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Critical Study of Pop Culture

Free Sociology Essays There are different ways through which the issues in society can be presented. Pop culture is the perception of ideas and attitudes and other phenomena in the forms of a given culture. The pop culture has for long received criticism from various groups like the religious ones. It is for a reason that the culture is seen as a trivial and one that is corrupted (Storey, 2009). Several theories have been given regarding the popular culture like the neo-Gramscian theory that talks of the political side of the popular culture. According to this theory, popular culture has been seen as a field of struggle between two antagonist groups in society. The theory refers to the evident struggle between the forces of interest of the dominant group in the society and the resistance of the subordinate groups.

Power relations are revealed in the popular culture and the way the different classes of people struggle to outdo each other in power. An example in the ideological view of this popular culture is the feminists. The feminists elaborate on a particular ideology and how it has distorted the relations in society. In this case, feminists refer to the patriarchal ideology and say that it has brought a lot of distortion in gender relations of the modern society. Women in society have always raised issues of being oppressed by men (Storey, 2009). This also brings out another issue of struggle as women do their best to overcome the oppression from their dominators who are the men. This brings the issue of feminism which is described in two main scopes. This is the radical feminism which relates closely in ideologies with the Marxism.

Popular culture is portrayed in several ways in relation to the way it brings out the image of the modern society. The different venues through which the popular culture is passed to people have an effect to the way the world is perceived. These venues are like the television, songs and feature films. Most of these texts always show the people an image of the world. Some are found to support the power antagonism that is evident between the subordinates and the dominant groups in society. Therefore, popular culture has been seen as a field where political and social understandings are developed. The developed norms are aimed at deviating the peoples’ way to perceive the world.

In an example, the Jam music is one of the popular styles and makes up the popular culture. The different kinds of music being produced fall under the popular culture and this is more interpreted in the way they are performed. The political view of these popular culture items has been brought out in the message they contain (Strickland, 2008). Therefore, this culture has been seen as a field of resistance cause by the two antagonist groups in society.

Popular culture has been directly connected with the modern way of life in the society. This brings the issue of mass culture. An example is the rock music which is one of the most common and modern in the popular culture. Different theories have been brought forward on the impact of this popular culture. Some groups have strongly criticized the popular culture since they perceive it as a corrupted culture. The culture has also brought the issues of power struggle between the different classes of people. The subordinates are seen to be in antagonism with the dominant class. This is also shown in the different texts through which the popular culture is passed to the people. The culture describes the way of life of the group being described. Popular culture in this case brings out the real image of the people in the society depending on what is being practiced. The major issues in the society can be described by the way the cultural issues are handled among the people.

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The theory given addresses the way popular culture is used as a base for forming relationships in the society. The different ways the popular culture is portrayed has brought merging of ideas from different scholars in defining the direction taken by the popular culture (Storey, 2009). In more elaborate ways, popular culture is seen to criticize the modern ways in which politics are run. This is seen in the rise of political classes and the antagonizing different classes of people in the society. Most of these have taken assumption of the popular culture in the way they run and carry out their daily lives. The political view has also changed where the dominant class is seen to have little interest in the running of the most crucial things affecting the people.

A good example is Marx who described the organization of the people and the society in general. The scholar talked about the basic construction of the society in meeting the needs of people like food and shelter (Storey, 2009). There are specific modes of obtaining the daily needs for the people in a society. In this context, Marx emphasized on the existing relationships between the different classes of people in the society. The integration of these groups is aimed at bringing the best and meeting the needs of the people.

Marx also stressed on the approach to the popular culture and he referred to the daily practice of the people. The major components in this view are what the scholar termed as the baseline in the incorporation of cultural practices. The domination created by the higher class in the society had been the major focus in his theory as he tried to explain the varied notions in the society. The scholar also insisted on the relationships existing among people in the society. In his view, popular culture comes in to tighten these relationships by enhancing the sharing of ideas with people from different areas. This is mostly evident in the modern music such as the rock together with Jam music common among the young people.

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Through myths and theories brought forward by different scholars, popular culture has been described in deep. The power struggle in the modern society has also been described fully by the way the interaction of the different classes of people. In addition, popular culture brings out the issue of close interaction among the people in meeting the daily needs (Strickland, 2008). The other area that popular culture emphasizes on is the antagonism being experienced in the society between two classes of people. Therefore, the myth of dominance is explained in the popular culture where one class of people takes advantage of the inferior class of people.

The dominant class comes up with ideas that are of their own interest. This is contrary to the explanations of the theories and myth given by different scholars. The struggle observed between the subordinates, and the dominant groups is a reason for the loose relations in the society. Good relationships are encouraged for the good interaction between people in the society. This has also been described in the rise of feminism (Jane, 2005). The higher class takes advantage of the subordinates in order to make their own decisions that suit them. Therefore, popular culture has been used to show how the different classes of people strive to dominate each other in the power struggle.

Popular culture has also been connected with the rise of feminism which has four main aspects. The two most common is the Marxism and the radical feminism. These theories mainly give attention to the oppression seen in women and the possible solutions to the problems. In this case, men are taken as the dominant group who dominate the women. Feminism describes men as a group of people which has the power over another group. The decisions made by men remain unopposed and this has been the major focus in feminism. Women oppose this domination being experienced in the society because it interferes with the relationships that are vital for existence (Storey, 2009).

Power struggle comes in where the different classes of people disagree in the running of the society. This is explained in popular culture in the modern days. The culture tends to reflect much on the relationship among the people in the society. There is evidence of antagonism among the people which has a great contribution to the bad relations in the society. The different texts used to display popular culture like the television gives varied images of the modern world and its relation to the modern issues. Some of the ideologies have been used to transform the popular culture despite the several critics from various groups.

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