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How does Social Media Affect the Way People Select Food

Free Sociology Essays Dietary patterns in the United Kingdom (UK) have changed dramatically over the last several decades. This paper introduces the public health nutrition problems both in developed and developing countries as well as the impact of the contemporary Internet technologies on the food choices of people along with the potential health problems.

The aim of this paper is to investigate the relationship between the social media and the food choice among general populations in both developed and developing countries. Consequently, the objectives are to analyse the influence of the nutrition practices on health conditions of people (American Society for Nutrition, 2009).

A special attention is aimed at the rise of social media as well as the technology development in the countries today. The paper deals with the process of technological development as well as investigates its influence on the food choices of the vast majority of people. It examines the changes of the new century with regards to the Internet and overall social networking and other related sites.

At the same time, the purpose of the paper is to research the traditional and modern impact on the food choices of people by means of social media channels worldwide and particularly in United Kingdom. In addition, the important part of the research is to evaluate the means of the social media and food choices of people with respect to the SWOT analysis, which reveals the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the use of mass media in order to influence the food choice of people along with the overall nutrition practices in the world (Baran, 2001).

The final part of the paper addresses the importance of the research and therefore, it offers the possible solutions that could be useful to solve the issues with the public health and nutrition aspects that people face in their daily life in the United Kingdom. In all, the research adheres to the keen interest in the contemporary situation in the world that negatively affects the health of people due to the strong impact of the social media and digital technologies (World Health Organization, 2011).

In more detail, the paper uncovers the implications of the negative habits that have a durable impact on the health of people in the United Kingdom. Such an impact has a strong power over people and often results in the problems such as the health issues and in particular, the fact of obesity and its rates over the whole country. The research is based on the findings in the United Kingdom Department of Health along with the World Health Organization data (Publication manual of the American psychological association, 2010).

Special attention is addressed towards the influence of the modern conveniences on the developed and developing countries with respect to the food intake due to the negative influence of the social networks along with the local advertisements such as television, radio, etc. In fact, such an impact exists through the history, however it was not that oriented towards the process of advertising the nutrition goods on the market (Shepherd, 1999).

As a result, the research adheres to the aims and objectives as well as the findings towards the reasons why people choose particular food and nutrition as well as the global advertising campaigns. In all, the purpose of the research is to evaluate the influence of the social media promotions on the nutrition practices among the local populations.

Hence, the research provides the information that uncovers the major factors that influence the minds of people towards their choices of food and nutrition. The analysis also covers the position of food choices through the SWOT analysis with regards to the global food choices based on the marketing technologies and in particular, the cookie policy.

Finally, the core to the research is the contribution to the world issues with the food choices of people and mass media interactions. Therefore, it provides the possible solutions and recommendations that could help improve the current situation in the world of health and nutrition as well as to promote the need to develop positive food habits despite the offers of the digital media channels (Grodner, Long,and DeYoung, 2003).

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