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Discussion about the TerraCog Case

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How do the insights from specific course readings help you understand why meetings at TerraCog are so dysfunctional?

Every business meeting should be held in a specific procedure in case the business really wants to be growing in the future. Based on the case study of the TerraCog as well as the additional reading materials, in particular, the Framework for Marketing Management by Philip Kotler, the information covered about the procedure of meetings illustrates a specific approach.

Therefore, the dysfunction of the meetings held in TerraCog existed for several reasons. At first, there was no schedule as well as a poor structure of every meeting. At the same time, the executives of the company had a difficult time understanding each other during the meeting. In addition, there were many different conflict situations in the company (Wilkinson, 2012).

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Besides, this was the reason for their delay in response to the market threats. In other words, they did not see the whole picture of the marketing environment and therefore were not able to adequately evaluate the possible outcomes, including all the negative implications. As a result, the company heads were not examining the market in terms of the research for the potential improvements (Kotler and Keller, 2007).

Consequently, they did not see the opportunity of innovations in respect to the GPS platform. In fact, all the executives did not treat the company as a business for the reason that they did not have enough motivation and incentive as well as enthusiasm for a creative approach of managing the business effectively. Such an approach resulted in the fact they did not have clear vision, goals and objectives for the company. Opposite, all the achievements were estimated as a personal breakthrough but not the company as a whole.

Such implications of meetings could also be present for the reason of not having a leader or a mentor, who would guide the heads of the company to the common and combined objectives. Thus, the insights from specific course readings as well as the textbook fully cover the true reasons why the meetings of the TerraCog were so dysfunctional.

The research analysis revealed the factors that had the most impact on the negative outcomes for the company such as the lack of responsibility and improper approach to managing the meetings. Hence, the conclusion speaks for itself, in case the company owners have a true interest in getting to the top of the business world, they have to approach the business from every perspective and with dignity and respect for every member of the company.

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