Strategic Plan

Question 1

The four areas of SWOT analysis are called “Strengths”, “Weaknesses”, “Opportunities” and “Threats”. The analyst that uses the particular matrix has to perform a good research in the areas, described above. It is important to remember that strengths and weaknesses are internal factors, while opportunities and threats are external (“SWOT Analysis”, 2011). The basis of such analysis lies in a clear understanding of the existing problems that the enterprise is facing. The honesty and good attention of the analyst play a serious role in the process of analysis. On the one hand, a well-performed SWOT analysis can expose the unused opportunities of the market and the enterprise. On the other hand, such analysis, usually, does not present particular characters. As a consequence, if the analyst is subjective or does not clearly understand what do the parts of the studied analysis mean, it can harm the enterprise that would base its activity on the results of the SWOT analysis (Renault, n.d.).

Question 2

The nonprofit organizations have a number of well-known strategies to raise funds in case the situation requires it. First of all, there are many people that are ready to donate in case they know that there is an organization that requires financial help (SECA, n.d.). Consequently, the organization needs only to research the target audience and inform of the existing situation. The other strategy is to create the group of fundraisers. Such groups will promote the organization goals and, for example, sell the souvenirs, bakery, etc (as Girl Scout cookies) (SECA, n.d.). Another alternative strategy to raise the funds for a nonprofit organization is creating minor donor groups. Such strategy provides an opportunity to manage the people that donate regularly in a better order and to choose the donation stimulus for each group separately (Garecht, n.d.). What is more, raising funds for cancer research always finds the supporters among wealthy people.


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