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How to Know It’s Time to End The Relationship. Pt 1

It is absolutely true that relationships are very important in our life, since they give us the sense of being not alone in this world. Additionally, we get married, make friends, get employed, etc. Apparently, it is very important to be a part of the society in order to feel one’s value.
Having romantic relationship is a part of building your life. Thus, it is obvious that you want to find a person, with whom you will be willing to spend your life. At the same time, if you don’t see the continuation of your relationship, what is the reason of keeping it? Unfortunately, it might be a sign to end the relationship until it’s too late for both of you.
So, here are some of the most common signs that can help you understand if it’s actually time to end the relationship.
There is no trust between you anymore.
As long as any relationship is built on trust, once it is lost, it definitely means the relationship won’t work. If you find yourself questioning your partner’s actions, motives, and reasons, it is the sign that there is no trust to each other, isn’t it?

If there’s mutual distrust, it can lead to jealousy, possessiveness, anger, and other unpleasant and negative feelings. Therefore, there is no reason to continue this type of relationship, as it can only get worse with the time.
If you value your relationship, you should respect and trust each other. Otherwise, it will be hard to save a tenuous relationship.
You have completely different values.
We all have our own values that are absolutely essential to us. Those can be freedom, an open marriage, security, a liberal family, etc. Regardless of what values you have, if they don’t correspond to the ones your partner possesses, it might be hard to get alone. Consequently, the conflicts become a part of your everyday life ruining the relationship with your significant one.
If there is no room for compromise or negotiation, it is better to split up and move on. Considering the fact that a drastic compromise might make you struggle against what you truly want, there is no point in keeping up this relationship.
You are not planning anything together with your partner in your mind.
Another sing that it’s time to break up is when you are pushing your partner out of your life psychologically. So, once you have noticed that you are making the majority of your plans without involving your partner, it’s high time to think whether you really need this relationship or not.
No thoughts about your partner, when you are making plans, means it is the end of your relationship, since it is the sign you don’t consider him or her a big part of what you care about and hold dear. Well, perhaps subconsciously you have already let your partner go. So, is it worth keeping this disruptive relationship?

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