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Facilitating Learning and Assessment in Practice

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Identifying Learning Needs, Planning and Managing Professional Experience

According to the words of Lao-Tzu, “It is wisdom to know others. It is enlightenment to know one’s self”. People learn throughout the lifetime by means of evaluating information, understanding the mistakes and making the right decisions so all of the findings from when people were born till their end days reflect the ability to think critically about different situations in life as well as respond accordingly in the most effective way.

The paper is about the person, who is going through the process of learning through the experience and self-engagement in terms of the counselling psychology and leadership approaches. The aspects that are going to be covered are the importance of mentorship in terms of becoming a true professional. It also addresses the personal background as well as the means of management, planning, assessment, support, and guidance in terms of the mentor role.

What is Mentoring and Why it is Important?

The mentoring working practice is to coach people by inspiring them that will surely result in a better performance. If a mentor is a true leader, one will surely have the approach that will help to boost the commitment of everyone as well as improve the engagement in the working process. It is even more effective if this case has to do about the one who owns a company for the reason that if one uses such an approach to oneself first, then this approach will be mutual as people will share it among others and such an example will repeat in a geometrical progression.

Such a model of a mentor represents a behavior to provide challenge, confidence and coaching. These relationships are what is considered as the best mentorship perspective – to offer a challenge, shape confidence and deliver the coaching and mentoring for the people who need it. An appropriate action to enhance the personal mentorship and leadership abilities is to have more coaching sessions for the people of the most interactions and to make it based on the charity perceptions. This is what people love to do and it is believed that people can do it pretty well though the experience is never enough and one can always learn more with more coaching sessions as well as more leadership roles to use when talking about people. This is what has to deal with the nursing and health industry in any occasion.


The person of interest in this case is the male of 33 years old, who works as a counselling psychologist in a local hospital and at the same time has an additional working practice with individual clients. He has over 10 years of professional experience dealing with people as well as helping them to control their feelings and emotions more effectively both in the working environment and at home with their families. As for the educational background, one has graduated from the University of Missouri in Columbia as a counselling psychologist and still continues his professional practice both in the number of local hospitals as well as working with the private clients.

The core of the professional psychology as well as the personal learning is based on the approach of mentoring as well as generating the inner leadership in every personality and teaching the skills that will help to generate the beneficial experience and learn how to help oneself as well as the other people, who need it in one way or another.

Learning Needs

There are different needs in education of every individual, from specific professional knowledge to a simple human values and qualities. For Mr. X the only imaginable education is personal growth and professional development through the leadership and personal performance addressed via the prism of counseling psychology. These are two major aspects of the career where Mr. X helps people to tackle their emotions while facing the daily challenges on the road to a better life.

Therefore, the points to cover in terms of health services is mentoring and leadership addressed to the people through the counseling role. In other words, there are different models of clinical counselling with particular rules that are strict for everyone, especially when there is a need in a ‘mental surgery’. The social health care sector is a bit different in nature but it also has its individual leadership behavior that is respected in the public sector.

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At the same time, management is another aspect to deal with when talking about relevant points of counseling and leadership, with which strategic management plays an important role for the healthcare organizations. The approach of strategic management is very important in the structure of any organization as well as it is very relevant when dealing with people in the health services sector.

At the same time, in case there is a need to talk about counseling or mentorship in the sphere of health services, one needs to become a true leader and constantly develop oneself by means of trainings of different kinds that will develop the proper character to help people, including personal and professional characteristics.

From the positive of mentoring, it is important to understand that if one is willing to become a leader in the sphere of counseling psychology there is a need to find the one who already is a leader and could teach all the required skills by means of coaching the life in both personal and professional meanings. The succession planning is one of the aspects of coaching that are used nowadays in many spheres of life including the health sector.

One can never become a true leader in the health sector without some other help of the person who have already succeeded as this is what drives for the personal achievements through the mentorship of personal success. In other words, a leader should always illustrate that one is really capable of being known and respected as a true leader. When talking about the professional sphere of the counseling psychology, leadership is needed to talk about managing the people and their conscience and if so one should be able to allocate all the human resources and organize them based on the internal constraints in order to perform better in the workplace and life scenarios.

In case to consider the leadership qualities of a counseling psychologist, it is important to think of what should be in the first place when dealing with people and that is collaboration while counseling them. When people talk about collaboration they most often mean the use of communication strategies both in the workplace and life. At the same time, every leadership role of the psychologist should be able to used effectively with the multidisciplinary of people and their perceptions on the professional level of psychological practice.

The health services sector always needs for various systems to take care about the patients and one of the most used ones is the integrated care pathways that tend to find a better way to help other people become healthier in life. The most important aspect here is that this part of leadership is not underestimated as many others. Performance is one of the main characteristics that allow tracing the behavior of the particular doctor and one’s performance when dealing with other people. The same is for the counseling psychologist, the level help to other people is challenged in such a way that the performance accountability plays an important role to save the human lives.

Learning Style

The learning style is a specific approach to self education. At the same time, it is not possible to learn if there is no desire for the knowledge. Therefore, such a desire could be present only in the case of the learning ability to learn from leading others. For example, in case the lecturer does not know the information well but constantly explains it to others, in the long run, one would be able to truly understand what one is teaching others.

Therefore, personal leadership is very important if people are to make decisions about the treatment for every particular person. This is true for the principal of the hospital, who is in charge of all the operations and maintenance of medical remedies should be in a perfect condition to perform a complete check of the patient’s health, which is about leadership of all the members of the hospital. If this is true for all, then the overall efficiency of the hospital will remain on the high level of professionalism and result in more people to protect.

In terms of the counseling psychology, the patients’ expectations are always different and they are changing from time to time depending on how the hospital works. Therefore, in order to improve the current atmosphere and keep it on the same level of comfort, the hospital could manage its operations from different perspectives that will all be aimed at improving different aspects of patient servicing.

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Such an approach is impossible without the learning ability of people as they get knowledge and experience through the daily actions in a variety of aspects. At times, the learning ability is hidden in the process of learning from the clients as well as learning through the proposed methods of treatment. Besides, if it’s possible to see the patient as leader to help organize the working process or help to cure the disease of any kind.

Finally, due to the knowledge in certain fields of education for the diseases, it is possible to cure people by means of evoking the leadership within them. Thus, after they uncover the leader inside themselves, they start to approach their health from a different perspective and do the best possible to get better. In any case, the leadership should be respected and trusted with any kind of learning process, especially about the human life.

Learning Strategy

Every institution has its own policy and code of ethics – the same for the health sector and that is a list of rules and techniques that are used as a strategy to manage the operations in the workplace. Every single step performed by a doctor should be made considering the code of ethics. Every organization should constantly improve the level of services and its performance. This is why organizational learning is very important, especially if the doctors are helping people to improve their health, which is why such a tradition is widespread nowadays among many medical institutions aimed at improving their learning performance strategy.

In other words, the learning strategy of today has changed due to the progress in the technological breakthrough. Thus, this kind of background learning is very unique and for this reason it should be perfect in order to avoid mistakes that could lead to negative situations. Today, people are more affected by the modern technologies. Therefore, it should be used to help people tackle the problems. For example, this is what helps people take care of others and cure them by performing a correct diagnostics. Thus, on the one hand, every health institution should have a learning strategy based on the brand new technological equipment as to do the job better. On the other hand, the doctors should always go through the technical training in order to revise the work of such technologies and improve their diagnostic abilities. Such an approach to the learning strategy is hugely significant as a learning strategy to help others.

In addition, there are many community programs that are aimed at improving health of people based on the learning strategy to help improve the level of service for the health sector. Such an approach could help to save more lives as it is always better and easier to prevent a disease rather than to cure it once it is on a tough level of assistance and requires a thorough attention.

Thus, the learning strategy is not based on the materials that are to be learned but the actual real life practice through the approach of improving the services as well as personal knowledge and effectiveness of helping people. There are many ways to make the client servicing better but what are the most effective ways to do that? The answer is to improve the patient care and services that are involved in the process of rehabilitation. What could be helpful here is using the effective learning management practices that will allow to improve every aspect of dealing with patients.

Besides, the learning strategy is also guided by the crisis management that should be used to prevent situations that could result in the negative conditions of every patient. It is always better to think about this in advance as to predict such cases and think of every possible outcome before it takes place. It is also a good thing to have an instruction that will guide the employees of every hospital in case of an unexpected situation. However such a learning strategy should be applied in the real life scenarios and not the textbooks and lectures by other doctors. The same makes sense for the other alternative learning strategies that have a relation to the crisis such as support and stability to cure people.

Facilitating Learning and Assessment

Business models help health executives create a favorable working environment and gain an important experience to properly manage the structure of patient servicing in many different ways. Such models assess the ways people could behave in different possible situations and gives clues on how to improve such a trend of the human nature.

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At the same time, the real life facilitating is applied in the actual leadership models that is used to help people develop their human qualities more effectively as well as to build the styles of the learning power. The leadership model is the one to show how to facilitate the learning process effectively for the place of work. It gives the ideas on how to improve the assessment of the working atmosphere as well as how to offer the ways of practicing the leadership approaches while servicing the patients.

Providing Ongoing Support and Guidance

Whenever people are talking about mentoring there is a need to talk about the code of ethics a mentor should always have on the first place. What many people value most in their facilitator is their ability to be fair to them, honest in everything they say and show integrity in everything they do as these are the qualities a mentor, who is always a leader at heart as these meanings are interrelated. From the position of a leader, one could do so only if he or she has the trust in the company as well as values the work of people by showing the significance one puts to their value while encouraging the people for the ethical behavior model of individuals.

The very first thought of a mentor is to develop oneself globally and at the same time to help other people do the same in their fields either education or a working practice. This should be done for the reason that this approach to people infers the skills and professional experience that could help others benefit from the mentoring point of view and in a global sense to perfect the meaning of any mentor role.

In other words, what does it mean to be a leader? Traditionally, this combines the working experience and educational setting, which are to be mentored. The concept of a good mentor as well as a true leader means having exceptional human qualities, deep understanding of what is power over other people as well as the inner abilities to transform the beliefs of the team. The idea is to learn how to come up with a favorable solution for the required environment and in a variety of spheres. This is the reason why mentorship adds the value of other people on the road to a mutual success of any environment and / or a group of people.


Today as I have mentioned above there is a trend to coach people of different specialties by mentoring them to make the right decision in the right place and this is all about the method and leadership as well as learning alternatives. In every case, there are possible outcomes and one should keep in mind what could happen if he or she performs some actions. Also, one should think of what could not happen if not to perform the same actions.

Leadership in health services is a professional aspect, which is very important since you are the one to help people be healthy. Therefore, it is important to mind your job and do everything possible to take the best care of patients and keep a favorable atmosphere not only in the hospital but at your own place of work. Making a decision is an inevitable aspect of life for every professional health specialist, who is to save the life of a particular patient, which is the most difficult for everyone but still a must to help other people. Thus, this is how the mentorship program developed me personally and professionally; all the learning outcomes are mine.

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