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Gender Issues in Relation to Personal Identity

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What is your general TOPIC? What FOCUS area (s) – information, history, assumptions, goals, outcomes, policies – are you interested in exploring about this topic?

It is important to consider the aspects of personal identity towards the issues with gender and sexual discrimination. In all, there are many aspects that affect the lives of people and the development of personal qualities as humanity beings in this world regardless of sex (Posner, 2011).

What specific QUESTION do you want to answer about your issue?

How important is the gender roles towards the formation of the personal identity of people?

How did you decide on this question? Be specific. For example, you may have come to it through this research exercise, the reading, the class discussions, a life long preoccupation, a vivid experience, etcetera. Why do you think this question is interesting and important to answer, for your readers as well as for yourself?

When do people start thinking about the gender as sexuality? – The answer is when they are close to understand the meaning of this and what it has to do about personally. One should be aware of what a human sexuality is, research it, ask the right questions and talk to the right people, think about the readiness to the relationships of any kind and start building communication between the people of the same interest (Greenberg, Bruess, Conklin, 2011).

Identify any resources you’ve found so far that look promising and explain briefly why you chose them. Note that you may use the assigned class reading as resources, as well as the resources you identified in the first part of this exercise. You should have AT LEAST 2 ideas for resources at this point!!! Provide full MLA citations for each potential source.

Greenberg, J.S., Bruess, C.E. & Conklin, S.C., 2011. Exploring the dimensions of human sexuality (4th ed.). Sudbury, Massachusetts: Jones And Bartlett Publishers. Chapters 1 & 2. Retrieved from
Human sexuality is all about the feelings to an opposite gender; it is a physical contact that leads to having a family and children. In other words, people are to talk about psychological, biological and of course social and cultural aspects. The historical factor has an impact on the community by attempting to take control over the nature of sexuality, its scientific evaluation and hence the industrial revolution over the role in the society taken by men or women. That is what influenced the fact of accepting the sexual nature as an inevitable part of life along with the means of practicing it in terms of its relationship to the human faith and the world religion.
Roy Posner. 10 July, 2011. “The Power of Personal Values.” Growth Online. Retrieved from
People are to understand the importance of gender roles and what they have to do about sexuality along with what relation gender roles have to the personal values that shape the identity. The emphasis is aimed at the value of sexual relationships and how they influence the daily life of people, including the understanding of a human being, especially nowadays.

Without further research, answer your question in one complete sentence.

The psychological factor are the most important among others as this is what has to do about emotions. In all, what guides the actions of people is their beliefs, the way of thinking and forms of attitude and behavior when dealing with others. In the concept of sexual nature and any means of gender discrinmation, the aspects of success should be aimed at any further research. In other words, it is important to trace how success of people depends on the gender roles.

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