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Renaissance vs Baroque

Free Research Essays Sculpturing is one of the oldest works of art that were use to convey or to express the ideas in an artist’s mind. When trying to compare different works of sculpture done by different artists in different times a lot of similarities are noted in the way the sculpture was done. There are also some differences ranging from the outward appearance like posture to the different message being conveyed by the sculpture. David is one of the sculptures done by Lorenzo Bernini who took seven months to complete the sculpturing. The sculpture is found in Rome. The two artists, Bernini and Michelangelo worked on their sculptures each inspired by a different idea. Some differences and similarities can be observed when trying to do an external analysis of the two pieces of art.

There are some similarities that are evident as one observes the tow different sculptures from Bernini and Michelangelo. The biggest similarity is that the ideas that motivated the two artists were biblical where they describe same events. The ideas relate to the contest between David and his enemy Goliath. A lot of confidence and determination is also described as David approaches Goliath and this seems to be a great inspiration to the two artists. Both sculptures describe similar events which are religiously based specifically in the Bible (Post, 1921 p 104).

On the other hand, there are contrasting features in the two sculptures when looking at their external appearances. Most of the differences that spring from the two sculptures done by the different artists relate to the external features and the posture of the sculptures (Wittkower, 2002, p 39). One of the unbeatable differences is the time which the pieces were sculptured, and the different places where the sculptures were done. Other detailed differences on the pieces of art can be noted. In Bernini’s sculpture, ideas relating to battle are brought out. The sculpture describes how David is intending to make use of his sling to attack and defeat Goliath. Another outward appearance on Bernini’s sculpture is the tight muscles of David as he steps forward to attack Goliath.

Bernini’s, sculpture also describe confidence and focus as David is approaching and almost attacking his enemy, Goliath. The arms are much tensed trying to gain stability and the required momentum to attack his enemy. Emotions are also evident and widely revealed in Bernini’s sculpture as his work relate to issues of battle and antagonism (Wittkower, 2002, p 39). There are extreme mental states and mind reactions that are revealed in the sculpture done by Bernini. The most exposed mental state as one looks at David’s face is anger as David approaches Goliath.

Most of the differences in Bernini’s David and Michelangelo’s David are moment represented. In Michelangelo’s David, the sculpture shows calmness as it was it shows the state of things before the attacking of Goliath. There are little actions described as David is standing looking at Goliath perhaps thinking on the way to approach and attack his enemy. The case is different when it comes to Bernini’s David because there is evidence of motions as David is almost attacking his enemy Goliath. The sculpture done by Bernini describes the moments when the contest was already taking place between David and his enemy Goliath. There are lots of motions described in Bernini’s sculpture as David is approaching Goliath ready to attack (Post, 1921, p 104).

The other major difference is seen on the facial expressions and the way mental reactions are described. In Michelangelo’s sculpture, there are minimal facial expressions because the piece of art was done before the real fighting contest happened. On Bernini’s David, anger is described as David approaches Goliath and almost releasing the stone to kill his enemy.

In conclusion, works of art done by different artists carries different messages and ideas to the viewers. Art works are a good venue to bring out the inner feelings of a person and how he or she views the surroundings and events. Art also plays an important role in passing information from one generation to another.

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