to help women with theirs, which causes the major problem that women forget about while striving for the equal position in all the spheres of life (Posner, 2011).

The effect of feminism approach often results in the circumstances that may lead to the separation or divorce, which is even worse as it is always easier to spoil the communication rather than improve the conditions that can help avoid any misunderstanding between the spouses on the very beginning of controversy (Greenberg, Bruess and Conklin, 2011).

According to the research of H. Norman Wright, “There are different stages of life that can lead to the fact of miscommunication between husband and wife”. The very first reason that prevents people from adequate communication is the fact of fake expectations. In other words, different people have different approach to marriage and consequently they have different expectations from the family relationships, which means that feminism approach to the family life can create more bounds on the road to a happy family (Wright, 2000).

This includes understanding the meanings of both words “family” and “marriage”. In other words, this is all about what makes a marriage work and how hard it is to daily work on your own perfecting every sphere of life and approaching it to the one you love. In case this is perceived in a wrong way from the feminist position, the worst outcome of not understanding the family values could result in a separation or even more difficult stage of relationships called divorce (Greenberg, Bruess and Conklin, 2011).

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In the book called “Communication – Key to your Marriage” the author offers a practical guide to creating happy and fulfilling relationships. For example, Norman Wright wrote, “The only key to success in a family life is communication, which is an art as you are to learn how to speak on your spouse’s language and thus structure your life and transparency that can help save your relationships”. In other words, the position of feminism could be pursued but in terms of managing the obligations and responsibilities, which is opposite to blaming sex discrimination (Wright, 2000).

Consequently, the effect of the improper behavior from the position of spouses could cause it to be changing and this change is not always pleasant. If the spouses stop communicating with each other, this causes stress to their personality and plays a vital role in making a decision to end the relationships. Consequently, people start being angry, which causes conflict situations and leads to a divorce (Posner, 2011).

As H. Norman Wright states, “The most important factor that can correct the situation is communication – it should be sincere and from heart to heart”. Only in this way you will have more chances of success and will be able to save your relationships as well as learn how to communication with each other in a correct and polite way (Wright, 2000).

In other words, the approach of feminism could be dealt with from the position of fulfilling the duties of the spouses while serving each other during the time of life. Therefore, what people have to remember is that miscommunication can cause problems to the marriage and have a negative effect on the life as a whole. If people wish to avoid such a situation in their livee, they should start today and they will never regret about it. The idea is to transform the feminism act of striving for the equal rights towards the approach of learning about how to live together happily and bring about such a tradition to the next generations (Posner, 2011).

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