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Vision on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

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Vision on Original Equipment Manufacturer Business for the Chinese Manufacture

The vision of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Business is different for each and every company in the world. At the same time, from the position of the Wong’s Kong King (WKK) International Holdings, the perception of the OEM Business is hidden in the core understanding of the relationship between the manufacturing business and the overall branding specifics that are often connected with any kind of retailing (Griffin and Pustay, 2010).

At times, the meaning of the Original Equipment Manufacturer is connected with the perception of the Value Added Reseller (VAR). The meaning of such a term could be defined based on the position of the Wong’s Kong King towards the same branding products but in a different vision. In other words, the fact of reselling could be seen from the position of so-called re-branding or the fact of using any other brand with the additional manufacturing products that are to be sold under a different trademark but will include the brand of the other company (Hall, 1993).

Therefore, the true meaning of the Original Equipment Manufacture could be perceived as the fact of one company buying a product and using it in terms of re-branding as a part of a different product and branding in particular. In addition, the Original Equipment Manufacture could also be used in the meaning of producing another product with the basic components that were previously purchased from a different company and thus represent a different brand.

In terms of the Wong’s Kong King (WKK) International Holdings, the company uses the Original Equipment Manufacture vision towards its products and services in various fields of manufacturing, including the OEM Green Manufacturing, electronic equipment, engineering services, travelling, and medicine and health products. In parallel, they approach the Original Equipment Manufacturer in terms of offering their customers even more professional and high-quality goods and / or services in the industry (Hall, 1993).

Marketing Communication

There are three target groups for targeting communications such as corporate identity targets, as well as the primary image reputation targets that are of micro environment, and as for the macro environment, there are secondary image and reputation targets. The corporate identity addresses the press and media agents, stakeholders, leader’s opinion, end-user customers, existing employees, suppliers and intermediaries (Daniels, Lee, Radebaugh and Daniel, Sulivan, 2011).

The primary image reputation addresses the investors and credit agents, lobbing and pressure groups, government and logistics as well as social groups along with the professional bodies. Finally, the secondary image and reputation targets address the non-users and potential employees, other non-commercial stakeholders, local community and completion (Cooper, Browne and Peters, 1994).

The primary reputation targets are of different kinds and they address different areas of influence such as culture, reputation and market. In parallel, there are identity and image, profit and competitiveness. The closing internal aspects are product and brand, employees and management, customers and community. The explicitly PR-oriented techniques are: publicity; lobbying; ad busting; reactive PR; and word of mouth (Cooper, Browne and Peters, 1994).

If the Wong’s Kong King Company produces a product or offers a service that consists of several parts that are sold to the customer, then supply chain is one of the main aspects of the business. By managing this supply chain, it is possible to illustrate logistics as well as management practice that direct the flow of services and/or goods to the customer by means of delivering the best quality (Bartels and Christopher, 2000).

Every company that either manufactures products or offers services on the market has to ensure thorough logistics and supply chain management. Heads of the companies all over the world should evaluate the quality this procedure and constantly improve it to remain afloat in the industry. Analysis of the Wong’s Kong King that the research is going to use as an example will allow illustrating aspects of both logistics and supply chain management (Chunawalla, 2009).

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The purchasing procedure is what influences a value of the service or a product. Once there is a supply chain, several parts of business are to be completed in order to make the customer happy. The organization should work with the aim to combine all these aspects of trade and make sure they work together in order to offer the desired product and/or service to a client. The last phase is delivering goods or a service once they are ready for sale; if a business is well organized than the process should be simple and easy to understand (Johnson and Turner, 2006).


The main resources that are needed are to learn how to work with time. For every company it is of the main importance as it differentiates the time being busy versus the time being productive. Wong’s Kong King Company can come up with a certain amount of goods and / or services but if it could learn to manage the time accordingly, it will be one-step forward to produce / offer a lot more goods and / or services to the customers (Gunasekaran, 2001).

The competitive advantage of time is the value that the products and / or services bring to the customer at the lowest cost. In case Wong’s Kong King does the same to manage the time more effectively, it will be able to bring even more value to the public and thus satisfy the needs of the customers in services and / or products worldwide. When the companies respond rapidly to such changes on the market, they attract more customers in the most positive way.

The major benefits of the time-based competition are the values of the customers and suppliers, innovation and the level of services offered to the clients around the world. As for the customer values, they could be reached through the flexible and faster response, by managing the purchasing decision on time, controlling the procedure of cancellation and offer more special services or modified products (Bartels and Christopher, 2000).

Considering the value for a supplier, it is possible to improve the responsiveness of the manufactures and gain another share with the clients, who will provide the Wong’s Kong King with additional earnings based on its performance. If this happens then the Wong’s Kong King will increase its profit and response of the customers on the world market (Chunawalla, 2009).

If to talk about the time and innovations, the companies grow and develop their businesses more effectively by applying a descent supply management and logistics. The purpose is to adhere the goods and / or services and deliver them to the end customer through the world market (Cooper, Browne and Peters, 1994).

This leads to the advantages in terms of the market share that produces more clients. Next are the competitive advantages that should sustain on all the levels of Wong’s Kong King interactions. Finally, what makes the businesses worldwide grow drastically is that some companies choose to stop the standard working procedure and others invent something new but more efficient according to the new technologies that exist nowadays (Gunasekaran, 2001).

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The level of services that are offered to the customers always played an important role in every kind of business. The rising costs of a service and / or product makes some of the companies reduce health-care expenditures and this in the end results in the poor quality of work that leads to a negative impact from the side of the clients. Furthermore, it results in all kinds of scheduling and coordination problems, including poor efficiency, delays at work and anxiety. In order to improve such a scenario, the companies should redo the operational procedures and thus eliminate this process (Johnson and Turner, 2006).

The proper logistics management has to help redesign the order processing in a way to reduce the delivery time. Another thing to do is to launch new products that could bring more value to the customers. In all, it means the total redesign of the procedure, more qualified and time efficient while manufacturing and fulfillment (Chunawalla, 2009).

When talking about the product development companies can think of the set of activities that could be made easier such as analyzing the markets, competitors and technologies that are used. In order to improve them, –it is important to split the workers into teams and have a manager to guide their project performance. The people are different and thus are difficult to coordinate; this solution works best to improve it (Cooper, Browne and Peters, 1994).

Payroll, Human Resources and Customer Care

Every single company should learn how to manage the payroll as well as the human resources departments properly as this addresses the earning capability of the company and thus affects it in the first turn. If these processes are not directed properly, the Wong’s Kong King can loose its share on the marketplace and will not deliver the products and / or services to the clients. The example of an approach about the canned answers is known as a poor customer care services and this could not qualify the Wong’s Kong King as the one that makes money (Johnson and Turner, 2006).

Technology Effects on Businesses

Every business depends on a variety of factors that can affect any business in either positive or negative way. This could be explained by the meaning of the word business. According to Rud, “Business is perceived as an organism that functions exactly as the body of any human being”. Indeed, there are so many ways a business could be affected and most of them concentrate around the technologies of the 21 century (Rud, 2001).

The modern technologies have an undeniable effect on businesses of any kind. The vast majority of such businesses are working online. The new technologies allow people to do any business in the Internet. This surely has a huge positive effect on business, excluding the negative implications of running a business online (Johnson and Turner, 2006).

Some people choose to run a small, local store along the boardwalk, the others dream about the way to go beyond and run a business internationally. We live in the world where everyone is selling something, either with the help of the Internet or using the direct selling opportunities. Every businessmen decides which way is better according to the personal beliefs, opportunities, knowledge and experience (Griffin and Pustay, 2010).


To conclude, the perception of the Original Equipment Manufacturer is aimed at delivering the best products and / or services by means of purchasing the products or alternatively the components of other brands and using them in terms of retailing different products and under different brand names. In turns, the Wong’s Kong King (WKK) International Holdings enroll the meaning of the Original Equipment Manufacturer in terms of different kinds of manufacturing products, electronic tools, engineering solutions, drifting, medicine and healthcare products.

Thus, the vision of the Original Equipment Manufacture from the position of Wong’s Kong King (WKK) International Holdings represents the utilization of marketing communication, sales and promotions, business strategy, logistics ans supply chain management, competition, payroll, human resources and customer care through the prism of the technological breakthrough.

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