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Great Instruction on Research Paper Writing

When a student has to analyze and interpret his/her findings on a certain topic, he/she completes a research. Such kind of academic work can have different names. It can be a doctoral dissertation, master’s thesis or a term paper. Anyway, it should be based on the original research of an author on a certain topic. A+ research papers are not hard to write if you follow the instructions below. A good plan is a half of the success.

Step by Step Instruction on How to Write a Research Paper

  1. Topic Choice

    The topic of your research should be absorbing for you. Inspiration comes easier if you are interested in the theme. Narrow your topic from a general one a specific in order to ease the research process. For example, world religion topic can transform into Buddhism. Check whether there are enough materials to study and research your topic and ask your teacher or adviser for the approval of it. Remember, that you should start grounded research only after the topic confirmation. In the other way, you can do a lot of vain work.

  2. Study the Requirements

    Each time when you are wondering “How to write a good research paper”, you should realize that good papers are those, which meet all the professor’s requirements. For this reason, you should re-read the instructions and requirements sheet to your assignment once again before you start the research of your topic. Do not hesitate to ask for clarification if you do not understand some aspects, as every misunderstanding can result in vain efforts lately.

  3. Information Research

    The Internet is the first and the most available source of the research paper information search. All you should do is to look through the most reliable sources and URL-s to select the material, which suits your topic most. It is important to be selective here, as far not all sites are trustworthy. The best way is to choose the ones with gov., edu., and org. name extensions. As a rule, they belong to government, educational and non-profit organizations. The sites with com. name extensions can contain many advertisements and should be critically analyzed before becoming a research paper source. Net. name extension should provoke even more distrust.

  4. Thesis Statement Writing

    Each kind of academic work contains thesis statement. It is like a declaration of its author’s belief about the researched topic. A thesis can’t contain any citation of other authors. A good thesis can be written only when all of the researched materials are worked up in details. You should collect, organize and analyze the data you have picked up in order to formulate a strong, interesting and educative one sentence thesis, which will demonstrate your position concerning the topic. Moreover, the whole body of your research should provide arguments and evidence of its rightness. For this reason, introduction of a paper is the best place for thesis statement.

  5. Outline and Body Writing

    Make the notes of your outline to find the course to writing a research paper of high quality. As a rule, the body of the research should contain such sections as materials and methods, results and discussion. It is always easier to start writing with the thesis and the body of the research and only then continue with introduction and conclusion to it. Explain the methods, which you have used to complete your research, present the results and outline the perspectives and limits for the further studies.

  6. Introduction and Conclusion Writing

    These parts of the paper are mostly reread by the professors as they should be creative and grounded at the same time. Introduction aims to introduce the topic, point at the research purpose and present the thesis to the readers. Conclusion should restate the thesis and summarize all the arguments provided in the body. Try to be concrete and informative in these parts of your research.

Writing a research paper is not such a difficult academic assignment as you may think at first. A right and wise approach to its completion is a key to its success. Follow the instructions above and you will cope with it easily.

Wish you all the best! Good luck!

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