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Tips on Writing a Great Essay

Writing your essay is usually accompanied by stress, isn’t it? It is typically the most time-consuming task, because it requires preparation and good writing skills. As a result, it might seem a daunting challenge to many students. However, there is always the key success component that will definitely help to solve any stressful situation. Therefore, here are some handy tips on writing an essay that will surely be appreciated.

Writing a first draft is a must do.

Believe it or not, your first draft is the best way to structure your essay, since it helps you to work out the main points you are willing to highlight. In addition, it provides an opportunity to choose the most suitable examples and evidence. Your first draft will help you to make your argument sound logically structured.

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Keep in mind that your first draft can’t be your final essay, as it should be treated as raw material that will go through the process of editing. It is highly recommended to refine it by redrafting and correcting. Once you have your first draft, you have the basis to work with.

The guideline on the structure of your essay.

The best way to convey your ideas is to structure your essay well. This way, you will be able to write a good essay. What should be included in the structure of an effective essay?

  1. Introduction

    The main principle of writing the introduction is to move from general to specific. In order to answer the question, it is recommended to write a thesis statement. Keep the introduction brief, but remember to mention all the main points.

  2. Body

    Typically, paragraphs are the building blocks of your argument that make a well-structured essay sound logical. Thus, you have to develop a discussion in order to answer the question. It is very important to show your knowledge of the material you have worked with. Make sure that you use relevant examples, evidence and authoritative quotes.

  3. Conclusion

    Contrary to the introduction, the conclusion is written by moving from specific to general. The most important aim of the conclusion is to restate your thesis statement. You can also write about future directions for research. However, do not introduce any new idea in the conclusion. Bear in mind that its purpose lies essentially in summing up your essay.

Tips for effective academic writing:

The earlier you start writing the essay the better, since you have more time to develop your ideas. In addition, it is a great way of beating procrastination. It is recommended to start with the body and only after that to move to the introduction and conclusion. This way, you will be able to write the beginning and the end of your essay by linking them with the body paragraphs. Moreover, do not forget to integrate some relevant evidence.

The best way of writing an effective essay is to put it aside for a few days in order to consider it. Finally, you can edit your essay with a fresh eye.

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