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Book Concepts and Their Importance

From the position of common people, the main task of leadership is communicating and leading people towards their goal, as well as motivating them for the future achievements. The overall role of a leader is to manage community while adhering to the shared vision. Such an approach defines the mission concerning the target audience, which determines the mechanisms that help improve the level of strategic leadership based on the ultimate reactions of people on the relative concern in any life or business setting (Daft, 2008).

At the same time, leadership should strive towards the vision for achieving the better future along with receiving amusement and pleasure of dealing with people in any environment. Consequently, the vision, which a leader shares, depends on the values of people, as well as their perceptions of business and life. Besides, such an approach to the growth drives a leader address cultural beliefs in order to achieve a common vision of the future development of the personal qualities and professional characteristics, through commitment to a particular group in a business or social setting (Avoid, and Gardner, 2005).

The overall idea of contemporary leadership approach is to address and manage the change in oneself and other people from the global perspective. Hence, the leader should be capable of managing other people by means of leading them towards the set goal or priority, about which the group of people feels confident (Allix, 2000).

Thus, a true leader should be able to increase the level of confidence, as well as improve the wide range of competences that help generate stability and serve as a means of strategic personal growth and personal development. The idea is to learn how to generate new leaders from the position of applied efforts and leadership mission, vision and objectives for the positive outcomes and overall success (Daft, 2008).

Leadership Mission

There are many professional qualities, among which self-sacrifice has an exceptional place. At times, one has to sacrifice his/her free time in favor of the company and its objectives; for example, to work overtime with the team in order to finish the project. In such a way, one fulfills his/her mission as a true leader who puts value not only to oneself but cares about others. Such example could serve as a perfect model of exceptional behavior, positively affect the workers, make them perform better, and support the leader with everything required. Thus, the mission of a true leader is to help people achieve excellence (Violina, 2009).

Many successful companies from different directions offering various services or selling a variety of goods are promoting their corporate behavior in the marketplace. Such kind of promotion cannot exist without the management part that is controlled by the senior executives and managers of a high level (Oplatka, 2004).

Thus, it has to do with the structure of an organization or a company that is the same on all levels of operation. Once there is a definite and reasonable objective, the company heads always do their best to deliver such an understanding and mission to the company departments and take care of their education if necessary (Nauman, Khan, and Ehsan, 2009).

Leadership Vision

When talking about friends and colleagues, it was mentioned that, if they ask for advice, it works in most cases but only if one performs daily actions to improve and change the world around oneself. We have also mentioned that any individual feels personal relief and satisfaction if his/her suggestion has proved to be a valid that helped another person to overcome a real life situation (Harari, 2012).

The ability to believe is the most extraordinary characteristic a human being possesses and that is what is not yet fully developed in a vast majority of people. From the perspective of what others are talking about their workplace, it is clear that they lack inspiration and a vision that everything could be a lot better only if they believe it could be so. After talking to people, it is obvious that, if people realize this fact, they try to project positive outcomes in their lives (Wilkinson, 2012).

Leadership Values

Based on the list of core values that are incredibly meaningful to any leader, his/her role is to address the 6 leader self – insights that explain who a person is in terms of the leadership aspects that would be implemented in the future career. Here they are (Gronn, and Rawlings-Sanaei, 2003):

These are the most important six elements that people value and always try to work them out from the position of power by means of leading others repeatedly. The main aim is to address the leadership idea in the best way as it could be managed. Such principles are the most important in terms of mission, score values, and goals that a person is willing to achieve. With this, the core values are the following (Harari, 2012):

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The key factors that influence the leadership model one chooses are different for all the people but the most general ones are morale and productivity. The style that reflects most is called shared leadership. It highly appreciates the idea of having high morale and productivity in mind and deeply values the concerns of people that wish to become leaders. Below is the list of all the core values that define the leadership style and leader from the perspective of the leadership nature (DuBrin, 2012):


Nowadays, there are many people that work around the globe helping others understand their personality, as well as leading others for changes in life. The idea of leading people is to become a coach in a search for the reason why things happen in life and actually offer solutions for a change and improvements for the better (Wilkinson, 2012).

Some would say that if a person has failed a lot in life, he or she would not make it in the future. Nevertheless, it is also a clear fact that all inventions and greatest achievements in the entire universe have been accomplished through the unlimited number of repetitions and mistakes (DuBrin, 2012).

The same goes here, one has to start from the small things that he or she knows he/she can do for sure, and try to do it in the best possible way. In most cases, a person will realize that he/she likes what he/she has done. It is very important to love what one does and do it perfectly, at least strive for the highest quality (Goodman, Baron, and Myers, 2001).

Leader Self – Insights

Leadership Potential

The potential people have can only be revealed in situations that touch them personally; that is why personal approach and transformational leadership model are the most important in life and at work. It helps to raise the level of awareness and understand people’s significance and teaches estimate the value people put in oneself and others. Self-interest is what people treasure in life; however, it is good only if one shows it by helping others (James, and Posner, 2007).


It is commonly known that the working practice suffers most, and the reason for it is hidden in understanding of oneself. People go to the job without knowing if it is really what they want to do and what makes them feel happy. It is crucial to understand this issue as it sets the significance of the modern approach, which is known as coaching (Whitelaw, 2012).

Leadership Style

The emphasis on a choice of a leadership style mainly reflects the actions a leader performs daily and the level of his/her responsibility. For example, the manager of the organization has the power to use the approach of either transactional or transformational supportive leadership styles, which will have the most positive effect on both teams and the management staff (Edwin, 2006).

Thinking Style

The very first thing to develop personally is to learn about control and guidance, direction and management, organization and structure. In addition, it is crucial to get the basics first, and only then apply them in practice and learn something new depending on individual perspective and interests. Here starts one’s professional experience; moreover, it is a situation when a leader wakes up and is willing to settle down and become independent. However, a person can only become the one if he/she considers others first and is ready to sacrifice personal interests. People always care about what they need and strive for (Hughes, and Beatty, 2005).

Emotional Intelligence

In different life situations that occur at the workplace, there is a comprehensive range of behaviors a leader should consider before making a decision on the leadership style. One needs to think about another person rather than only be guided by the working abilities of an individual. Of course, it is not a good idea to become a real friend for everyone, but one needs to look for some kind of consensus in order to make the team work together (Moss, 2009).

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Moral Courage

There are issues that are important for every leader such as courage and strong attitude in case of any arguments or controversies among colleagues. The reason is to maintain respect, understanding, and show favorable behavior to one another. A true leader would talk to each party and let one think over a chosen behavior as well as constantly evaluate it. In case such an action is not right, he/she looks for an alternative that should be taken in the future, and strongly encourages not making such a mistake again. Thus, when conflict is over, it has a positive effect over others and teaches people to cooperate (Zenger, and Folkman, 2009).

Power of Followership and Feedback

Such a model represents behavior, in which a leader provides challenge, confidence, and coaching. The idea is to offer a challenge, shape confidence, and deliver the coaching and mentoring for the one who needs it. Most people are afraid of what they could have had in life, and that makes them stop on the way to their improvement. Many people do not believe in oneself because of failure that has taken place a long time ago and has nothing to do with the present. However, it does influence people a lot making them stop developing their skills and talents in a search for a better life, perspective career and challenging future (Duignan, 2004).

Visionary Leadership

Some people prefer working for the bonus; others respect personal relationships with the manager. In return, they are more eager to come up with the highest quality; they highly estimate the time and efficiency of the performed operations. What influence your choice from the position of a leader are your personal qualities, trust, and willingness to be rewarding in terms of a bonus, a raise or a higher job position (Allix, 2000).

Creative Personality

Developing creative competence is empowered by confidence and imagination. All people have hobbies but have enjoyed them mostly in their childhood. The first step is to visit some training session that one is interested in and simply search for what a person would love to do for the rest of his/her life. Second, it is crucial to take responsibility for every action one performs. People always talk as if a mistake or failure is neither their responsibility nor their fault at all. However, it is clear that people are always responsible for everything they face in life. Consequently, the position of a mentor is to illustrate the issue, and explain how one can use it to improve the situation in the future (Antonakis, and Atwater, 2002).

Leadership Styles and Decision Making Strategies

There is a gap in theory and practice of what being a leader really means. Furthermore, what is written in a textbook does not always reflect the actual real life practice. Thus, it is very important to understand if a person considers him/herself a true leader or not. That depends mostly on the operating environment that is specific for every workplace (James, and Posner, 2007).

The one who is a leader at heart should be wise enough to demonstrate understanding of both situational and behavioral leadership styles; it matters most once a leader needs to make a decision. Depending on the perspective in a company and the leadership model, the outcomes are different due to various working conditions (Conger, and Kanungo, 1994).

The emphasis in a choice of a leadership style mainly reflects the actions a leader performs daily and the level of his/her responsibility. This way, the head of the organization has the power to choose either to use the approach of the transactional or transformational leadership styles, which will have a positive effect on both the team and management staff (Boje, 2000).

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Some say that a person would never become a leader if he/she was not born to be the one. It is absolutely not true; moreover, it is contradicted by the top organizations of the modern world. The research shows that the best leaders develop through the years of working practice. In different companies, becoming a leader is a process of hard working and applying a mixture of styles to lead people, including different strategies to influence and motivate the personnel (Doyle, and Smith, 2001).

Therefore, it has become a well-known fact that such a leadership behavior is a real value and asset of every company that tends to transform a routine and mundane working atmosphere to a more engaging and valuable climate for both parties. Self-perfection is the key aspect that can rule the world. This means that one should take appropriate actions to enhance the chosen leadership behavior, combine different styles, and learn to manage them simultaneously despite the situation or people with whom the leader has to deal (Zenger, and Folkman, 2009).

In different life situations that can happen at the workplace, there is a comprehensive range of behaviors a leader should consider before making a decision on the leadership style. One needs to think of another person rather than only be guided by the working abilities of this individual. Obviously, it is not a good idea to become a real friend to everyone, but a true leader should look for some kind of consensus in order to work effectively together (Hughes, and Beatty, 2005).

The Future of Leadership

Every leader in the world is different, as well as his/her personal leadership characteristics, traits of the personality, incentive and/or cognitive elements, and emotional intelligence. This makes sense for the reason that the combination of such tools helps a true leader generate the values that can help one become more effective in all spheres of life (Norem, 2001).

For example, a true leader would surely talk to each party face to face and let one think about a chosen behavior, and evaluate it. In case they agree that such an action was not effective for neither personal nor public interests, they should think about an alternative that could be taken in the future and strongly encourage not to make such a mistake again. Thus, when the conflict is over or not even started, it can only bring a positive effect (Cranston, Tromans, and Reugebrink, 2004).

Many people do not believe in oneself because of failure that has taken place a long time ago and has nothing to do with the present. Nevertheless, it usually does influence people a lot making them stop developing their skills and talents in search for a better life, a perspective career and a challenging future (Whitelaw, 2012).

Thus, in the future, everything is going to be different. Since people have a tendency to learn new skills and reveal new talents, it is going to be the approach to estimate the assets of people by means of challenging them to create something special as well as constantly take time to develop oneself personally and professionally (Clark, 1997).

Examples of Innovative Organizations

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is a global corporation that was founded in the United States, in the mid of the previous century. The core task of the corporation is to create hardware and software required for personal computers, cell phones, and other devices. The major areas of Apple Inc. include design, development, electronic equipment, software and hardware for personal computers.

This paper researches the Apple Corporation on the European market and in particular, the United Kingdom. The research covers a wide range of aspects that have a close relation to different factors that guarantee the profitability of the Apple Company on both local and global markets. The paper also covers the application of the Apple line of products with all the derivative factors that define the global approach of its founder – Steve Jobs.

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In parallel, Apple Corporation earned its global respect and awareness due to the completely new view at the production of the personal computers, including software and hardware. Such a revolution was possible after the world had seen the Mac product lines, including the series of Macintosh or Mac computers, Mac hardware, iPod, iPad, iPhone, and also numerous software solutions such as iOS, Safari, iTunes, iLife, and finally iWork (Apple Corporation, 2013). Such a wide range of conventional computer appliances offered a lot of opportunities that had not been available in the past. That was a completely different approach to the hardware and software solutions, different product lines with a great advantage over other already existing on the contemporary market. Also, there was a completely different approach to the customers globally through the free music player, smart phones, tablet computers, OS X operating system and appropriate software, media, and web browsers, and other creative products for various uses of customers worldwide.

Starbuck’s Coffee

The Starbucks Corporation is known as an American Company that is famous worldwide for its perfect coffee, as well as the services of the company. The company has earned such a reputation due to the special approach to the customers and a thoroughly created supply chain management structure. The headquarters of the Starbuck’s company is located in Seattle, Washington DC. The Starbucks Corporation is known as the biggest coffee company in the world (Starbucks Corporation, 2013). In particular, it has more than twenty thousand stores in more than sixty countries all over the globe. The major locations with more than thirteen thousand of stores are in the United States, about a thousand of stores in Canada, Japan, China, and about half less in the United Kingdom, Korea, Mexico, and other countries in the world.

The major line of products around the countries is beverages, a great number of coffee kinds, teas, meat pies, and different other snacks. At the different time of the day, Starbucks has different products to offer. For example, the top products list a great number of beers and wines of all kinds. At the same time, the company deserved a name of a popular entertainment place for customers. In other words, this is not about the standard place to have a snack but the place where people come for emotions and positive feelings. They can not only talk to each other but also listen to the live music, read books, watch movies, have some ice cream, or buy some other food in the groceries (Starbucks Corporation, 2013).

HSBC Holdings

The value of the HSBC brand, along with the overall company performance, speaks about a decent leadership practice, as well as a withstanding approach to the decision making process. The company deals specifically with international markets and performs effectively in the global competitive environment market.

The mission of the company in the United Kingdom is to address the objective power in order to achieve this success with truthfulness, transparency, and loyal customer support. The HSBC Holdings is the global company and one of the most powerful banking and financial institutions in the world. The headquarters is based in Edinburgh, the United Kingdom. The Holdings employ over 300,000 people throughout its locations.

The Company deals specifically with the “Global Markets, US Retail & Commercial Banking, Regional Markets, Commercial Banking & Europe & Middle East Retail, Asia Retail, Commercial Banking, Group Manufacturing and RBS Insurance”. The total assets of the company are over $3,000 billion. Hence, the company positions itself as the top choice supplier of financial services (HSBC, 2013).

HSBC Holdings provide a whole range of financial services to individuals, businesses, and institutions all over the world. HSBC Companies serve the customers’ needs through four Global Business Groups: “Global Private Banking, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Global Banking and Markets, Commercial Banking”. The HSBC companies can afford such interactions by means of a successful global strategy covered with the Holding company itself, Intermediate holding company and operating company with 10,000 offices in 83 countries, including Latin and North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific (The World’s Local Bank 2010).


The research addressed the book on the leadership experience by Daft, R. L. putting a keen emphasis on the major concepts that were covered in the book, such as the variety of perceptions on leadership, including the vision, mission, goals, and achievements. At the same time, the research addressed the leader self-insights, leadership styles and decision making strategies, the future concepts about the application of leadership both in business and life. In addition, the research covered the examples of the modern organizations such as Apple, Starbuck’s Coffee, and HSBC Holdings that use leadership principles as the core strategy for the future expansion along with the personal growth and professional development of employees.

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