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Tips for Finding Your First Job

No matter what age you are, if you’re searching for a job you need to prepare yourself thoroughly. The better you prepare the more chances you have to get the job you desire. If you’re wondering “how to prepare for job search properly,” then this article is for you.

Tips to Find Your First Job

Even if you haven’t received paychecks for delivering papers, babysitting, volunteering or similar things, you can still include all these experience if they’re relevant to your potential job. Make a list that includes all details about your education (which school, dates of attendance), your participation in important sports events and academic achievements. This is the information that you need to include in your resume: education, working experience (if any), your professional and personal qualities, hobbies, and information to contact you. It is necessary to include your photo in the beginning of the resume. It is not obligatory to have a photo in a suit, but it should be a serious photo and your face should be seen clearly (you shouldn’t wear glasses, caps or hats). In case you have a lot of different job experiences it is advisable to include in your resume only those which are relevant to the job offer where you’re sending the resume.

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There’s a certain degree of uniformity in all resumes and in order not to look unprofessional it should be written in a certain way. Look resume templates online to see how exactly your resume should look like. When your resume is ready you need to proofread it a couple of times and show it to your parents or friends. Maybe they can improve it or give you useful advice.
Now, here’s how to find your first job. When your resume is ready you need to go to job-seeking websites, set filters (a type of the job, location etc.) and start your job search. Make sure that you’re only using the services of trusted vendors that have a great reputation.

What job should you seek? A number one rule in seeking a job is that you should really like it. You may have heard from your parents that you don’t have to like a job because the job is a kind of sacrifice that we need to make money and to be happy. That’s totally wrong. The job doesn’t have to be a sacrifice; otherwise, no true happiness can be achieved. If you’re happy with your family and friends but aren’t happy with your job it’s just partial happiness and you need to strive to be a completely happy person. Therefore you need to choose something that you really like doing. When you have decided on that and start your search, understand that chances of you getting the first job you want are very low and sometimes you need to apply a lot of efforts to get the desired job. But that’s the part of the game and job search can take time.

Good luck with your first job, friend!

Wish you all the best! Good luck!

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