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Rules of Healthy Nutrition for Effective Weight Loss

How to Stick to a Healthy Diet

How many of your attempts to cut calories or do not eat after 6 p.m. failed? The reason lies in the feeling of hunger, which should be satisfied to let you live your ordinary life. Of course, one can control oneself and develop will power, but how long one will stick to healthy lifestyle and what is it for? Any job or private troubles will break your will and exacerbate the complicated situation. Go easier way, just cut your calories to 1350 a day, but with proper square, rich in vitamins and low-fat products.

Lose 15 Pounds within 5 Weeks


Our diet for the best body will allow you to lose 10-15 pounds in 5 weeks. Yes, it takes time, but it is far less exhausting than others, thus, you will cope with it. If you are still hesitating, then trust the new study of the United Kingdom researchers. They proved that participants, who followed low-fat calories diet together with consuming as many fruit and vegetables as they wanted lost 23% more weight than those, who were not permitted to fill up on the favorites of the raw food eaters. Are you interested with the phrases “fill up” and “as many, as they wanted”? Then, go on reading!

Best Body Ever: What to Eat

lean green smoothie

  1. There are several variants for breakfast

    It can be any kind of lean green smoothie, a toast of rye bread with salmon and low-fat cream cheese, scrambled potato with a lot of spinach and a little parmesan, whole-grain toast with low-fat cottage cheese mixed with marmalade and walnuts. It sounds tasteful, is not it? This is not everything. Can you believe that after all these delicacies you have a chance for a snack?

  2. Healthy Snack is real

    In the case, if you feel hungry and go out with your friends or order something to your job place you should always choose something among variants presented next. They are protein bistro boxes, quick cooking oatmeal, or egg white veggie flatbreads. Moreover, bring some nuts, an apple or dried fruit in your bag to avoid seductions of fast food cookeries and sweets easily.

  3. Easy choice for lunch or dinner

    You should not complicate matters unnecessarily and think for a long what to eat at your lunch or dinnertime. The list of possible variants contains any kind of low-fat soup and rye roll, any kind of sushi, vegetable salad with chicken, a piece of wild salmon with vegetables, Thai tofu sandwich, sweet potato with beans, Greek potatoes with chicken, vegetable salad with bacon, Gnocchi.

healthy food

Did not you expect so big diversity of meals? Just remember that to become slimmer you should become a fan of fresh fruits and vegetables, boiled chicken breast, wild salmon, sushi, boiled eggs, rye bread, low-fat fish, vegetarian soups and salads with a little salmon, bacon or nuts. In some cases, you may allow yourself 1/6 of dark chocolate bar, but only till afternoon.


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