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The History of Father’s Day in the USA

The people of the USA traditionally celebrate the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day. On this day, they show respect and honor not only for fathers, but also for grandfathers, stepfathers, uncles, foster fathers and all men who play great role in the building of children’s character and nation development.

The Roots of the Tradition

A loving American daughter, Ms. Sonora Smart Dodd from Spokane, once attended the celebration of Mother’s day. It was 1909. Very soon, she put forward the idea to honor the role of fathers in every person’s life too. This idea spread over the whole country very quickly. Sonora as no one else felt how much her father had done for her. Mr. William Smart was a civil-war veteran. His wife died early and he had to bring up their five children alone. However, it was not easy for Sonora to implement the idea of the Fathers’ Day celebration. A Joint Resolution of the Congress recognized it only in 1956. The holiday was established as a permanent national tradition later, in 1972, by President Nixon.

Make it special

Father’s Day celebration is a day of family reunion for Americans. Children leave the places of their study and work to greet their fathers with gifts and spend a day together. As a rule, this day is a family-oriented break from everyday routine. However, some people come to nothing more than sending presents to their fathers by post. There is hope that their quantity will reduce soon, as family ties are among the most important values of our lives. Unfortunately, a majority of people realize this truth very late.

This year try to include your whole family in some activities that will make this day remarkable.  Do something that is different from your usual family time.

Go for an outdoor lunch

Spare yourself a trouble to clean up your kitcher and didning room. Have a picnic outside. Get your kid to help you out – give him/her a duty that he/she can handle. Kids love to be responsible for something

Organize a movie night

Get some snacks, a drink your dad fancies and his favorite movie. Once the movie is finished discuss it, share your opinions and impressions. Create some new bonds based on time spent together.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate and to make this day special. Just follow your intuition and solid knowledge of your Dad’s preferences. He will appreciate your efforts and attention.

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