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Exam Stress: Tips to Acquire Peace of Mind

How many students suffer from exam stress? Predominantly low-achievers, you would say. Of course, if you fool around and learn nothing, your brain will be about to explode with frustration. But, in fact, even highly prolific students wrestle with exam stress all the time. It’s a paradox of education because the acquisition of new knowledge should enlighten our minds with joy, while, in reality, being erudite is extremely challenging. Before learning how to combat exam stress, you need to comprehend its main causes.

Student stress can originate from low self-esteem, lack of motivation and self-organization, great expectations from parents and teachers, as well as high competition (depending on the college prestige).

What is interesting, stress can be even helpful if you transform it into the driving force. We’d like you to master 7 compelling ways to reduce stress.

  1. Listen to Jazz or Classical Music

    If you listen to intellectual music daily, it will make the atmosphere around you more spirit-stirring. One Muse will attract the other. The choice of music must depend on your temperament and goals. If you work better in a peaceful environment, then listen to classical music. If you need to feel the surge of brainpower energy when studying, instrumental jazz will be perfect for you – no wonder erudite people listen to this genre often.

  2. Take a Stroll of Inspiration

    Yes, dear student, it’s not very effective to delve into books and spend days in libraries if you don’t have a breath of fresh air. Walking in a beautiful park or near the coastline is very refreshing for your brain. Devote at least an hour to an inspiring stroll every day and notice almost a magical enhancement of your memory and intellectual capacity. Your performance during tests will significantly improve as well.

  3. Create a Study Plan

    This advice is not unanticipated, but you’d be surprised to know how many students neglect creating an individual study routine. Checking and fulfilling your study plan daily will increase your levels of productivity, helping to observe the progress of your learning.

  4. Play with Your Pet

    Yes, it may sound funny, but dogs and cats greatly help to get rid of frustration. It has been researched that pets even help you to study. How? Somehow this energy you receive from them makes you more focused. And, of course, pets always boost your mood, so how can you be stressed when they’re around? Just don’t go to school with your fluffy friends.

  5. Sleep Well

    If you need to prepare for exams, forget about mirthful student parties for a while because you need to get enough sleep. If you sleep up to 8 hours daily, you’ll feel revitalized and be more fruitful. You will also forget about burning the midnight oil because you’ll be energized during the day, managing to accomplish all your assignments.

  6. Practice Meditation

    Meditation has become popular nowadays for a good reason. It relieves your mind from problems and gives you a so-called immunity against the potential stress. The more you practice meditation, the more focused and peaceful you become.

  7. Indulge in Dark Chocolate

    This anti-stress tip is the most delicious. If you regularly consume dark chocolate, which contains 80% cocoa, it will fill your organism with endorphins, which guarantee a happy state of mind.

Haven’t you overcome the exam stress yet? Grab some chocolate, have a walk with Miles Davis in your headphones, and then review your study plan that alludes to your future success!

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