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BPCS Students E- Service

Free Research Essays Web applications are very important in terms of improving the quality of services for organizations. Albaha Private College of Science (BPCS) is planning to improve their website to make better access for their students. Currently students have to ask for a hard copy of their documents such as schedules, transcript and exam grades. Therefore, students have to travel to school during the office hours to get their needs.

Nowadays, web application became very important when it comes to improving the quality of the services for any organization. As we know, technology is changing every day. The E-Service has become one of the highest requirements at Albaha Private College of Science. The E-Service seeks to give students the ability to access their class schedule, transcripts and final grades online. The proposed technology is intended to save learners time and cost. In addition, it will provide the institution with a central place where programs and activities of the school are organized for easier monitoring and control. The E-Service will allow for better management and accuracy of the programs in areas of scheduling, transcript organization and grade release to students (Roberts, 2015). Apart from saving students’ costs and time, the E-Service will also enable the school to cut down on costs in terms of human resources currently stationed in different departments to give students transcripts, provide printed schedules as well as allow for easier provision of grades to students.

The need for simplified and affordable services for students in schools is enabled by the utilization of technology-based services. Many schools are using E-Services to enable students to learn online. This way, learners are able to interact with their instructors practically. Furthermore, these students are able to access informational materials and all the information that they require for learning. It helps to cut down on the cost of learning, ensure efficiency utilization of resources, and allow students and teachers to complete their modules on time. The project is to help students in accessing their information even while being away from school. It will save them a lot of time and expenses. Also, they will be able to obtain more detailed information on the courses as well as on the members of their faculty. The project will help to bridge the gap between the students and teachers when it comes to accessing the informational material that they require for their learning. Moreover, it will facilitate the learning process and improve the quality of education since the students will be able to access information from wherever they are through online services. The resources that will be put on the E-Service include the school schedules and activities, timetables, grades, and transcripts.

The implementation of this project will require cooperation between the school stakeholders and the technology experts who will advise the school on the best hardware and software to be used in the process. It will encompass a timeline that will indicate when the project starts and ends to enable proper implementation while keeping within the allocated budget and time. Many technical projects in schools with the capacity to improve the performance and learning process are not implemented because of poor planning and a lack of inclusion of all stakeholders during the planning stage. In this project, the plan is to bring together all the views from the relevant stakeholders to ensure that everything required for the implementation is in place before the start of the project.

Problem Statement

Students are facing the problem of accessing their information electronically. Every time a student needs information regarding his courses or grades, he has to travel to school during the working hours in order to get the information. It is contrary to the present trend in learning where technology has facilitated the way learning is done. In order to take advantage of the advanced technological resources and tools in the market, it is important for the management of the college to implement an online system that will serve as a central repository place where students can access all the information they require. The implementation of a college wide project such as the proposed E-Service requires the input from all the stakeholders including the students and staff who will be interacting through the online platform. By allowing the implementation of the E-Service platform, the school will be able to save costs and limit the time spent by students and staff on trying to access the necessary information for the learning process.

Research Statement

E-Service provides an excellent opportunity for the college to cut down on costs and save time spent on trying to access information. It is imperative that the implementation is based on the identifiable needs. Also, it is important to anticipate the challenges likely to be encountered during the process of implementation. The project implementation team will thus seek the views from the anticipated users, develop a training schedule and ensure that all the necessary technology software and hardware are in place ready for the start of the project. The project will draw from the case studies from other colleges and institutions that have implemented online services and learn from the possible challenges in implementation of a new online system. The project will also bring together the stakeholders in the college to work together for a common goal by having their views and opinions as well as their concerns addressed through the platform.

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Motivation to Study

Ensuring timely delivery and accuracy of the information is essential for the learning process to be successful. By having the E-Service program in place, the students will not only have access to accurate information but will also be able to access information in a timely and less costly manner. The project is based on the existing need in information gap which can be bridged by having the appropriate systems in place. The project is also based on the premise that having E-Service in place will make the college popular among the students and staff besides elevating its competitiveness among its peers (Cambridge, Cambridge and Yancey, 2009). It will also improve the provision of services and lead to reduced cost of operation as most, if not all, activities will be implemented through the E-Service. Apart from that, it releases the college from the need to have tedious manual systems in place as most of the activities will be moved to the online platform. Finally, the study is motivated by the existence of many secure and efficient technology systems in the market which can be implemented with little resource requirement and which can deliver high value returns to the organization (Reddick, 2009). Some colleges have done this and they have recorded a great reduction in the cost of doing business as well as the time required to provide the service to students.


The proposal is to improve the service of Albaha Private College of Science by giving the students the ability to access their own accounts to receive the information they need. The idea is to save time and money for students instead of traveling for hours to get a schedule or grade in the beginning or the end of the semester (Arndt, 2015). The project will also help in saving the financial and human resources required by the college to provide the services to the students. It will put the college among the best in utilization of technology and will not only improve the quality of service but also propel the college into the competitive but prestigious league of colleges that have embraced technology in the country (Dailey-Hebert and Dennis, 2014). The proposal will guide the stakeholders to implement the E-Service system to enable the creation of a central location where students can access any kind of information that they need for their learning.

Project Objectives

My objectives are to build a new system for Albaha Private College of Science website to improve the quality and security level of the students’ information. The implementation of the project is focused to achieve the following points (Buser, Massis and Pollack, 2014):

  1. Students have access to their accounts irrespective of the time and place where they are.
  2. Show the students their current classes and schedule.
  3. Display the class time and the name of the faculty of each course.
  4. At the end of the semester, students can check their grades.
  5. To reduce the amount of accidents and students who die on the road.
  6. To reduce the number of the employees who are there just to give students the information they need.
  7. To provide competitive and high quality services to students and staff.
  8. To ensure that students information is secured and kept confidential.
  9. To provide a central place where the college administration and teachers can put information and ascertain that it will be accessed by the students who require it.

System Architecture

From the above diagram by Jaakkola and Thalheim, students will be given login information which they will use to access the platform. They will also be allowed to access their own account but no other. The instructors will be given the right to login and upload whatever material they need to give to their students. Other staff members like the registrar and college administrator will also have their own login details that will allow them to access the system and upload the material (Jaakkola and Thalheim, 2011). When the student is logged in, he/she will be able to see all the uploaded material meant for the rest of the students as well as the information meant for him/her only.

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Technologies Used

  1. Front-end: JSP, HTML, CSS
  2. Back-end: JAVA, database


One of the limitations of the system is that once the material has been placed, it cannot be retrieved before it has been viewed by the rightful owner. The system is limited also in the sense that accessing it can only occur where one has internet connection (Clements, Ivers and Little, 2013). The system may also be vulnerable for hacking by students who want to manipulate their grades. No system is a hundred percent secure and this is a flaw in the technology world.


Any technological innovation usually experience challenges either on the human side or the technology implementation. For the proposed project, there are a number of challenges that are likely to be presented when it comes to the implementation of the project. The following challenges are anticipated during the implementation (Bridegam, 2011):

  1. The need to train both, the staff and the students about using the service is likely to be costly and time consuming. The staff and students are used to the manual system of accessing information. Hence, they may need a lot of time to get used to the new system.
  2. The departments in the college operate as single entities dealing with students in different programs. The introduction of a central place where transcripts and schedules as well as grades are deposited is likely to come with confusion especially from different departments.
  3. Technology is fast changing, hence, a new technology application or software is likely to come in the market during the implementation process. The team implementing the project might be forced to revert to the most current technology and hence consume a lot of time besides increasing the cost of implementation.

Prior Work

To ensure a smooth implementation of the project, the team in charge of the implementation will need to have prior work on the feasibility and viable of the project to deliver the intended objectives. There will be a preliminary research conducted on the way students and staff access information and identify the existing needs that must be addressed. Besides, a review of the available technology in the market will be done to ensure that the implemented E-Service meets the standards of the industry (Scupola, 2008). The issue of security will also form a greater section of prior work encompassing the safety and security features required to implement a seamless and robust system that can help to meet the objectives.

Due to the fact that technical implementation of the project requires expertise in the area of E- service, prior work will also encompass identifying the suppliers of different equipment, trainers and available software to implement the project (Lankes, 2013). Apart from that, it is important to carry out a survey with the users of the E-Service to ascertain their needs and views and ensure that these are incorporated and factored in during the actual implementation. The survey will be done in form of a questionnaire, where students and staff are asked to identify their information needs when it comes to accessing schedules, transcripts and final grades as well as what features they would like to incorporate in the E-Service (Miller, 2010).

Timeline / Deliverables

Date Deliverables
01-07-15 Carrying out the feasibility study on the program
14-07-15 Engage the management on funding and other support required for implementation
30-07-15 Contacting a survey with stakeholders
10-08-15 Analyzing the survey response and incorporating the findings in the final plan
20-08-15 Identify the relevant hardware and software needed and acquiring them from the suppliers
30-08-15 System implementation and testing
15-09-15 Training of users on how to use the system
30-10-15 Official launch of the system

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