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Group Behavior in Organizations

Free Psychology Essays The arrangement of any organization is made with the help of the specific model of behavior in the company as well as the leadership roles chosen by the heads of the company. Every unit of the business abides by reporting procedures, following the levels of hierarchy, whereby each business unit within the company is held accountable to the respective superior level, and this practice aims at controlling the company’s resources and, finally, profits (Ashraf, 2011).

Most of the companies deploy different leadership models, which influence the organizational behavior. Some leadership styles drive the company’s successful development, whereas the others fail to succeed since there is not sufficient income generated versus the past accounting periods (Boje, 2000).

The results of every particular situation are contingent with the leadership role model, which is aimed at the proper management of the company and its operations Every given company has to deal with several issues, such as the role conflicts resolution within various groups;lack of communication and /or problems in communication among members of the group; lack of bond in groups with diverse members; and, finally, enormous intergroup conflicts (Harpaz, 1990).

Type of the Organization

The research examines the performance of the company as well as its strategy and organization of the workload towards the business processes of the Deluxe Corporation. The company is a well-known global provider of website services that address a variety of aspects, including the proper workout of the products and / or services along with the businesses processes and financial interventions (Deluxe, 2013).

The core expertise of the company is the services of designing websites, hosting solutions, e-mail marketing, promotion services, retailing blog management. In case there is a need to resolve the issues it is vitally significant to recognize the reasons for such problems based on the company and the usefulness and competence of the operational procedures.

An explicit attention is addressed towards the companies that offer financial services. The major focus of the operations that the company performs on the world market are the high-quality goods and / or services for the global customers, including the branding specifics, improvements of revenue, control of expenses, market cap advancements, and effectiveness of the operational management (Harpaz, 1990).

The company manages its demand and capacity based on its customers by means of offering diverse products that the customers are eager to purchase over and over again. At the same time, it is important to understand that the timely delivery of the goods and / or services to the customer defines the image of the company on the world market (Boje, 2000).

At the same time, it is important to understand that the products should be offered in the particular time so that the customers would be searching for the opportunity to pay for them. Besides, the volume of the product sales offers more chances of success for the company. In addition, such an approach forms the supply and demand over the working power of the company along with the structure of its operations (Harpaz, 1990).

It is also important to be able to control and manage the operations effectively and according to the demand for the goods and / or services on the global market. In all, the trends of the industry define the strength of the company as well as the market cap it takes while managing its reputation in the world (Harpaz, 1990).

The capacity of the company equals the demand of the operations within the existing infrastructure as well as the volatility on the market. In order to grow, the company is willing to promote its services among the business owners that have a strong position on the market and are willing to remain sustainable by means of offering the high-quality goods and / or services on the market (Griffin & Pustay, 2010).

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In all, such a success of the company is based on the ability to communicate effectively on all the levels of interactions within and outside the company. In order to continue such an effective tradition of the operations, the company employs constant monitoring and efficient changes in the control of the supply and demand among the providers of similar goods and / or services on the market (Boje, 2000).

Deluxe Corporation is one of the leaders in the industry among the products that help the business owners be more successful in their operations. The idea is to test every single aspect of business as well as manage the processes that are held within the company and trace the changes on the world market (Griffin and Pustay, 2010).

Explanation of How Each Problem Could Impact a Group’s Productivity

In order to solve the problems connected with the conflicts in the teams of people along with the communication issues and challenges dealing with the diverse teamwork it is important to attribute the operational effectiveness of the manager by means of the efficient leadership style as well as the approach to all the team members (Boje, 2000).

Conflict Situations in Groups

In case of the conflict situation the manages of the company address the psychological instruments that are useful for the particular behavior of different people. The purpose of such an approach is to encourage the employees to manage their operations without conflicts and with the help of cooperation. Such an effect will have positive outcomes for both people and the company as this will provide more opportunities for the company to grow on the market and in the developing environment of industry leaders (Ashraf, 2011).

Problems with Communication

The sphere of communication is rather challenging, especially if it deals with managing people within a particular business environment. The overall idea is to learn how to manage the projects on time. Such results could be obtained due to the personalized attention to the needs of the employees from the position of the top management (Boje, 2000).

At the same time, the leadership approach is very important as this is the major factor that defines the power over other people. However, there are many different styles of leadership and the manager should learn to use both of them in order to promote better communication between the colleague (Finlay, 2000).

Lack of Consistency with Associates

In order to fight with the cohesiveness or consistency in the teams it is important to give the power to the top management by means to address the responsibility of every particular member as well as the capability to work with diverse teams. The issue is to use the personal approach to leadership and management development; thus, improve his or her personal effectiveness (Boje, 2000).

In addition, one of the management instruments that could be used is coaching and consulting within the company. In other words, every time there is a need to influence the cohesiveness of the personnel, the manager could use coaching to make the employees understand the outcomes for both of them and consult the employees in terms of the proper organizational behavior (Harpaz, 1990).

Recommendations to Resolve Each Problem

It is important to understand that the sales volume of the IT services could be defined by the infrastructure that the company generates for its operations. In all, the efficiency of the company is based on the ability to deliver the high-quality products on time (Bowen & Radhakrishna, 1991).

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In other words, the possible improvements could address the steps of implementing a better strategy that will address the enhancements of the working process, the company heads need to implement a better strategy of managing the resources along with the overall process of delivering the goods and / or services to the customers (Boje, 2000).

Conflict Situations in Groups

In case of conflict situations, the manager should find an approach to every individual by means of personalized contact and through the instructions on the values of people, who work in the company. By addressing the means of the personality, the manager can solve many different problems in the groups by means of inspiring the members for the teamwork (Boje, 2000).

In such a situation, the team members will understand that there is no other way to succeed in the project other than to work together as effectively as possible, which will lead to the fact that any means of conflict situations will fade away once and for always in every possible scenario of the working process (Ashraf, 2011).

Problems with Communication

The means of communication help both the management teams and the employees to interact effectively on all the levels of the working process. Alternatively, the approach of management by means of the leadership instruments help people to build the character and as a result generate a better performance in the company (Boje, 2000).

It is always easier to manage the project with the help of a team but not on one’s own. As well, it is important to make every member responsible for one particular aspect of work and empower this person with all the instruments for the successful completion of the project. The outcomes would be extraordinary for the reason that everyone will be able to get the mutual benefit for the company, the project as well as the personal gain (Harpaz, 1990).

Lack of Consistency with Associates

The core of every operation is hidden in the top management of the company. Therefore, it is important to address the solutions of the inconsistency problems to be solved by the top management. The idea is to boost the means of responsibilities among the employees and put them in a better position to manage the operations effectively both from the perspective of individual work and group practice (Finlay, 2000).

Suggestions for a Training Program on Best Practices for Group Productivity

For the training program, it is important to boost group productivity through the workload and activities that will combine people by means of tasks, and responsibilities for the project management. The idea is to employ all the resources of the company into the new opportunities on the world market (Boje, 2000).

In all, the interaction within a group can be an extraordinary asset to the improvement of the overall situation in the company. Besides, the team members will share their skills and experience, which will result in a better productivity and performance of every particular employee and the company as a whole (Bowen & Radhakrishna, 1991).

One of the major challenges of the workload is to motivate people in terms of the fulfillment of their responsibilities along with the duties and daily tasks that should be implemented on a regular basis in order to maintain the efficiency of the working process. In other words, it is important to satisfy the needs of the employees in terms of the Maslow scale of the human needs. In this case, the employees will be more favorable towards their work and its quality (Harpaz, 1990).

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Thus, if the company is willing to solve the issues with the groups’ conflicts and the means of communication, it is important to make them interact with each other while solving the problems with their current projects and daily obligations. Thus, the productivity of the company will improve and at the same time the problems the company faces will start to diminish by means of the increase in productivity and efficiency of the working process (Finlay, 2000).

Based on the numerous researches, the performance of the working process hugely depends on the content of work. In other words, the work should be interesting enough to let the employees work it over every day. The key importance in this case is to let the employees work with the interest in the matters of the working process.

Besides, such activities will result in the improvement of the overall performance of the company as well as its daily operations. Such an approach will serve as the best means of motivation and will result in the new achievements of the employees along with the company, its potential and performance (Harpaz, 1990).

One of the last aspects that could be used as the solution to the improvements of the overall situation in the company is the task management. For example, the employees can use the “to do list”, where they have all their duties and responsibilities as well as the daily activities that require their attention on the regular basis. In other words, this is all about the understanding the 80% of things that people work on do not produce any outcomes and only those 20% deliver the most results to the employees and the company as a whole (Smith, 1994).

Conclusion / Summary

To conclude, the major strong points that the company has is its employees and it is important to understand that they need each other in order to survive on the market through the unfavorable supply and demand forecast. Therefore, the level of quality and efficiency of delivering the goods and / or services to the company depends on the ability of top management to control their employees and motivate them towards a better work that will produce the best outcomes for both parties. The idea is to understand the goals and objectives and continue improving the problems as well as addressing the challenges in perspective of the development of the personnel and the growth of the company as a whole (Higgins, 1994).

The customers are the global perspective for the company that could be maintained only through the constant motivation and passion over the desired purpose of the company. This works best in case there is a complete understanding about the needs of the companies in favour of both the employees and the customers worldwide (Smith, 1994).

The idea is to protect the image and perception ща the company by its employees and customers both existing and potential ones. At the same time, it is important to focus on the provision of the high-quality goods and / or services, which will generate a better purchasing power over the previous years (Griffin and Pustay, 2010).

In the world today, there many cases when the company is not sure what to expect from the market cap, the customers and employees as a consequence. For this reason there is a need to project the positive expectations towards the human qualities and professional characteristics as well as rewarding them appropriately (Steers, Lyman, Porter and Bigley, 1996).

The idea is to learn how to motivate the employees with dignity and proper management solutions as well as the leadership roles of the top and subordinate management teams. It is also important to use the potential people have based on the personalities along with the personal approach to the working process and the overall development of the employees.

The thing is to enliven the significance of every particular employee towards the values of people individually and as group. Therefore, only by means of managing the work from the perspective of effectiveness and proper management practice, it is possible to sustain the favorable outcomes of the professional outcomes of the company as a whole (Boje, 2000).

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