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The Action Learning Project / Leadership Development Plan

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Personal Model and Theory of Leadership

This leadership development plan addresses the actions or the five exemplary practices of leadership such as “model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act and finally, encourage the heart.” Such practices contend with the process of leading people in any sphere of life. The analysis addresses each practice in detail, including the visual aid examples. The overall idea of this work is to provide the steps on how to develop different leadership qualities in society and business.

Thus, the competency I have selected is how to develop the leader inside every person, including me personally. Therefore, the long-term as well as short-term professional goals perfectly match the five exemplary practices of leadership along with the leader self-insights. Thus, the process of development will go in turns of developing each competency based on the leadership practices.

To start, the first thing to acknowledge is that without having self-confidence one will not be able to reach any goals in life whether this is a working environment or a personal life. The role of a true leader is to use different factors of influence, including the most widespread ones such as positive thinking and self-affirmation. The project addresses the actions to learn how to help people grow both personally and professionally by means of developing their leader self – insights.

Model the Way

The one who is a leader at heart should be wise enough to illustrate the understanding of both situational and behavioral leadership styles since this matters the most when you need to make a decision. In all, depending on the perspective you observe in a company and the leadership model you choose the outcomes are different under various working conditions.

Some say that you can never become a leader if you were not born to be one. It is absolutely not true and that is dispelled in the top organizations of the modern world. The research shows that the best leaders took time to develop themselves through the years of working practice (Argyris, 1991).

Inspire a Shared Vision

SInce the aspects I consider of most important for myself is to grow both personally and professionally are to treat people equally and learn to listen more attentively without breaking up one’s mind or a though that could be valuable to understand the person better and then help to make the right decision. I have faced the fact that people positively reflect stories that someone did something who no one could do before and that is what makes us move and actually try to change the life conditions for better rather than moan about life circumstances (Chapman, 2010).

Thus, the lesson learned here is to collect more stories of success people have achieved and by inspiring oneself and inspire others on the way to their personal success. An appropriate action to enhance my personal leadership abilities is to have more coaching sessions for the people I interact most of the time and with many others and to make it on the stem of charity. This is what I love to do and I believe I can do it pretty well though experience is never enough and you can always learn more with more coaching session I take and more leadership roles I use when talking to people (Clark, 1997).

Challenge the Process

The most working practices coach people by inspiring them that will surely result in a better performance. If a leader has this kind of approach than he will boost the commitment of everyone and improve engagement in the working process. It is even more effective if this case has to do about the one who owns a company because if he uses such an approach to himself first, then he will share it among others and so on in a geometrical progression.

Some say that you can never become a leader if you were not born to be one. It is absolutely not true and that is dispelled in the top organizations of the modern world. The research shows that the best leaders took time to develop themselves through the years of working practice (Doyle and Smith, 2001).

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In different companies being a leader is a process of work to use a mixture of styles to lead the people including the strategies to influence and motivate the personnel. Therefore, it became a well-known fact that such a leadership behavior is a real value and asset of every company that tends to transform a routine and mundane working atmosphere to a more engaging and valuable climate for both parties (Moss, 2009).

Enable Others to Act

To illustrate the promotion of a leader within a company one should demonstrate the understanding of the fact that being the leader is what you do and actions you perform for the good of the organization or a project. In different words, leadership is not what you are but what you do showing your charisma and working to empower others by means to fulfill the stated goal and offer the best possible performance quality (DuBrin, 2012).

What every organization respects most is how you manage your role of being a leader. From the position of a higher management level you are tested for the skills and qualities to influence people and make that job was completed in every possible situation. If you are guiding the people around you should know when and how exactly manage others and lead them towards a stated goal. This means that you need constantly develop yourself and the skills you possess being a true leader. The people differ drastically, some could be smarter and others more ambitious than you are but your idea is to guide accurately and help them develop personally in all the meanings of this word (Schippers, Hartog & Koopman, 2001).

Encourage the Heart

Let us think of the interest of the worker in case there is no job for one to do. On the one hand, it is good that you could have some free time reading or drinking tea but what about the personal development aspect, wouldn’t it be great and wonderful if you could let the worker help the other department; thus, you would give an employee a possibility to grow professionally and at the same time mind over the company interests to provide another work force for a separate project (Tjosvold, 1991).

Apart from it, there are cases that are important for every manager and leader and that is to show courage and strong attitude in case of arguments or debates among the colleagues. The reason here is to maintain respect and understanding hence show favorable behavior to one another. In parallel, a true leader would surely then talk to each party face to face and let one think over a chosen behavior, evaluate on it and in case of agreement that such an action was not of value neither personal nor for the public think of an alternative that could be taken in the future and strongly encourage not to make such a mistake again. Therefore, when the conflict is over not even started it can only bring a positive effect over others but the most important impression is of course to be made for the personality (Whitmore, 2009).

Plan Schedule

Action Steps

Dates for completion

Model the Way

31 of May

Inspire a Shared Vision

30 of June

Challenge the Process

31 of July

Enable Others to Act

31 of August

Encourage the Heart

30 of September

Leadership Example

There are many leaders around the world and every single is a completely different leadership model. In my opinion, the key example of all the leadership styles is my family. Some people deeply value their family relationships, others don’t but still it is what matters most from the position of our mind. This controls our behavior and leads the character that performs all the leadership qualities we possess either the in-born ones or learned from experience. In case of a correctly chosen leadership model a manager who is a true leader could thus generate new leaders for the public and make that the one is to become a valuable asset for any organization.


If you are guiding the people around you should know when and how exactly to manage others and lead them towards a stated goal. This means that you need to constantly develop yourself and the skills you possess being a true leader. The people differ drastically, some could be smarter and others more ambitious than you are but your idea is to guide accurately and help them develop personally in all the meanings of this word (Wilkinson, 2012).


Education is the main reason why the companies are built; moreover, it directs the overall idea that proclaims and instills the need for the world market. Those who are ready to run a business start doing it and those who are ready to be an employee could work for the previous and gain the essential and needed experience to develop both personally and professionally.


Sometimes, whatever people do there are always some bounds that make people stop on the road to success. It happens that people state the goals and can not achieve them as they wish. As a result, the vast majority of them fail to achieve anything else and stop thriving for the personal success. In order to prevent such a situation, it is important to set goals not that high and always reward yourself for a good job even though it is a tiny thing you did. Still, it is important to reward oneself and you will see that you liked such an approach to yourself and will try more the next time by means to be rewarded again. I really see this in people and try help them improve their lives by leading them accurately (Chapman, 2010).

Plan Analysis

In all, my vision of leadership is compounded out of the stems about the principles for guiding and/or leading people. Therefore, what I consider of the most important is that every person should have an individual style of leadership. My leadership model is based on the clear thinking as well as the vision on the road to potential success (Clark, 1997).

The next is about the mind and confidence; furthermore, in order to lead people, the leader should have a clear mind not only in those situations when everything is fine and there is no need to worry about anything but when there is a stressful situation and when there is a need to think critically without losing the effectiveness of the results (Doyle & Smith, 2001).

At the same time, a true leader should have the clear understanding about the morality and do not be blind in terms of courage, especially in the situation it is needed to be revealed. In addition, the moral courage is not possible to be shown in action without the ability to control oneself, the temper and emotions as well as the feelings that might prevent the person to think in all the dimensions (Moss, 2009).

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Next is the visionary leadership, which means that in case a leader needs to invent something, one should be able to see it in action before it is even in the project. In case, a leader has the ability to do that then any project would be managed easily and at the same time professionally from all the perspectives (DuBrin, 2012).

Finally, the person could not be called a true leader if one does not have the power over other people. In other words, the ability to manage people is one of the main principles in the leadership role, which means that not the leader performs the work but the team and the leader controls the process and guides it in the required direction (Tjosvold, 1991).

Therefore, the process of coaching as well as the employee development are the most extraordinary and at the same time most important qualifications of the leaders. It is for a reason that the coach and the process of coaching helps a person or a group of people reveal their true nature and finally understand the reasons for existence, as well as goals and all the consequent action steps to achieve them (Schippers, Hartog & Koopman, 2001).

As a result of a coaching, practice generates trust through the process of conversations and any other interactions. Since the vast majority of coaching sessions result in a better performance and overall improvement of the potential of a particular individual, one could easily conclude that the coaching practice works and make the session productive for the people.

The next step is to identify the personal influence and leadership style and start to project the positive effect on a team, both to individual members and a group as a whole. The actions to make such a transformation is to coach the whole team more effectively than they used to. Alternatively, if they never took any training sessions, show them that it really matters for them and soon it will lead to a positive outcome in all the aspects (Whitmore, 2009).

The dimension of a coaching session is hidden in the example of developing competence by means of boosting the confidence. All people have hobbies but enjoy this time mostly in the childhood. From the position of work, coaching helps understand what make people happy about their job as well as help understand what process of work could bring more pleasure thus result in a better and more effective and even creative working process (Wilkinson, 2012).


Everything matters. Leadership role is a core quality of every person within any organization or even family. According to Roi “the position of any leader has a direct impact on people either in the community the person lives in or in the project of a manager in any business or company.” The idea to lead people is the philosophy to gently evaluate all the provided information for both personal and professional lives (Schippers, Hartog & Koopman, 2001).

To conclude, in case of a correctly chosen practice model a true leader can generate new leaders for the community and make a personal input in the society. The five exemplary practices of leadership are to be a valid asset for any group of people, including any business or family. What matters most is the position of mind that controls the behavior of people, leads their character, and performs all the leadership qualities people possess in life, either inborn ones or learned from the experience.

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