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The Effect of Architecture on Mechanical Engineering

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Architecture is one of the popular concepts that define activities in almost every profession in the world today. In essence, it is science that exhibits the design of buildings. It entails the location, the making, fashioning and constitution of structures. The interior and exterior prospects of a building are fundamental in the field. The subjects vary from home setting to offices that people use to carry out their daily activities. Consequently, the architecture of the working location affects every career. It defines how one comes up with the environmental setup. It also impacts the psychological and behavioral facilitation. It is critical to ensure that one considers its influence in the profession. Needless to say, everyone requires an ambiance environment for maximum productivity.

Background of the Mechanical Engineering Profession

Mechanical engineering is a platform that concerns designing and creation of machines and constitutes (Mechanical Engineering, 2015). It provides valuable solutions regarding the machines construction and functioning. In essence, the personnel of the area vastly apply the fundamentals of science and mathematics to create practical and useful devices that benefit the society. They transform the idea into a product t that is viable in the market. In my profession, there is also a need to comprehend the force and thermal environment of items. It influences the material and systems that are put in place. For example, in designing an airplane, engineers have to consider the environmental conditions affecting the functioning of the machine such as fog, mist or storm. A particular shape should also be well-elaborated to facilitate its flight.

Consequently, the profession plays a critical role in various industries (Mechanical Engineering, 2015). In the automotive trade, the focus lies on every subsystem of the engine and its transmission. In the aerospace segment, engineers have the responsibility of maintaining airplanes; a focus is made on aircraft engine and its control system. In biotechnology, mechanical engineers play a fundamental role in creating implants and fluidic systems that define the operation of the career. Computer and electronics are also a vital part of the engineering working process. The profession also deals with energy conversion and automation, among others. There is a variety of options of exposure for an individual. It is evident that the career entails critical thinking on the part of a person. It is a valuable skill that defines one’s success. The practical nature of the profession makes it very demanding. It puts pressure on every person to ensure the overall safety. There is a need for sustainability of its aspects.

Area of Coverage and Perfect Setting

I plan to work at a mechanical setup that produces minerals. There are states where mining of various metals and their minerals take place. The raw minerals are extracted and transported to the industries for processing. It is where they undergo the transformation into valuable products that can be used by the public. The waste products also find their application in the daily life. I believe I will work as a mechanical engineer in the mining sector. In essence, my role will entail the maintenance and operation of the plant. For example, I will have to perform quality control and chart them to authenticate the proper working of the machine. I will also monitor the automation of the equipment (Mechanical Engineering, 2015). It includes daily maintenance of its parts. Processing of minerals is a complex process that requires practical skills. Needless to say, the machines are expensive. Breakdown in any of the structure is detrimental to the success of the organization. As a mechanical engineer, I plan to utilize my troubleshooting skills to establish the causative agents for any malfunctioning. The career also entails working closely with other people. In fact, in most work settings, people work in a time limit of eight hours. The aspect calls for accountability in record keeping and ability to effectively cooperate with other employees and the management. The concept of teamwork is essential. Consequently, the administration must provide an appropriate locality for the efficient cooperation of the staff.

Design Criteria

Behavioral Facilitation

The setting of a mechanical engineer must, therefore, meet various aspects that promote productivity. First and foremost, it must consider the behavioral facilitation. It includes the functional and spatial conformance. In reference to functional conformance, the set up must have ample space for the location of the equipment. It is significant to highlight that most engineering plants are huge in size (Rixen & Geradin, 2015). They occupy extended space. In order to ensure a proper operation, adequate space is necessary for ventilation and usability. It is apparent that most waste products that are released due to hit are emitted through the smoke chimney. A setting that does not consider the emission will be detrimental to the health of its personnel. There must also be an area for storage of chemicals. Shelves and locked cabinets are secure places that need to be present in the firm. They help in the regulation of unauthorized access of people (Rixen & Geradin, 2015). Consequently, architects should consider these aspects in the creation of design. On the other hand, the spatial conformance focuses on the users. The perfect setting of the mechanical engineer needs to be wide enough to allow free movement. In essence, it is apparent that there is a variety of employees in the firm. They work together as a team in order to bring the final products. In fact, there are different departments that require appropriate locating. They include the receipt, proceeding and packaging department among others. Space is instrumental for proper coordination in architectural design of a plant.

Psychological Aspect of the Setting

Architecture affects the psychological aspect of the engineering firm. It entails the climatic and hazard regulation of the firm. The plan that designers come with focuses on aspects such as temperature, lighting and humidity in the plant environ. Mechanical engineering needs to be done in the area where there is sufficient light. Consequently, it is preferable to locate the building in open areas where lighting is evident. The availability of electricity to facilitate in-house lighting should also be ensured. Needless to say, some of the processes continue during the night.

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In addition, build-up ventilation systems are no less important in the architecture of the setting alike. Temperature affects the equipment as well as the employees (Allen & Iano, 2013). Ventilation is vital to eliminate hot air that hinders a normal work of the facility. Sections for the alignment of air conditioners are also appropriate. It is also fundamental to note that places of work are not void of hazards. The setting should be in constructed in a manner that promotes the wellbeing of people. For example, the architecture must observe effectual electrical wiring. It helps in eliminating possible fire breakouts. They must not leave any holes open in the compound. It is also vital that architecture of the building provides an evacuation center at the field. It will support the firm in incidents of fire breakouts or floods.

Perpetual Maintenance

Architecture affects mechanical engineering in defining the degree of their perpetual acuity. There are two perspectives to consider in this section. They plan the sensory initiation of the place. The perspective ensures that the design of the structure gives provision for lighting and its components. In other words, the architects situate the light in a manner that it does not affect visual acuity. Operation of machines requires adequate visibility light. It has a direct impact on the personnel and the equipment. For example, blurred light hinders the ability of an individual to rightly set a machine at the standard level. The building should also be made of materials that are friendly to the human body (Allen & Iano, 2013). For example, the wall must not be a rough and cause nuisance to the staff. Architecture also takes into account the sensory conformance of the structure. In essence, the mechanical engineering building should provide room stimuli patterning. There should be nothing that hinders optimal productivity of the human body and mind.

Social Facilitation

The nugget focuses on the social initiation and isolation of individuals and properties in the setup. It prohibits constructions that do not provide space for a particular behavior. For example, initiation demands that mechanical engineers have a room where they can have their meals and interact. It also promotes adequate placement of washroom within the firm. It helps in managing time while also enhancing comfort of the workers. On the other hand, social isolation promotes seclusion of different things. For example, the furniture set should be at a position that is not near the machine. The toilets should also be at a strategic point that is accessible to all and sundry.

It is apparent that architecture is an art and science that affects mechanical engineering. Consequently, architecture considers behavioral and social facilitation, the psychological impact, and perpetual orientation among others. The two professions are, therefore, inseparable.

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