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Learning a New Language

Free Psychology Essays Among the aspirations that many people have, is to be able to learn a language from their own initiatives. However, this is not an easy task as it appears. A person has to get to the basics of learning words and their meanings in the language he chooses, whether it is an international or a local language. After this, he or she has to be able to construct simple sentences to help him, or her comprehend the new language.

For a long time, I have used English as my only language of communication. I did not face much trouble as the society where I worked acknowledge and used the same language in their day to day communication. However, this changed drastically when I was transferred and posted in Spain. During the first few weeks, I thought that I could do without this new language, but I was wrong. Even though most of my co-workers understood English, almost every person I met in the estate and in other social gatherings used Spanish language. This made my life difficult given that I was not able to socialize with people as I used to do back in England. Meeting and making new friends was not an easy task as few people understood English language. After spending most of the time in a solitude life, I decided to enroll in a school where I could learn Spanish language.

I used a number of techniques in achieving my success. The first was to learn a minimum of ten essential Spanish words every day. Others included; using a dictionary, making practicing when at home or workplace and finally watching new Spanish movies or series.

At first, the whole venture appeared difficult as I was unable to pronounce words as required. However, as time went by, I realized that Spanish language was the most enjoyable to learn and associate with. By the end of the third month, I had already known how to write and pronounce news words in Spanish. It was until the sixth month of my study that I was able to speak fluent Spanish language.

Since then, the new language has been of a great benefit to me. For instance, I have increased my friends tenfold as I have been able to communicate with many people. Likewise, my relationship with the rest of the workers has improved significantly.

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