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Free Research EssaysOhio has been experiencing the need for fire fighters due to frequent fires over the years. In the past, most of the fires were put out by volunteers who hardly outnumbered thirty people. However, retiring of most of these volunteers, as well as moving of younger people to larger cities has caused a great decrease in the number of volunteers. For this reason, a decision was made to have a full time firefighting team. However, change is never easy, it has to be planned and executed in the right way. Failure to do this can result to massive failure of social safety. Implementation of the plan arose numerous issues to solve. However, the issue to which the mayor assigned me was that of food. There were several concerns of food that had to be looked into. These included food purchase, preparation and cost sharing. There was a need to come up with ways in which these issues should be addressed.

Data Gathering Techniques

The first source of the data was gathered from the residents of the town. These were the most important people to obtain information from since the whole research aimed at ensuring safety of the latter. Therefore, their views were of utmost interest. Interviewing of people from outside the town would have brought less favorable results due to the same reason. These interviews were carried out in a sampling manner where people from random areas of the town were stopped and asked questions concerning the issue. This method was important since it helped save time, as well as the resources necessary to accomplish the research. The other factor is that the interview enabled to consider all parts of the town. Although, a small population group was questioned, it acted as a representative of the rest of the population. The responds that were obtained from the people were recorded in various ways and methods. These included recording, written descriptions. This way, it would be easier to come up with ways in which the general view of the people can be deducted from the same. This, with a mixture of other techniques would be instrumental in the recommendations part.

The second research technique used in the research included the secondary sources. Here, the views of other writers and authors on the matter were collected. Apart from the fact that the views of people of Ohio were crucial in determination of the steps to be taken, use of secondary sources would also have come in handy… As it was mentioned above, organization of a firefighting group is taking place for the first time in the record of the town. Up to date, the problem of fires was solved by the efforts of local population. Therefore, it is correct that the research is also based on the views of other people. The sources that have been outlined below served as the major source of information, as far as secondary sources are concerned. Apart from the use of books, the internet was also a major source of extensive information used in writing of this report, as well as determination of the best steps to take concerning the food problem (U.S. General Accounting Office, 1977).

Research Findings

The first point of this part of the paper comes from the responses received from the residents of Ohio. The general opinion of the people about the food was positive, hence, the issue did not require much attention. However, it is vital to remember the fact that the interviewed people were the volunteers not depending much on the food delivery to organizations. About 60% of the respondents believed that it was the duty of the public to provide the funds necessary for feeding the fire fighters. They claimed that this would not require much contribution, since only five firefighters would be on the shift every day.

However, the people suggested that the firefighters should also make the contributions to food supply for their service since they would be on the salary of the government.. However, most of the people suggested that the firefighters should be comfortable in their workplace to ensure the adequate delivery of services. This way, they would enjoy the work that they do and perform better. As a matter of fact, most of the people complained that food was not the only matter that should have been discussed. It was mentioned that all the issues that concentrate on the comfort of the firefighters should have been addressed. However, the respondents were informed that the research was aimed at studying the food issue.. While most of the people supported the idea of funding the firefighters’ budget certain number of respondents disagreed with the same. A small percentage of the people believed that the firefighters should be treated as other ordinary workers who are on the payroll of the government. Therefore, they did not see the need to make any contributions towards their wellbeing. Therefore, there was no unanimous answer given by all the residents.

The larger percentage of the people supported the idea of making contributions towards the budget of the firefighters. Therefore, it was vital to be exhaustive, with reference to collecting all their views and the relevance to the work assigned. On being interviewed, most of these residents suggested that there should be about three designated chefs, who are qualified to cook for the team. These chefs should also be under the payroll of the city. It was also suggested that the money for the payment of these chefs would be raised by residents of the town. The reason behind this is that the probability that one or two of the firefighters are good cooks was extremely low. On the other hand, qualified chef, would eliminate all problems of that nature. Also, it is vital to point out that most of these people mentioned the fact that the cooks should be treated as part of the group. This means that they should be employed full time. This would ensure that as long as the firefighting squad is on duty, they would also be on duty. This would avoid the inconveniences that come with the presence of some people and the absence of others, whose services are complementary to the former. The people also suggested that the firefighters would communicate with the chefs and know how their meals would be prepared in accordance to their preferences and instructions (Fortney & Murnane, 2004).

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Use of secondary sources was helpful in providing recommendations. First, most of the sources suggested that there was a great need in government regulation of the issue. If anything is agreed upon by the public, there is a need for the involvement of the government to ensure that every fact that is agreed upon is properly and accordingly implemented. For example, if the people agree that they should fund the food budget of the firefighters, the government would have to come up with a way in which all the residents can be made a part of the exercise. Therefore, there would also be the need to present proposals to the government in order to obtain the necessary aid for the accomplishment of the agreed recommendations. The other major issue would be the request for financial help from the government since food is just an example of small commodities that the firefighters would require in order to properly perform their duties. Therefore, involvement of the government in the processes of implementation of this idea would ensure maximum resources for every activity that needs to be completed.

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Proposed Alternatives

The proposed alternatives can be divided into two groups. First group includes the alternatives suggested by the residents and the ones that were insinuated by the secondary sources. These were responsible for ensuring that there was a comprehensive report on the information obtained from diverse sources. Most of the people predicted that a minimal amount should be imposed on them for the sake of funding the food budget of the firefighters. After they had contributed this small amount, they predicted that the firefighters should make necessary contributions to meet their food needs. As mentioned above, most of the respondents did not consider firefighting team as volunteers anymore. Instead, they considered them as employees of the government, who were on a payroll. In their suggestions, the respondents also predicted that the amount that the people are asked to pay towards this activity should be small.

The deductions that were made from some of the secondary sources were mostly attached to the help that can be obtained from the government. Just as the government had agreed to pay some of the firefighters; it would be possible to fund their needs. However, it was estimated that the process that could have been time consuming.. Funding of the food was not the only issue discussed by the secondary sources. The other important point that was discussed regarded special needs, with reference to food for the firefighters. The sources suggested this would be the following step after the firefighters had already come to their duties, since it would be easier to identify the above needs of the relevant parties. These relevant parties include the chefs who should cook for them and the group engaged in planning of the budget (Walthour, 1991).

Evaluation of the Alternatives

The alternative that was obtained from most of the secondary sources suggested that the government should be involved in the process. This is where the federal government would receive an application from the organizing group to provide the funds for the needs of the firefighters, including food budget. In addition to the fact that all the costs would be accounted for by the government, there would be no need for additional evaluations to be done on special needs (Roberts, 2011). However, the best deal always appears to be the one that has more flaws. First, the application sent to the government would take time to be processed and accepted. This would mean that if a fire occurred before the decision is made it would result to casualties. Secondly, the government does not see the great need to spend much money on one town that does not experience a large number of fires per month. This explains as to why such group did not exist in the past. Secondly, the government had already offered to pay 18 members of the firefighting squad, which would include the chief and his assistant. Therefore, the government would be unlikely to consider involvement into miscellaneous calculations. As a matter of fact, there is a great need to consider this point and combine it with other suggestions in order to come up with sound recommendations.

Most of the people stated that if they had to make contributions, a minimum amount would have to be set. In this case the firefighting squad would also be involved in the contributions. However, this process requires to be accurately managed. Following budget acceptance, the calculations of the money that should be contributed by each individual should be done. These figures should be carefully calculated in order to ensure that the goals are achieved and the actual plans executed (Ready, 1997).

The suggestions that came from these two groups of sources were of great help in developing recommendations. None of the groups was perfect in their general view and ideas of communication. However, in most of the areas and aspects, they acted as complimentary members that supported each other in order to make sense to the parties involved. A perfect blend of the ideas provide by the two groups was used to make the conclude final recommendation for use by the mayor. The recommendations considered the views of the people, the other sources and the conditions that had been presented by the mayor.

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Careful consideration of all the factors that were brought to light by different sources enabled deduction of sound recommendations. To start with, the government had already agreed to fund employing of 18 firefighters. Therefore, the first step would be identification of the personalities of the firefighters. It would help in coming up with ways in which each of them can be treated. Budget planning should be done taking into consideration the amount of money to be contributed by citizens on a monthly basis including the salary of chefs. The reason as to why the decision to employ chefs was accepted is obvious. The probability of having firefighters who are able to cook is extremely low. Besides, there is a need for the firefighters to concentrate on their work. The other factor contributing to hiring chefs is that they would be important in taking care of the needs of every single member of the group. There may be firefighters that have special needs, as far as food is concerned. Therefore, employing of chefs would be a right step to undertake that would ensure the killing of two birds with one stone.

It has been recommended that the residents of Ohio should contribute some minimal amount to the firefighting team budget including involvement of the federal government. First, the government would be instrumental in informing the people on the amount of money that they should contribute on monthly basis. If such activities are performed on voluntary basis, many people might fail to volunteer as they had promised. Therefore, there is a need for a follow up by the government. The government can even come up with a way in which this contribution will be made as a form of a tax. This would ensure that no member of the society is exempted from the payment. After implementation of the above steps, there is a need to seize the opportunity that can be created by the government, in terms of the resources it can provide. The government can provide the town with funding that can be used as additional finances to pay the chefs. Therefore, the suggestion to apply for governmental funding can be utilized here. The council should implement the suggested procedure and then apply for these funds from the government. This ensures that the period in which the government will be processing the request is covered, in case of the occurrence of a fire. The other importance of following this procedure is that the government may fail to accept to grant any funds for this course because the federal government had already employed about 18 firefighters on behalf of the city. However, it does not hurt to give it a try and observe if the government accepts the request. Since the number of the firefighters hired was small it would not require considerable spending for the government to feed them (Walthour, 1991).

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