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Topas Walsall Cleaning Service

Free Research Essays Udergrowth in Topas Walsall Cleaning Service is one of the problems that affect its performance. The purpose of this project is to look at the causes and effect of the undergrowth in Topas Walsall Cleaning Service. Qualitative analysis was done using multiple theories of business effectiveness in order to achieve the desired objectives towards the position of Topas Walsall Cleaning Service in the competitive market.

It covered strategy of raising the leadership decision making process in all levels of interactions with the customers worldwide. In addition, it the project analysed the position of Topas Walsall Cleaning Service in relation to cross-cultural issues, as well as to the difficulties in the field of corporate social responsibility, profitability and sustainability in the world market.

Porter’s Theory and Five Forces Model, Porter’s Generic Strategies, Geert Hofstede’s Dimensions of Culture, Trompenaars’s Dimensions of Culture, Edward Twitchell Hall Theory, and finally, the Shareholder versus Stakeholder Theory by Milton and Ed Freeman were used to look at the competitive position in various markets to address the relation to cross-cultural issues, and finally, examine the company’s position in relation to pressure on corporate social responsibility and profitability.

Finally the project addressed the contemporary business strategy that aims at both personal and professional development of its employees.

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To conclude, the development of the Topas Walsall Cleaning Service leadership decision making performs on a leading level in the competitive market. In the past, the company had a completely opposite situation on the market but with the help of the newly created approach to the leadership strategy in the world of cleaning companies it has now taken a different place in the top global companies that offer cleaning services all over the world.

The reason behind such a growth is its strategic implication of strong points along with the focus on the global customer needs. All product lines of Topas Walsall Cleaning Service address the whole range of consumer services in terms of cleaning solutions. The overall business strategy is focused on the promotion of global brands, marketing mix, proper approach to management and leadership practice, customer-oriented information technologies and global perspectives for the customer’s needs all over the world.

From the position of the cleaning industry, the core of Topas Walsall Cleaning Service is in its leadership that emphasises the teamwork, passion, responsibility, simple solutions, public transparency, and adoptability to the contemporary environment. Such a strategic leadership approach aims at gratefulness of Topas Walsall Cleaning Service all over the world.

With regards to the leadership decision making, the Topas Walsall Cleaning Service businesses cover a wide range of services on the competitive market comprising a great variety of product lines of the cleaning services. Thus, the area of value for the global market addresses a whole range of services for the multinational and personalised cleaning solutions for businesses all over the world (Johnson & Turner, 2006).

Towards the end of 2003, Topas Walsall Cleaning Service started the ‘Managing for Growth’ project aiming to plan all the strategy implications for the “proper management planning” and issue Topas Walsall Cleaning Service with the constant development for the following decade.

The business and corporate strategy of Topas Walsall Cleaning Service could be acknowledged as powerful in terms of progress compared to the past. The overall strengths of the Topas Walsall Cleaning Service are hidden in its fields of cleaning experience and highly professional cleaning services expertise (Kleiman, 2011).

Thus, any potential enhancement is well-thought-out in terms of necessities and achievements. Such a core business strategy is addressed towards its cleaning brand, which is working to support a wide range of cleaning services for businesses all over the world. The new marketing strategy that was engaged by Topaswall Cleaning absorbed various means of advertising with the emphasis of the recognised brand of “the world’s best cleaning solutions”.

The marketing separation of the goods and/or services along with all the global cleaning products of the company are consumer oriented at diverse places in the world. Furthermore, Topas Walsall Cleaning Service used a distinctive leadership decision making approach that helped to build the customer loyalty. Such an approach to strategic management deals specifically with the core target markets in the world of cleaning (Linker, 2004).

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Besides, the proper utilisation of the digital technologies through the Internet made it possible for Topas Walsall Cleaning Service to obtain clients globally. However, every company could have problems in terms of financial and economic risk factors, and Topas Walsall Cleaning Service managed to achieve sustainability to address and position itself on the global marketplace.

Though, it should pay attention to the details of the asset management and international debts in order to prevent the possible cases of financial instability. In addition, it applied various business models to boost the Topas Walsall Cleaning Service market trends by means of generating more sales, revenue and NET profit (Moss, 2009).

In other words, a proper business strategy and a personal management approach to selling the banking services could result in both internal and external strength of Topas Walsall Cleaning Service and the cleaning industry as a whole. Thus, the research analysed the Topaswall Cleaning leadership making in terms of its competitive market (Personal Development, 2012).

The paper addressed the initially stated objectives, including various theories such as Porter’s Theory and Five Forces Model, Porter’s Generic Strategies, Geert Hofstede’s Dimensions of Culture, Trompenaars’s Dimensions of Culture, Edward Twitchell Hall Theory, and finally the Shareholder versus Stakeholder Theory by Milton and Ed Freeman.

Hence, by the examination of the theories stated above, it was acknowledged that Topas Walsall Cleaning Service holds a remarkably strong competitive position in its various markets. At the same time, the company addresses the whole range of cross-cultural issues and observes the company’s position in relation to different arrays of marketing pressure, which has an enormous impact on both corporate social responsibility and profitability of Topas Walsall Cleaning Service.


The future area of focus would be the core technologies and competences of the company combined with the discipline implementation for the distribution channels, advertisement, pricing strategy and sustainable innovations. It is followed by the organisational readiness for the restructured board of directors and the intimate software and hardware relationships (Griffin and Pustay 2010).

Topaswall Cleaning is talking about the consumer insight for the easy and intuitive satisfaction of the customers’ needs. Finally, this comes to the managed innovation process for the holistic perspective and synergetic effect. Topas Walsall Cleaning Service should also reconsider its ecosystem as well as the proprietary approach (Stern & Stalk, 1998).

The advantages for such an ecosystem would be the focus on the premium cleaning innovative products, unique culture for the superrior customer, and a strong market reputation for the customer loyatly. The disadvantages would address the facts of anti- Topas Walsall Cleaning Service users, localised cleaning markets, low world market contribution to the cleaning industry (Hughes and Beatty 2005).

Thus, the strategy should be focused on the more developing countries of the world and make it to reshape their cleaning market for the required direction of the Topas Walsall Cleaning Service longevity. The other recommendations would be about the need for the collaboration with more technology related industries and multinational companies with the only aim to interact with customers (Terpstra, 1994).

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