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Gifted Education

Free Sociology EssaysIn the perspective of the development of gifted education, it is possible to focus on several events, which took place and changed the course of the evolution in the sphere of gifted education. First, it is impossible to miss one of the most remarkable events changing the way of teaching children. Lewis Terman is an outstanding psychologist, who started his study on gifted children in 1916. In his works, he reflected an idea that gifted children prevail on non-gifted children and can show excellent results not only in academic achievements, but also prove that they are much stronger than non-gifted children in physical and emotional balance. It is obvious that Terman started an era of labeling students. On the one hand, the measure of children’s intellect is an appropriate opportunity to evaluate their mental capacity. However, on the other hand, it is a sort of discrimination, which makes non-gifted children feel different and incapable of achieving the same success compared to gifted students. There are many doubts regarding the theory of Terman. In addition, the urban area may also suffer as long as it may become an object for doubts and conflicts. Children should also grow in equality without getting a negative influence of theories generated by adults. Adults should be the ones who teach children in peaceful terms without pushing them to compete with each other. In addition, teachers should help children to develop and discover new opportunities without creating limits for their learning ability. Otherwise, an educational segment will suffer from inequality and bias.

Terman’s Study

“Gifted children” is a term generated through the evolution of the educational sphere. Today, children continue to be an object for labeling even in the process of learning. Terman’s study considers several stages of passing tests in order to evaluate geniuses. In some cases, psychologists tried to connect personal achievements of children and their IQ test results. However, only children with high scores could pass the stage and follow another testing options aimed to find a genius. Those children who did not differ from gifted never found a chance to pass the test. Today, teachers continue to extend this bias without letting children open their minds and develop in terms of equality. Teachers forget about the brain’s function, which proves that it is possible to develop any skill including mental activity and overall capacity to progress knowledge. Often, those who did not succeed at school find their calling in the business sphere and manage to develop mighty corporations influencing the world’s evolution. It happens for the reason that human brain has a high potential to move an individual towards overall improvement. However, scientists call it an ability to be keen on a single specific area. Geniuses, according to the Terman’s study, are the ones who are capable of being perfect at any activity they choose. Teachers choose gifted students for the study in order to see the phenomena of the brain’s rapid development and ability to understand things faster. It is a form of the bias that continues to prevail in the educational sphere by creating tension and stress for children. When children receive results of the test, they might think that they are not only less fortunate, but also less capable of learning. It is a label which prevents children from believing in themselves and showing excellent results at the beginning of their development.

Gifted Children with Disabilities

The assessed policy provided by the National Association for Gifted Children proves that children of different developmental levels should have an appropriate approach in order to obtain enough information in the educational process. The policy considers identification of the Twice Exceptional children with disabilities – a special group, which requires inclusion of the diversity of tests aimed to evaluate the most effective approach to educate children. It is obvious that any introduction of policy leads to the response of children to the changes and new tools helping to assess them. However, it is hard to predict a type of response from children. On the one hand, it may be an effective method aimed to measure and identify gifted children and those who face disabilities, but can still perform with high intensity and efficiency. It is necessary to make an educational program flexible enough for all children willing to get the most from the educational process. For example, children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder may show outstanding results in creativity; however, they find it hard to focus on anything. It means that the introduced policy becomes a comprehensive assessment of children’s abilities to absorb information and be a part of the complex process of the advanced educational process. Unmotivated children should also have a special approach, which will optimize their skills and abilities to study. The changes in policy are supposed to benefit the educational process and help children to accommodate to the essentials of different subjects. In my opinion, children will only benefit from the new policy as long as it is an effective supporting tool leading to the optimization of the knowledge improvement. It is most likely that children will be more interested in learning new subjects when they receive appropriate attention and help aimed to emphasize their strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

Creativity Tests

The diversity of creativity tests promises its users to provide them with the level of their creativity according to the questions set in the test. Tests and quizzes differ and offer various questions in order to evaluate the level of creativity; however, it is hard to find a comprehensive questionnaire, which will be helpful in defining the level of creativity. While some tests offer many boring questions, others contain only ten typical questions, which cannot provide a user with complex results. In addition, some tests do not relate to the creativity at all, while offering to answer typical questions, which cannot determine the level of creativity because of the narrow objectives of the questions. Creativity should have an in-depth analysis according to a set of criteria responsible for the evaluation of complexity, persistence, and other elements comprising creativity. Moreover, each individual has his/her personal point of view on creativity with its elements, along with the questions asked. However, the Internet does not offer its users to find balanced questionnaires with effective questions and quizzes with short typical questions. On the one hand, the myriad of tests offers its users to find more about their creativity. On the other hand, some tests do not answer creativity question at all. However, it is possible to praise some tests with preference as long as it is possible to see results in the complex perspective according to the categories of the analysis included in the evaluation process. Creativity is far more complex than a dozen of questions; it is a complicated phenomenon of the brain functioning and personal envisioning of the diversity of objectives by each individual. It means that there is still a need to design a test, which will not only identify the most developed areas of the individual, but also will offer ways to improve personal development.

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Gifted Children as a Social Handicap

According to the development of the contemporary educational sector, gifted children do become a social handicap. From one perspective, gifted children try not to stand out from the major mass of students. From another perspective, there are many cases, when gifted children suffer from inequality and peer pressure. Bullying is one of the issues faced by both gifted and non-gifted children; however, gifted children have an additional trigger motivating others to put them at stress for their educational achievements. It is possible to think about an appropriate institution, which will gather gifted children and work on bringing them in effective ways. Creativity tests, it its turn, can hardly measure the level of the individual’s creativity if it does not have enough criteria for the evaluation.

IQ tests

IQ testing is another example of the assessment full of inaccuracies. Passing two different tests, one after another, can be a useful practice showing that measuring intelligence is not a simple task requiring a complex approach. In addition, tests are not a reliable source of measuring a human ability to learn or to apply his/her knowledge in everyday life. Those, who believe that IQ tests set barriers of the development, should lose some points of the test as long as the human mind and its capabilities do not have any limits.

Coping with Giftedness

Children may find it hard to know they differ from others. For some, it may be a pleasant discovery opening the world from the new sides. For others, it may be a challenging aspect creating barriers for inclusion in the social segment. In general, it is stress, which requires additional assistance in order to help an interviewee to find support and his place in the new social role of being a gifted individual. Children should know that they are not alone, and other children are ready to be their friends helping to play a role of a gifted child.

Arguments Supporting Gifted Programs

First, gifted programs help to find those students who have the highest chance to promote social development and improve society in different aspects of its performance. Second, gifted programs help to determine an optimal way of educating children and help them reveal their skills and develop new ones aimed to promote personal evolution. Finally, gifted programs motivate schools to work on the intelligence of all their students making them applicable to the terms of the program. In general, such programs help to enhance an overall level of the national intelligence.

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Differentiation Strategies

The diversity of the differentiation strategies used by Robin Linn-Cohen and Nancy B. Hertzog in the article motivates to think of the possible inclusion of strategies in different classrooms. In general, the study has shown that there is a need to provide a curriculum with autonomy leading to the freedom of choice in the classroom. For instance, the authors of the study included a strategy for the development of a student’s creative, critical, and problem-solving technique supported by the diversified curriculum. However, it is not as effective and persuasive as the point on the differentiated curriculum including in-depth knowledge thanks to the complexity of content, novelty and accelerated paces of the educational process. Finally, the beneficial point of the study is that Linn-Cohen and Hertzog suggest creating a curriculum supported by the application of the appropriate techniques, methods, technologies, and other material. In terms of the contemporary education, it is possible to think of following the suggested strategies in order to improve understanding of children and their needs. It is necessary to start from applying new educational techniques supported by technologies and other valuable materials aimed to promote a new developmental stage of children.

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